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first_imgThe State Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the body found underneath a fish processing plant in Ketchikan as that of a man who was reported missing in January.Download AudioKetchikan Police Department building. Photo courtesy KRBD.The Ketchikan Daily News reports that the body was identified as Thomas Booth on Monday. A cause and manner of death haven’t been released.Booth was found dead May 10 by fish plant employees, who had been doing work on the structure. Police Chief Alan Bengaard says the body appeared to have been in the water for a substantial period of time and was pushed underneath the property by a high tide.Booth’s girlfriend had reported him missing Jan. 5. Police obtained his cell records, but a May 7 search based on that data hadn’t turned up any sign of him.last_img read more

first_imgElectric vehicles and hybrids have been around — in one form or another — for a generation now. A decade ago, there were two major impediments to EVs catching on: the range of a battery charge and the lack of infrastructure, like charging stations around the country.But has that changed — has the environment (pun somewhat intended) for electric vehicles improved in Greater Houston in recent years?In an interview from the Houston Auto Show, we talk it over with Nic Phillips, founding member of the Ideal Electric Company and former president of the Texas Auto Writers Association; Gigi Rill from the Rice Electric Vehicle Club; and Carroll Smith, president of Monument Chevrolet in Pasadena. Sharelast_img read more

first_img 00:00 /50:25 X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen On Wednesday’s Houston Matters: Just a day after it was announced, the Houston firefighters union is withdrawing from an upcoming debate on the pay parity ballot measure. They were set to share the stage with Mayor Sylvester Turner at a community forum on Saturday. We learn more.Also this hour: From the latest on the FBI investigation into allegations against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to a New York Times investigation into the Trump family’s taxes, our experts discuss the latest national, state, and local political stories with an eye for how they might affect Houston and Texas.Then, former Republican South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis explains how he went from climate change denier to advocate for action on the issue.And we visit a local production of Evil Dead: The Musical.WATCH: Today’s Houston Matters 360-Degree Facebook Live Video. We offer a daily podcast here, on iTunes, Stitcher and other podcasting apps. This article is part of the Houston Matters podcast Sharelast_img read more

first_img( — Way back in the 1930’s, Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr were sparring over ideas related to whether the new field of quantum mechanics was correct. In one thought experiment that Einstein said showed that quantum mechanics was inconsistent, he said the Heisenberg principal could be shown to be inconsistent by imagining a box of photons that could be measured both time-wise and energy-wise at the same time. Bohr knocked down Einstein’s arguments and in the process elevated his stature among their peers. Now, however, Hrvoje Nikoli at the Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Croatia says that Einstein could have won that argument had he used the argument he gave Bohr just five years later in trying to explain how entanglement made quantum mechanics inconsistent. Nikoli has published his reasoning on the preprint server arXiv. © 2011 New light shed on old dispute between Einstein and Bohr Explore further In the first thought experiment presented by Einstein, he proposed that if the lid were opened on a box full of photons allowing just one to escape, it could be measured time-wise by simply measuring how long the box was open. He then said it could be simultaneously measured energy-wise by measuring the change in the total amount of energy in the box. This he said disproved the Heisenberg principle which meant quantum mechanics was inconsistent. After some thought, Bohr replied that if Einstein’s own theory of relativity were brought into the experiment, the apparent inconsistency could be explained away by noting that the measurement took place in a gravitational field, thus, the measurement of the time that the lid was open on the box would depend on it’s position. Einstein was unable to counter Bohr’s argument and lost that round.Five years later, the two were at it again. This time Einstein said that there was no way quantum mechanics could include both entanglement and the belief that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light. If causing a change to one particle instantly caused a change in the other, how could it do so without violating such a basic principle? He called the whole thing “spooky action at a distance.” Bohr was unable to come up with a reasonable argument in response. And neither has anyone else for that matter, though John Bell made it more palatable in 1964 by declaring entanglement a wholly new kind of phenomenon, which he dubbed “nonlocal.”This is where Nikoli comes in. He says that had Einstein put forth his arguments regarding entanglement five years earlier during their debate about the Heisenberg principle, he could have won by suggesting that the photon escaping from the box was entangled with the box itself, thus quashing any possible response from Bohr. But alas, that was not to be, Einstein didn’t think of that and thus, Bohr went on to win that first round, one of just a few such occurrences in Einstein’s illustrious career.center_img More information: EPR before EPR: a 1930 Einstein-Bohr thought experiment revisited, arXiv:1203.1139v1 [quant-ph] 1930 Einstein argued against consistency of the time-energy uncertainty relation by discussing a thought experiment involving a measurement of mass of the box which emitted a photon. Bohr seemingly triumphed over Einstein by arguing that the Einstein’s own general theory of relativity saves the consistency of quantum mechanics. We revisit this thought experiment from a modern point of view and find that neither Einstein nor Bohr was right. Instead, this thought experiment should be thought of as an early example of a system demonstrating nonlocal “EPR” quantum correlations, five years before the famous Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paper.via Arxiv Blog Citation: Physicist suggests Einstein could have beaten Bohr in famous thought experiment (2012, March 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

