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first_img Sci-Tech NASA’s Hubble telescope delivers stunning new space pictures Comment Tags Share your voicecenter_img 1 13 Photos In the constellation Cassiopeia. NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA Researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany and the Russian Academy of Sciences have spotted an incredibly unusual and rare star in the middle of a cloud of gas around 10,000 light years from Earth.The star, dubbed J005311, appears to have risen from its cosmic grave after two dead stars collided with one another in the constellation Cassiopeia. The findings, published in Nature on May 21, reveal the nature of the exotic zombie star and its unusual properties. The team discovered the bizarre object using data from NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) space telescope and subsequently observed it using a ground-based telescope at Russia’s Special Astrophysical Observatory.At the end of a small star’s lifetime, when all of its fuel has been exhausted, it turns into a “white dwarf” — a tiny, dense, dead star. For the most part, a white dwarf is done for after that. However, researchers at Bonn examined the radiation emitted by the strange star and found that it was lacking in both hydrogen and helium, usually present in a white dwarf.bangThe infrared nebula of J005311. Vasilii Gvaramadse/Moscow University Due to J005311’s unusual emission signal, the researchers suspect what they’ve detected is the result of a cosmic fusion between two white dwarfs that circled one another for billions of years.”Such an event is extremely rare,” explains Gotz Gräfener, co-author on the study, in a press release. “There are probably not even half a dozen such objects in the Milky Way, and we have discovered one of them.”Generally, collisions of white dwarfs end up in huge stellar explosions, known as supernovae. But J005311 didn’t explode. Instead, it was reanimated and started burning again.It shines about 40,000 times brighter than our sun, has a strong magnetic field and its stream of stellar winds are moving at 16,000 kilometers per second (approx. 9950 miles per second). At approximately 360,000 degrees Fahrenheit (200,000 degrees Celsius), it’s also incredibly hot. What fate awaits the new star? Death, naturally. The exceptional event has only delayed its demise by a few thousand years. Its second run at life will be over once it has, again, exhausted all its fuel. At that point it will collapse into a tiny star and explode.last_img read more

first_imgAllu ArjunFacebookThe lavishly made vanity van is as rocking as the actor, and he thanked his fans for their love, which has made him capable of buying whatever he wants.Allu Arjun is known as the Stylish Star of Tollywood and he always makes sure that he lives up to the name he has got from his fans. He is a proud owner of a vanity van and it is one of the luxurious vanity vans we have ever seen. In fact, no other actor is Tollywood has one as he has got now.He purchased a lavish caravan for himself last year and with amazing interiors, he turned it into a moving paradise which is worth Rs 7 crore. The bus was Rs 3.5 crore when he bought it. But now, after undergoing a swanky and customised renovation by a Mumbai based automotive designer, the value of it has gone high now.The actor took to his official Twitter handle and shared the pictures of the vanity van with an emotional write up. He wrote, “Every time I buy something big in my life… there is only one thought in my mind … “People have showered soo much love…it’s the power of their love that I am being able to buy all this ” Gratitude forever. Thank you all. It’s my Vanity Van “FALCON”. (sic)Every time I buy something big in my life… there is only one thought in my mind … “ People have showered soo much love…it’s the power of their love that I am being able to buy all this “ Gratitude forever . Thank you all ❤️. It’s my Vanity Van “FALCON” pic.twitter.com/pSRBjIFfy0— Allu Arjun (@alluarjun) July 5, 2019TwitterThe vanity van looks absolutely stunning and shines like a diamond. With leather seats that glitter, a giant mirror, bright lighting and good sources of entertainment options, this vanity van is as beautiful as its name. And yes, it has also got the signature logo of AA over it.It is really good to know that the actor dedicates his success to his fans and thanks them for all the love that they have for him, with which he could buy a Rs 7 crore worth vanity van today.FALCON pic.twitter.com/NAh3Hl1vPG— Allu Arjun (@alluarjun) July 5, 2019TwitterOn the work front, the actor is busy shooting for Trivikram Srinivas’ upcoming directorial, which has Pooja Hegde, Tabu, Sushanth and Nivetha Pethuraj in key roles.He also has Sukumar’s ICON Kanabadutaledhu in his kitty.last_img read more