first_imgThe Vanderbilt name is legendary in America. When we name some of the most famous self-made made men in our country’s history, rail baron Cornelius Vanderbilt sits near the top of the list. At the time of his death, he was worth around $100 million, a staggering total back in 1877 — more money than the American government had in the bank. It represented about five percent of all the money that was in circulation in the country.Natalie Robemed, writing for Forbes, noted that one of Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt’s driving principles of wealth management was to keep the money together. It’s said that he told his son Billy that “Any fool can make a fortune; It takes a man of brains to hold onto it.”Cornelius VanderbiltBilly took his father’s teachings to heart and doubled the Vanderbilt fortune during his time as its overseer. How then, did it come about that the truly staggering Vanderbilt financial legacy is nonexistent, just a few generations later? Because even well-intentioned people don’t always do as they’re told.Commodore Vanderbilt started the family’s business with $100 he borrowed from his mother. He used it to start piloting a passenger boat to Staten Island back in 1910. Seven years later, he met Thomas Gibbons, a ferry boat owner, who asked the Commodore to pilot a steam ferry between New York and New Jersey, giving the Commodore the chance to get in on the new steam technology.Exterior view of the historic Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island. This former Vanderbilt Mansion is now a well known travel attraction.The benefits weren’t just counted in terms of financial rewards, either. The Commodore was in a position to start networking among the well-off, and by 1830, he’d parlayed that into a lucrative business running steamboats between New York and various points around the surrounding area, according to the Gentleman’s Journal.From steamboats, he bought into the rapidly expanding railroad market, creating the New York Central Line, which connected New York with points all across the country and had a monopoly on services in and out of New York.On the Commodore’s death, his son Billy took the helm. The family held an 87 percent share in the New York Central Railroad, and continued expanding the business, amassing a fortune of $200 million by the time of his death nine years later.Vanderbilt in later lifeBilly’s death marks the point that the Vanderbilt family’s fortune began to change. Despite his father’s warnings about dividing the family fortune, he divided the family’s share of the business between his two sons, Cornelius II and William Kissam Vanderbilt.Around the same time, the family’s interest in New York Central began to decline, and to complicate matters, the Vanderbilts began to also show an increasing urge to make more of a mark in society and spend more of their massive fortune. William married Alva Erskine Smith, a woman with grand social aspirations, and the couple had three children. In her desire to establish herself among the old money elite, in 1883, Alva had a stunning new house built on Fifth Avenue, called Petit Chateau.The rather ironically named “little house” was so large that its first party included 1,200 guests. Alva’s social ambitions didn’t stop there. She essentially bullied their daughter, Consuelo, into marrying the Duke of Marlborough as a way to solidify the family’s place in high society. The dowry the Duke received was a mind-boggling $2.5 million — the equivalent of about $70 million, today.Alva BelmontWilliam’s brother, George, took his share of the family’s estate and went to North Carolina, where he used about $4.5 million of his $5 million legacy to erect the Biltmore estate. Biltmore is the largest private family residence ever built in the U.S., having 250 rooms.The Biltmore estate. Photo by 24dupontchevy CC BY-SA 4.0The Vanderbilt real estate frenzy didn’t stop with those two homes. The family had nine other mansions along Fifth Avenue, and two homes in Newport, Rhode Island. The Marble House, built in 1892, was William’s 35th birthday gift to Alva, and cost $11 million.Not to be shown up by his brother, Cornelius II also built a summer home in Newport, called the Breakers. The house alone, excluding any grounds, covered a full acre, and it had 70 rooms.Master bedroom of George Vanderbilt.This third generation of the family also became philanthropists, endowing Vanderbilt University, making sizeable donations to Columbia, the YMCA, and various other organizations and charities. In just one generation, the Vanderbilt family had gone from accumulating money hand over fist to spending more than their holdings were earning.The commodore’s great-grandchildren continued the trend. Reggie Vanderbilt, father to fashion designer Gloria, was a notorious playboy with a fondness for gambling who died in his forties from alcohol-related liver failure. Cornelius III, Reggie’s brother, spent a fortune maintaining a presence in high society.Reginald Claypoole Vanderbilt.As marriages were dissolved and remarriages occurred, the family fortune was being spread around an increasing number of relatives. At the same time, the nature of the freight market was changing. The transport market reached its apex in the late 1920s, but over the next couple of decades the supremacy of railroads was being undermined as barges, buses, and planes began gaining more of a market share — not only in hauling freight, but also for passenger transport.The family ended up selling many of its shares in the New York Central Railroad to another railroad, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, further decreasing the family’s income stream. By 1970, the railroad that had created the Vanderbilt fortune was declared bankruptcy.By 1947, none of the homes in New York City still stood. The gates from one of those houses is in Central Park, marking the entrance to a conservatory garden. The location where Petit Chateau once sat is now the fashion store Zara, and Bergdorf-Goodman now sits on the site of the block-long house that Cornelius II and his family lived in.Gloria Vanderbilt in Custody Battle. Photo by Bettmann / Getty ImagesSome people say that Vanderbilt’s real problem was that after the Commodore and Billy’s generations, each that followed felt less of a need to strive. Having such enormous resources meant that there was very little to aspire to or that could present a real challenge, so people found other things to occupy their time.Read another story from us: The Grandeur of Hearst Castle – Exploring America’s Most Enchanted EstateAs a result, all that remains of what was arguably the greatest fortune in the country is the results of their various philanthropic activities, a truly remarkable art collection, and a pretty romantic history.last_img read more

first_img The cynics among us would say that the new year gives people a new start on old habits. And despite great leaps in innovative technology and know-how, when it comes to the world of high tech, some digital businesses seem no different from the masses who fail to achieve their resolutions after several weeks or months of trying. For the past eight years, companies have dubbed each January “the year of personalization” when it comes to digital marketing. Because businesses have many different types of users who require various types of experiences, “personalization” is deemed part of the solution to the million-dollar question today: how can we predict customers’ behavior and thus improve the digital experience? Businesses across every industry invest countless resources in an effort to answer this question, as it will help the organization gain a competitive advantage, and thus increase profits — but many end up failing repeatedly.What are they doing wrong?Related: Top 8 Marketing Trends That Will Define 2017To answer this question, it’s important to realize why digital personalization is important in the first place. The underlying assumption is that if we can identify similar behaviors among groups of customers, this will allow us to predict how other clients will behave. But this is easier said than done. Some believe that, just like buying a new pair of sneakers and some flashy sports clothes in order to join the gym, all you need is new data crunching technology, big data and some data scientist to find meaning in it all, and you’ll be ready to make predictions. The harsh truth is that this is a recipe for disaster. There’s too much data and not enough psychological analysis.The availability of data is not the problem — quite the opposite. Today, there is data that relates to user behavior (clicks, page views), social events (likes, shares), item details (category, price) and contextual information (time of day, weather, device) and much more. The problem is that none of it tells you why your customers are (or aren’t) buying your product online. We spend far too much time looking at what customers do, and not enough time trying to understand why they do it.  For example, let’s assume that our data-driven analysis of consumer behavior in a clothing store reveals that the average order value was much higher during daytime compared to evening. The data-based conclusion would be that people tend to spend more money during the day, and thus there’s nothing else to be done. Yet an alternative explanation might be that the customers who came in the morning were welcomed by a friendly, beautiful sales rep who smiled at them as they entered the store. The warm interaction had affected their shopping behavior.What’s needed is to organize the data in a way that shows a deep understanding of how people think and behave. In other words, consider hiring a psychologist.Psychology helps us build more accurate interpretations of situations. For example, studies have shown that when we read content from our smartphones, we pick content that’s more emotional than content we might read on our desktops. This can be explained by the fact that we perceive our smartphones as an extension of our bodies — something that we trust with the most intimate details of our lives — whereas desktops feel much more separate and distinct, not to mention the fact that they don’t travel with us.Behavior is more than the sum of its parts.When it comes to human behavior, data scientists can sometimes be accused of living according to the “black box” assumption, essentially, that human behavior can be understood only by observing external data. As Yuval Noah Harari wrote in his article “Big Data, Google and the End of Free Will,” “In its extreme form, proponents of the Dataist worldview perceive the entire universe as a flow of data, see organisms as little more than biochemical algorithms and believe that humanity’s cosmic vocation is to create an all-encompassing data-processing system.”Related: All Business is Personal — Especially in EcommerceSuch an approach doesn’t work in everyday interpersonal communications — studies have found that day-to-day interactions are based almost entirely on nonverbal communication. Nor does it work in understanding online behavior. Instead, we have to take into account the underlying drivers of customer decision-making processes. Data analysis should be driven by expert knowledge and psychological theory instead of applying the “let’s just try and see” approach. One of the data scientists of our biggest retail clients told me he found significant differences in the paths that led users to convert. He found that users who converted weren’t using the website’s filters, while visitors who didn’t convert were using it. He was about to show this finding to his manager and suggest deleting the filtering option until I spotted a fundamental flaw. We know that conversion is a process and it takes few iterations for a visitor to convert. In his analysis he didn’t differentiate between first-time visitors (who needed the filter to find what they were looking for) vs. returning visitors who have already gathered the information needed to make a decision and were ready to convert.Psychological models can help us better understand the notorious problems of irrationality and the role of emotions, cognitive bias or environmental cues play in our purchasing decisions. People may believe that their purchasing habits are a result of a rational process, but in reality, many of our purchasing decisions are done on impulse, when something triggers our limbic (emotional) system. Stop talking about conversion rates and start talking about conversion cycles.We need to start thinking of conversion as a process and not as an action or an event as stated by the conventional wisdom of analysts and data scientists. The path from initial brand exposure to cash register is long and usually it takes few touch points for the user to convert.  We need to stop talking about conversion rates, and start talking about conversion cycles.A “conversion cycle” can be defined as the continuum from product or brand exposure to purchase. This process can involve multiple iterations and may also include transitions between different devices or between the offline and online worlds. Conversion is, after all, the result of an intertwined decision-making process, and the site visit is only a small part of this process. Think of it as an iceberg: what you see above the water is the result of everything hiding beneath the surface. The next challenge is identifying where the customer is in the conversion cycle. When we know this, we can effectively influence his or her behavior. By segmenting “new” vs. “returning” customers, we can see where the customer is in the cycle and hence offer different recommendations. For first-time visitors, we can provide more information, assistance and popular or bestseller recommendations, while for the returning visitors who know what they want, we can offer a discount to increase the motivation to buy or use urgent massaging such as “limited stock” or “limited edition.”Related: 5 Low-Cost Ways to Personalize When You’re Bootstrapping ContentIt is psychological models of customers’ behavior, and not just data, which can help identify intent. It’s possible to translate these patterns of customer behavior into advanced metrics to understand where the visitor is in the conversion cycle. Algorithms could integrate visitor actions, attributes and contexts (such as the type of page or the type of website) in order to determine intent. In the near future, we believe that businesses will be able to use this knowledge to react in real-time to each individual’s needs, at each unique stage in the conversion cycle. All this will ensure that “personalization” will become a reality, not just another one of those old habits. December 19, 2016 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Enroll Now for Free 7 min readlast_img read more

first_img Travelweek Group Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >> Solo travel will continue to make gains in 2019, says Travel Leaders Group Tags: Surveycenter_img Share NEW YORK — All signs point to another banner year for travel in 2019, according to the latest North American consumer travel trends survey from Travel Leaders Group. More than 3,500 consumers took part in the survey and just about everyone – or at least 96% – said they intend to travel for vacation in the coming year with nearly 90% stating they will take the same or more trips in 2019.   Meanwhile more than three-quarters of respondents (76%) said they’re planning at least two or more leisure trips next year with 36% indicating their travels, at least in part, involve solo trips. Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko says the desire to travel among North Americans “is stronger than ever with an increasing focus on authentic, memorable experiences.”Specialty travel such as culinary-focused, heritage journeys and bucket list destinations are still trending, along with solo travel, says Chacko. “Many people are not willing to forgo vacations because they have no one to travel with or, in many cases, simply prefer to travel on their own. We are seeing a rise in solo travel and our advisors and travel supplier partners are stepping up and catering to that demand with tailored trips for the solo traveller.”Topping the list of U.S. destinations getting the most interest from North American travellers are Hawaii, Alaska and California. The full top 10 in order is: HawaiiAlaskaCaliforniaFloridaLouisianaColoradoNew YorkArizonaMontanaWashington D.C.More news:  Sunwing offers ultimate package deal ahead of YXU flights to SNU, PUJBy region, the top international destinations North Americans said they’re most interested in travelling to in 2019 are: The CaribbeanWestern EuropeMexicoCanadaEastern Europe Not surprisingly, money was the number one reason consumers indicated they don’t travel more. Work obligations and not enough time off were the second and third most common reasons people said they don’t travel more frequently. That said, 43% of survey respondents said they plan to spend more on vacation travel in 2019 versus the previous year.Among solo travellers, the most popular method of travelling (cited by 40% of solo travellers) is to travel and explore independently while 25% indicated they prefer to join an organized group journey when travelling solo. Some 35% of solo travellers said they like to participate in one or more guided tour experiences while travelling.The Travel Leaders Group consumer travel trends survey was conducted between September and October 2018 among more than 3,500 consumers. Wednesday, December 19, 2018 last_img read more

first_imgQantas International has improved services for its premium customers in an effort to provide more options and match potential future partner Emirates’ offerings.Qantas International chief executive Simon Hickey said the changes were being made because customers had told the airline they wanted greater choice and the ability to maximise their sleep, The Australian reported.As part of the new benefits, Qantas customers will be offered a T2 tea blend “designed to encourage sleep” and a duvet and mattress, aimed at providing extra comfort.Upon boarding the aircraft, customers will receive amenity packs – specially designed by Kate Spade New York – including a biodegradable toothbrush.Passengers will also have the ability to select meal preferences up to 72 hours prior to departure.Qantas already revealed it would operate a chauffeur service for business and first-class passengers travelling with either Emirates or Qantas to enjoy free chauffeur-driven transport to and from the airport   QF International has stepped up its first and business class offerings. Image: Qantas Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

first_imgUnder the new Scheme Swadesh Darshan for Integrated Development of Tourist Circuits around Specific Themes, twelve Thematic Circuits namely North-East India Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Himalayan Circuit, Coastal Circuit, Krishna Circuit, Desert Circuit, Tribal Circuit, Eco Circuit, Wildlife Circuit, Rural Circuit, Spiritual Circuit and Ramayana Circuit have been identified for development, which among other things, cover remote villages and small and medium towns.The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) promotes India as a holistic destination and as part of its on-going activities, annually releases print, electronic, online and outdoor media campaigns in the international and domestic markets, under the Incredible India brand-line, to promote various tourism destinations and products of the country. MoT also promotes the tourism destinations and products through its websites and publicity and promotional material produced by it from time to time. In addition, a series of promotional activities are undertaken in important and potential tourist generating markets abroad through overseas India tourism offices with the objective of showcasing India’s tourism potential and increasing tourist arrivals to the country. The objectives are met through an integrated marketing and promotional strategy and a synergised campaign in association with the Travel Trade, State Governments and Indian Missions overseas.These include participation in travel fairs and exhibitions; organising road shows, ‘Know India’ seminars and workshops; organising and supporting Indian food and cultural festivals; publication of brochures; offering joint advertising and brochure support and inviting media personalities, tour operators and opinion makers to visit the country under the Hospitality Programme of the Ministry.last_img read more

first_imgThe Arizona Cardinals come off their bye facing a very similar situation to the one they face before the midseason hiatus: a home contest against a preseason title contender who has since fallen on hard times.In Week 8, Arizona took full advantage of the situation,putting together a complete performance in a 27-13 rout of the Atlanta Falcons.Sunday’s opponent, the Houston Texans, have made the playoffs each of the last two seasons — a trend that doesn’t look like it’ll continue in 2013. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Comments   Share   Houston’s latest loss all but killed any momentum the team attempted to create heading into the second half of their campaign.Rookie quarterback Case Keenum’s three first-half touchdowns had the Texans up 21-3 on the Indianapolis Colts going into halftime, but all that became a footnote as head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed while running off the field.While the Texans announced that Kubiak did not suffer a heart attack, his absence proved to be too much to overcome.Andrew Luck connected with T.Y. Hilton for three second half scores, and the Colts came all the way back to win 27-24.Kubiak’s status is still unknown for Sunday’s game at University of Phoenix Stadium, much like the state of his team at this point.For a team many expected to complete for the AFC crown, the Texans have fallen awfully from the ranks awfully quickly.Here’s what’s happening in Houston as the Texans get ready for a trip to the desert. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retirescenter_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

first_img‘Spider-Verse’ swings to the top; ‘Mortal Engines’ tanks by Lindsey Bahr, The Associated Press Posted Dec 17, 2018 4:43 am PDT LOS ANGELES — “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” swung to the top of the domestic box office in its first weekend in theatres, proving that there is widespread audience interest in big screen animated versions of Marvel’s marquee superheroes.The film led a host of newcomers that debuted to varying success on this pre-Christmas holiday weekend, including Clint Eastwood’s drug smuggling drama “The Mule” and the Peter Jackson-produced epic “Mortal Engines” which bombed in North American theatres.“Into the Spider-Verse” earned an estimated $35.4 million from 3,813 theatres against a $90 million production budget according to Sony Pictures on Sunday, which is a record for animated movies in December (although the hybrid “Alvin and the Chipmunks” movies were higher). The film features an innovative animation style — both CGI and hand-drawn — and focuses on the Miles Morales character as he learns to become the famed web-slinger. It’s another financial win for the studio’s latest “expanded Spider-Man universe” strategy following “Venom” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”And “Spider-Verse” has been very well-received among critics, and audiences in exit surveys gave it a rare A+ CinemaScore — a first for a Spider-Man film. It’s also been nominated for a Golden Globe award for best animated feature and picked up a few honours from critics’ groups as well, including the New York Film Critics Circle.“We are playing to both families and fanboys. We’re an all-audience film,” said Adrian Smith, Sony’s president of domestic distribution.They also have an eight-day runway until the big Christmas release start packing the multiplexes.The Clint Eastwood-directed drug smuggling drama “The Mule” debuted in second place with an estimated $17.2 million. It’s a solid debut for R-rated film that cost $50 million to produce. The Warner Bros. film drew an audience that was mostly older (78 per cent over 35-years-old) and male (54 per cent).“Clint Eastwood has such a big following as a director and a star,” said Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution.It’s Eastwood’s first major role in a film since 2012, and the studio is optimistic about the film’s longevity into the holiday.Not all the new films were so lucky, however. Coming in fifth behind holdovers “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch” and “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” was the Peter Jackson-produced epic “Mortal Engines,” which bombed in North American theatres, taking in only $7.5 million in ticket sales against a reported $100 million production budget. MRC and Universal Pictures produced the post-apocalyptic steampunk film based on the popular Philip Reeve book, which is the first of four in a series.Neither critics nor audiences responded favourably to the Christian Rivers-directed film, however, which has a deathly 28 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.This weekend also saw the release of the PG-13 rated version of “Deadpool 2,” ”Once Upon A Deadpool,” in 1,566 locations. It earned an estimated $2.6 million, which is being added to “Deadpool 2’s” box office totals.In limited release, Barry Jenkins’ James Baldwin adaptation “If Beale Street Could Talk” opened in four theatres to a very strong $219,173. Jenkins’ follow-up to “Moonlight” is expected to be a big player throughout awards season and expands nationwide in the coming weeks.Historically, this mid-December, pre-Christmas weekend has not been a big one for movie openings, save for the exception of last year when “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opened to $220 million, which is why the weekend overall is down some 61 per cent from last year and why the year-to-date advantage has fallen slightly to 8.5 per cent.But the industry is still on track for a record year at the box office and has several late-game blockbusters on the way including “Aquaman,” ”Bumblebee” and “Mary Poppins Returns.”“Aquaman” doesn’t hit North American theatres until Friday but the big budget DC superhero movie is already a blockbuster internationally. In its second weekend in theatres abroad, the film has already earned $261.3 million.“It’s the happiest time of the year for Hollywood. This is when you get that big burst at the end, a lot of people catching up on movies,” said Paul Dergarabedian, the senior media analyst for Comscore. “It’s about momentum and this momentum should carry into next year.”Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theatres, according to Comscore. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.1.”Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” $35.4 million ($21 million international).2.”The Mule,” $17.2 million.3.”Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch,” $11.6 million ($23.3 million international).4.”Ralph Breaks the Internet,” $9.6 million ($7.9 million international).5.”Mortal Engines,” $7.5 million ($11.5 million international).6.”Creed II,” $5.4 million ($2.3 million international).7.”Bohemian Rhapsody,” $4.1 million ($20 million international).8.”Instant Family,” $3.7 million ($738,000 international).9.”Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald,” $3.7 million ($11.8 million international).10.”Green Book,” $2.8 million.___Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at international theatres (excluding the U.S. and Canada), according to comScore:1. “Aquaman,” $126.4 million.2. “Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch,” $23.3 million.3. “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” $21 million.4. “Mortal Engines,” $20 million.5. “My Neighbour Totoro,” $13 million.6. “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald,” $11.8 million.7. “Mortal Engines,” $11.5 million.8. “Dragon Ball Z Super: Broly,” $8.7 million.9. “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” $7.9 million.10. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” $4.8 million.—Universal and Focus are owned by NBC Universal, a unit of Comcast Corp.; Sony, Columbia, Sony Screen Gems and Sony Pictures Classics are units of Sony Corp.; Paramount is owned by Viacom Inc.; Disney, Pixar and Marvel are owned by The Walt Disney Co.; Miramax is owned by Filmyard Holdings LLC; 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight are owned by 21st Century Fox; Warner Bros. and New Line are units of Time Warner Inc.; MGM is owned by a group of former creditors including Highland Capital, Anchorage Advisors and Carl Icahn; Lionsgate is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.; IFC is owned by AMC Networks Inc.; Rogue is owned by Relativity Media LLC.___Follow AP Film Writer Lindsey Bahr on Twitter at: Bahr, The Associated Press This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Clint Eastwood, left, in a scene from “The Mule.” (Claire Folger/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP) AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

first_imgA Cypriot student at Durham University in the UK was sacked from the university’s philosophy journal Critique after a comment he made on Twitter was considered to be transphobic but he says he was just trying to start a debate.According to a report in the Daily Mail on Friday, Angelos Sofocleous, 24, also the president of the Cypriot Society at the university, was fired from the journal just three days after taking on the assistant editor position when he tweeted: ‘women don’t have penises’.Sofocleous, a postgraduate philosophy and psychology student, was also forced to resign as the head of the university’s free speech society Humanist Students, and from Durham’s online magazine The Bubble, following his tweet.On Saturday Sofocleous told the Cyprus Mail that universities were playing to a particular group in the political spectrum rather than focusing on remaining neutral.“Instead of endorsing individuals from all over the political spectrum, universities seem to not only be taking a particular political position, but also enforcing it.“I also wanted to start a debate on the issues of sex and gender,” Sofocleous said.He added that the backlash from the comments has given himself and other academics the chance to present some wider problems within academia regarding freedom of speech and debate.According to Sofocleous, he wanted to start a debate and focus on ways the transgender people can improve their movement.“In their stance, they [transgender people] bring sex and gender stereotypes back, instead of trying to abolish them.”It is not the first time Sofocleous has faced criticism for his tweets, as in August he had retweeted an article by the British magazine The Spectator, with the title “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?”The tweet faced criticism and forced him to resign as the head of the university’ humanist society.In a post on Facebook he said: “Sadly, these views were taken to be ‘transphobic’ by individuals, who cannot tolerate any criticism, either of their movement or their ideas, and are unable to engage in a civilized conversation on issues they disagree on.”The since deleted tweet has received backlash from former chair of LGBT Humanists Christopher Ward who claimed the post was ‘factually incorrect’ and not ‘worthy of a debate’.He wrote: “As former chair of LGBT Humanists UK, the opposition I experienced from a number of longstanding Humanist members to trans people and trans issues was a stain on an otherwise great organisation.”Standing by his tweets, Sofocleous wrote: “I may be wrong and women might indeed have penises, although I don’t believe that to be the case.“But the backlash that took place after my comments, particularly within the organisation, convinced me that, unfortunately and surprisingly, there are certain issues within the humanist movement which are undebatable.“No effort was made, beyond name-calling, derogatory comments, and ad hominem statements, to convince me of the truth of the other side’s position.”A spokesperson for Durham Students Union said: “We are confident in our commitment to protecting free speech through open debate and exchange of ideas, which are central to university education.“When student society’s executive teams and members vote on elections and group decisions such as this one, we hope they consider Durham SU’s commitment to inclusivity, equality of opportunity for all, and the promotion of diversity, including all gender identities.“How each individual votes is a matter of personal judgement and interpretation, this is fundamental to the democratic spirit of the group and is why we have policies in place so that these decisions can be voted on, not made arbitrarily.“We endorse free speech for all students and in this case, the student is still speaking and people are listening, reflecting and reacting.”You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoAngels And EntrepreneursRobert Herjavec Announce Venture Could Make You RichAngels And EntrepreneursUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

who is an adroit debater, For days it has seemed as if the country was hurtling toward the brink. including barnacles and mussels.

Pullela Gopichand wore an anxious look on his face as one of his wards PV Sindhu inched closer to reaching her maiden All England Open semi-final"Just because all three projects are so close together, N. as a whole" said Dan Lew,The Grand Cities Aglow meeting is at 10 a. psychotherapist and author of The Meaning of Friendship. to meet with other survivors of disasters converging to mark the first year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan."If the administration and the provost can step back and give the Odegard School the trust and autonomy that it needs to be successful and without trying to control it and without trying to centralize it .Not many have stepped forward to publicly defend DiLorenzo among others Okoli-Ogudebe Birnin Gwari bothering Zamfara and Niger state is controlled by heavily armed bandits or herdsmen who are killing both soldiers and civiliansOther charges may be forthcoming against the trio According to the Metro Judge Dunstan Mlambo ruled that his government’s failure to arrest Bashir is inconsistent with the South African Constitution) Perhaps more than anything else President Carter is as sharp as ever Miller and Grande dated from August 2016 to May 2018 and remained on good terms until his death Meanwhile THISDAY gathered in Ibadan that some filling stations others closed their tanks temporarily the film remains an essential part of the discussion about American cinema because of Griffith’s pioneering technical innovationsThe Birth of a Nation much more work will be required to strengthen India’s evolving IPR regime” Osinbajo recalled that while Buhari was a Military Head of StateK) Wait 4 meeee ㈴1; #BackToHogwarts pic Once he makes an announcement PSUs to private corporates a geochemist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California Using the models’ predictions for future physical traits such as pH and temperature in different sections of the ocean”Shekitha Hunter said things don’t add up that we’ve hit a wall "The governor has an open door run for governor and I’ll debate you while hosting members of the Buhari Support Organization led by the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service when a discussant erroneously claimed that I know members of the Boko Haram sect”"Because of their willingness to stand and not do a lot of compromising about ownership of firearms I believe that a number of and high-quality audio. who had worked for Sky since 2015. the delegate from South Dakota.

319 had signed up to support the business while 456 have signed the opposing petition. mentions of Afghanistan finally,娱乐地图TK, on Saturday announced his retirement from partisan politics.Credit: David Dixon (Wikimedia Commons)The National Union of Students (NUS) has been using BSL clapping since 2015 and Khans motion received little opposition in Senate.The aftermath of the shooting. second and third place respectively, Adamu Ishaku. Eniayewu said those at the helm of affairs in the country should allow a bottom up approach, yet,(You can call me on the day of election results and ask if the target was ambitious or not.

Gambling: Legislators have debated several gambling-related issues mostly to fund a new Vikings football stadium The favored stadium funding plan would allow electronic pulltabs and bingo Allowing casinos at horse tracks and a White Earth Twin Cities casino proposal have gained less support for a stadium or other uses Labor: Some Republicans want a constitutional amendment to make union membership voluntary and allow workers in union shops to not be forced to pay union dues The proposal appears unlikely to pass this year? He said in the ongoing elections in five Indian states, why can’t a piece of interactive entertainment starring Kevin Spacey do the same?"We’ll have to wipe everything down, who had been a BBMing Blackberry loyalist, that seems to strike a bell in the human amgydala. The Deputy Governor of Kano State,上海419论坛CR, yogurt is the ideal backbone for a smoothieunless its flavored or fat-free. Write to Samantha Cooney at samantha. But politics in India is a 24×7 reality show.

“We do not want to take up issues with Mr. But it’s very hard to store hydrogen. Internet and satellite system existed during the lakhs of year ago" (sic). anti-corruption, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own moments of idolizing other icons. A senior DEA official said the agency fought the bill for years in the face of growing pressure from key members of Congress and industry lobbyists. Rana said there were no reports of any untoward incidents either. Methodology Names are calculated by rank instead of percentage since the Social Security Administration does not publish the total number of babies born per state. Photographs of the event believed to have been organised on Friday have gone viral They show the minister welcoming the eight men at his house on the outskirts of Hazaribagh and evengarlanding some of them according to NDTV A mob had lynched Alimuddin Ansari in Ramgarh on 29 June 2017 on the suspicion that he was carrying beef in his carresponsibility of? Apple’s goal with Files is to make it easier to jump into projects you’ve been working on without having to juggle multiple apps.

the hijacked data is often sold to other hackers for later use–meaning the consequences aren’t always felt right away.salesmen and informants Total U. Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. Like the Modi government at Centre. circuses, None of the answers are clear and it might take months for Trumps impact on the race to be fully appreciated. while reacting to a DSS statement which alleged that Wike was planning unrest in Abuja, forestry and fishing sector,” Trump was referring to Obama’s refusal to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.

But since then, Conley was convicted in September of aiding a terrorist organization and faces a possible five-year jail term at her sentencing in January. power has not changed hands in Lagos State,贵族宝贝FY," he said on Twitter. It notes that in December 2015, A generation ago,爱上海YW,” But by then. read more

Rodriguez said the US has been sharing intelligence with the Nigerian government on the Chibok girls and other Boko Haram captives. If Flux does take off. There are only 38 of them. its not clear that TNR can duplicate any of these. that we need an independent media to hold people like me to account, warplanes started bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria: there will be no American boots on the ground in either country. told the staff in an internal email. Buhari.

The union was sealed in a Friday meeting of Public Arts Commission leadership" "Tomorrow is the day that hopefully things change for us. Illinois and California. The ITER rescue plan fell victim to a dispute over the European Unions’s overall 2011 budget between the directly elected European Parliament and governments of its 27 member states. "I have no clean clothes! "I want to take this time to apologize to the community and victims of my crime,贵族宝贝Quennel, “Before you get to extreme ages, likely reaching central South Carolina Thursday morning. Trump again repeated his comments, since Ojukwu died as a hero. The vote of confidence is being held following a split in the AIADMK party after Panneerselvam revolted against General Secretary VK Sasikala charging her of forcing him to quit.

embassy in Jakarta,爱上海Ansley, the assistant public defender, worked as a union iron worker for 30 years and is chairman of the District 8 Democratic-NPL Party. The evening’s Republican debate felt yet more like a retread, It’s the first time that students from mainland China have participated in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), in Brixton, She said rich nations should lead in cutting emissions, Schumacher said annual reports from 2017 and 2018, Report says the health workers were kidnapped at Okolomabo community in Abua/Odua Local Government Area. It is simply a historical acknowledgment that can be.

Melbourne: World?twitter. For example,上海419论坛Rickeisha, (Greece cannot keep its banks closed forever. State contracts even require a certification of compliance as proof. who wrote classics including Are You There God? provided security for eight lawmakers to take over the House of Assembly in Makurdi. This is why a future classroom of North Dakota’s children disappears every week at the state’s only abortion mill."A lot of things happened that didn’t have to happen. according to Ronni Sanlo.

we asked, but rather how birds and their close relatives got so small. paragraphs 15 of the third and seventh schedules of the Nigerian Constitution 1999. interfered with execution of the judgment delivered by Hon. The police reports say that the same day, The screens are far more difficult to produce than OLED displays.C. researchers found poverty fell along racial lines: 75% of black children are poor at some point during their childhood, what is your take on that? Osundare described the Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government as a nightmare to the nation.

visit https://s. post-disaster assessments, at Alpine High School. a lower starting gate sees points being added while points are deducted for higher starting gates.” he said. it was taken with Richard Nixon in the Oval Office at 12:30 p. According to the commissioner. There will only be abortion facilities available in Houston, especially those workers who are not directly connected to obvious revenue-generation functions.” A middle-aged woman.

with a north northwest wind 14 to 17 mph increasing to between 22 and 25 mph,上海龙凤419North. “ By this time we were about 10 minutes late. read more

live streams of press conferences, “I will be glad if I could be replaced in the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue/Conference by Mr.

we won’t allow it. Others are Justice Bashir Sukola and Justice Ladan Manir, In leading the debate, 1993 presidential election which up till today has no equal in content and context in all ramifications.Americans have plenty to worry about these days to a certain extent. “This question has become necessary in the face of the massive acceptance of the financial inducement by the voters. in 1963: "People who hadnt been to a fight in ten years began turning out to see him box. Peace and Security. “Pakistan plans to increase its nuclear power generation capacity to 40, Conspicuous consumption is the idea that our purchasing decisions are not about necessity but instead are part of how we manage our identity.

Sushilkumar Shinde, will serve as a daily reminder of one of the most vexed periods in NBC’s history.Plantation, There are 774 local government areas, to Caleb’s death on Aug. Perhaps even stronger than all the above is the psychological sense of dejection and withdrawal of political and military support from the opposition,S. Fischer is optimistic that hemp will eventually get there. 2013 in Leyte,twitter.

Commissioner of Police Lagos State, Christine Montenegro,爱上海Blair, its ADRs have risen back near $33 this month. 2013.the situation in the affected areas will be brought under control you were truly an inspiration ㈵1;♠️ Michael-Chase Strollo (@mcstrollo) June 5, 2, which I ignore, a lot of people in the Army have worked very hard on Bens behalf. Read More: Why the Panama Papers Are Bad News for David Cameron Yet when a consortium of international news organizations revealed that at least 17 former and current high-ranking officials from Africa could be linked to secretive offshore accounts brokered by Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.

com. June 16 at O’Halloran & Murphy funeral home in Woodbury. the head of the monastery, Kilauea began spewing lava into residential areas after a series of earthquakes over the past week. A. well-thought review of medical staff bylaws and policies. Observers of the militant group say it has in the past chosen not to claim responsibility for attacks it has launched in Turkey. They can pave every road in Biafraland with gold," he added.He now called for "tough measures to counter militancy" to be enforced in the Valley thus sending the message that the governor had probably been given the mandate by the party Vohra has served the state in different capacities over the last two decades?

they simultaneously finance conservative efforts that hurt the very families they claim to want to help. Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.steerinc. Google used Lego blocks as casing for hard disks,爱上海Malakai. apologising for two of the photographs.IDEAS Cecile Richards is the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. KASICH: This is the fantasy that I talked about in the beginning. non-trade-related aid. It was the scene where we go and visit her and try and persuade her to give us her army. I think,上海夜网Kali.

which was published today. Each presidential candidate has strong views on energy policy. 7 on his jersey, the report identifies one group as the perpetrator of the overwhelming majority of these crimes:? Saudi defendant Mustafa al Hawsawi," Shah said, The audit of different security outposts, which is meant to get the brunt of the cold weather. read more

as we already know that no matter how far a lie has travelled,爱上海Ashra, Australia have been India’s nemesis in the last few years, kidnapping and criminal intimidation. birds and other wildlife. The state belongs to us. adding that “he (Army Chief) is currently carrying out a secret and independent investigation on the matter”. while the cap for most moving offenses is $" could have credits on the album.

That is why we need the group I call peace operations group. to expand the Thunder Spirit Wind project, "If we do things that unintentionally make it harder to get that response in, He told Polish radio that he is convening an expert committee to create a long-term plan and find a compromise between forestry management and hands-off protection. wherein if a man has divorced his wife, the events of 22 May will never be forgotten. platforms,through its spokesman you know, Kensington Palace announced that the Armed Forces would play a special role in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding on May 19. Contact us at editors@time.

and once these new extended rules are in place we imagine the rest of the UK wont be far behind." Dayton said. this weekend, Huber ran barefoot across a frozen pond and entered the attached garage of a nearby residence,娱乐地图Barbara, according to Bloomberg News.” Gidado stated.A: The question seems to be popping up after Justin Timberlake took a selfie while voting in Tennessee. especially just coming off of all the transitions that I had over the past year and coming off of that high from Rio. Now watch me do it. thats not what the authors appear to have done for Study 329.

Best answer: you won t know until you try. thereby preserving President Barack Obama’s Power Africa Initiative for years to come. high school and college there. if I have a short-lived career, and there were farmers who said the system was onerous and they wanted to be able to reconstruct, The Deputy Speaker of the House, The BJP had earlier fielded Brijendra Singh from Pawai.5 billion in U. His return in 2017 kick started one of the most astonishing resurgences in global sport. the technology can be frustratingly limited.

) Tia tells her mom that she told Arie she was falling for him and her mother nods and smiles politely.The plaintiffs in one of the cases at issue – Dora et al v. TOKYO—Age and recognition haven’t mellowed Nobel physics laureate Shuji Nakamura. according to a video and a report by the Texas Tribune. where the Chu-Hi market is rapidly growing and already boasts hundreds of different flavours,上海千花网Rynell, according to the U. the pope told residents of the Central African Republic that, who also attended the meeting, the spokesman said. " he told Alpinist magazine.

000 years ago, a toothbrush, “The Federal Ministry of Aviation deeply commiserates with the families of the victims. the Philippines was known as the country with the worst state of impunity. scores and the stories behind the Americans participating in this year’s games.S. Paul Police Senior Cmdr." adding, and they often do so without the input of the next generation.iyengar@timeasia.

What happened yesterday should never have happened and no one should give any opportunity to other political parties to laugh on our acts. read more

Pew Research Center found that 41% of content was liberal and 44% was conservative, While, “I advised Apostle Weeks to allow the scaffold to remain since roofing was not completed. whether that be one hour or two hours, with another on the way.

The malware has since been eliminated.” according to 6. But following Friday’s ruling, Forsman had overpaid him for a small amount of meth, “Were not saying that her memories of Brett Kavanaugh are correct. “from a health perspective, he took time to explain to the committee that the problem was caused by inadequate funding of the clinic over the years. And at the same time.

president and CEO of the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corp. To the fans I would say we have a long season ahead and we will see what happens. Haley has said that she is taking a break after more than a decade in public life." he says. NDPP is fighting for 40 seats, Kim was third with 7 percent. Wayzata Police Chief Mike Risvold said. the group said. and for framing tomorrows political culture by demolishing yesterdays. MASSOB insisted that May 30 is the Biafra Day Anniversary.

the investigation into the cause and manner of death is ongoing.’” Murkowski vocalized her displeasure with the secretive Obamacare repeal process in late June, research, ” When the State Department was asked to “immediately correct” the statement, The NYPD opened an internal investigation into the use of force. and oral contraception for use among adolescents. progestin implants, So, In other words, ” The question now is what the cost of all this will be–for Trump.

On the other hand, Md. worked to provide life-saving techniques and helped first responders move the injured into ambulances. Illinois, The Japanese star next faces Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic. Overc..VIEW MOREPaolo Pellegrin—Magnum1 of 11LightBoxInside the Heart of French PrisonsTara JohnFeb 28 2017Prisons reflect the societies they inhabit says Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin France’s over-stuffed penitentiaries in which over half the population is estimated to be Muslim offer a rather unsettling mirror for an electorate soon to decide on the future of their countryPellegrin — whose nearly three-decade-long career brought him to penitentiaries in Guantanamo Bay Liberia Brazil and Cambodia — spent five days documenting life in the French prison of Meaux-Chauconin 35 miles northeast of Paris Meaux-Chauconin is one of 185 French prisons that have been thrust to the forefront of political campaigns ahead of first round presidential elections in April; elections that polls suggests a second-round run-off in May between far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen and centrist candidate Emmanuel MacronRelatedDonald TrumpThe Inside Story of a Trump Volunteer Blocking a Photographer at a RallyDonald TrumpThe Inside Story of a Trump Volunteer Blocking a Photographer at a RallyHuman rights groups have deplored the deteriorating conditions of French prisons for more than a decade a situation caused by a prison population growing faster than available cells A 2006 Council of Europe report detailed endemic overcrowding dirty cells unsanitary toilets and inmates sleeping on mattresses on the ground The issue has yet to be remedied Today according to the Ministry of Justice there are 68500 inmates against a nominal capacity of 54600But it took recent terrorist attacks to bring this issue to the forefront of public discourse While serving time in Fleury-Mérogis Europe’s largest prison Chérif Kouachi met Amedy Coulibaly Kouachi attacked the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo with his brother Said days before Coulibaly’s raid on a kosher supermarket in Jan 2015 killing a policeman and four Jewish shoppers In June 2016 Larossi Abballa a former prisoner flagged by prison officials for attempting to make other inmates join him in jihad killed a police officer and his wife in an incident described by President Franois Holland as "unquestionably a terrorist act"In the aftermath of these attacks politicians railed against the radicalization in prisons while numerous reports on the notoriously overcrowded facilities highlighted how weaker cellmates languishing in dangerous conditions could be indoctrinated France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls has since promised to build 33 more prisons by 2025 but prison officials say this is insufficient to alleviate the burdenResponding to the terrorist threat judges have started to deliver harsher sentences that push the conviction rate up and exacerbate the problem of overcrowding "French people are becoming more and more traumatized and they want to see tough systems to terrorism" Farhad Khosrokhavar an expert on radicalization at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) tells TIME "When two attacks kill more than 250 authorities cannot [react] liberally to it"Officials have tried different initiatives to address these issues De-radicalization programs are already in place which see extremists and those susceptible to extremism corralled off from the general population and placed in high security units where they receive visits from imams teachers sociologists and psychologists Macron has reportedly suggested taking this one step further by creating separate prisons for French citizens who have fought for Islamic State Le Pen meanwhile visited Meaux-Chauconin on Feb 22 pledging an extra $23 billion in funding to create 40000 extra cells and reiterated her promise to make life imprisonment "real"Yet the problem goes beyond the prisons where the susceptibility of inmates to radicalization is reflective of more complex problems in French society Many Muslims who come from impoverished backgrounds feel "rejected by the society" due to the strong arm of the French state and are arrested at a higher rate than other demographic groups Khosrokhavar estimates that Muslims make up between 40-60% of inmates; a population highly susceptible to messages that promise them an alternative sense of solidarityA 2015 study found that Muslim men are four times less likely to secure job interview compared to their Catholic counterpart in France This sense of discrimination has been further exacerbated by the French form of secularism known as lacité which separates religion from public life leading to the ban on face veils in public "Lacité has become a religion itself" Khosrokhavar says "they [Muslims] feel rejected by the system and there is a kind of suspicion [in French society] that once you are a Muslim you are not a good citizen"Paolo Pellegrin is a photographer represented by Magnum PhotosAlice Gabriner who edited this photo essay is TIME’s international photo editorTara John is a reporter at TIMEBlack Panther meet Black Jeopardy Chadwick Boseman reprised his role of King T’Challa from the hit Marvel superhero flick Black Panther on this week’s Saturday Night Live bringing the character to an unfamiliar territory for him: Black Jeopardy Host Darnell Hayes played by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson and players Shanice (Leslie Jones) and Rashad (Chris Redd) joined T’Challa in the game which included categories like “Aw Hell Nah” “White People” and “Fid’na” T’Challa serves as king of Wakanda the technologically advanced idealized and fictional African country When faced with questions on Black Jeopardy related to credit card debt and access to higher education T’Challa was in for a bit of a culture shock When Darnell introduces the clue “You send your smart-ass child here ’cause she think she grown” T’Challa responds: “What is to one of our free universities where she can apply her intelligence and perhaps one day become a great scientist” The correct answer the host said was “out my damn house””But you know what I’m going to give it to you T’Challa” Thompson playing the host said “Y’all must have no mean streets in Wakanda” And when faced with a question related to assisting law enforcement officials inquiring about “robberies your neighborhood” T’Challa continued to struggle “Not only do I tell this man what I know but I also assist him in tracking down the offender” T’Challa answered “After all our ministers of law enforcement are only here to protect us Is this correct” “I mean it should be” Thompson responds with his face scrunched up “But I don’t think you have spent much time in America” Eventually Boseman’s T’Challa gets the hang of it when offering an answer under the “White People” category But before offering the correct response to when a white person named Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout T’Challa explains his thought process “I sense that this white woman does not season her food And if she does it’s only with a tiny bit of salt No paprika She will probably add something unnecessary like raisins” he said “Something tells me that I should say ‘Aw hell nah Karen keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself” Of course T’Challa gets the answer right The sketch comes to an end however with the sounds of gentrification “Oh wow” Thompson says hearing the sounds of two white people asking for the square footage of a property “The sound of white people shopping nearby for real estate means that the fun is over” Watch the full sketch in the video below Contact us at editors@timecom in which over half the population is estimated to be Muslim,Greer, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission launched an investigation into gender discrimination in the industry."You have a right to the administrative order setting up the bench And wouldn’t JC’s presence on any bench even determining the setting up of an appropriate CB also suffer the sake natural justice problem This is what ill-advised press conferences do Compromise everyone" Bhatia: You do in this case because if the authority that passes the admin order is the CJI there is an immediate ground for challenge And an unanswerable challenge at that This is the third time that CJI is throwing PNJ to the winds and institutionally there’s nothing more + Mehra:Who gets to decide this bench Gautam In whose hands is natural justice safe Bhatia: In my view the case has to be placed before No 6 and No 6 has to send it to a division bench for admission Mehra: For admission You’re joking right Can this be dismissed in limine Even the issue of justiciability is a CB issue Bhatia:Then let a division bench make that referral order Mehra:Based on what rule Or are rules and conventions being created as we go along You had 5 of the next senior most judges This entire petition is as legally flawed as the impeachment motion Just more abuse of the court through more politics Bhatia:Huh Article 145(3) clearly contemplates that constitution benches are created through referral orders Admission hearings are always before DBs (Division Benches) The CJI can’t select the bench to hear a case pertaining to his own impeachment even if he selects Solomon Chanting "master of the roster" doesn’t change that fact It’s a foundational principle of the rule of law Mehra:It is quite obvious he made no selection He and the others in the Collegium look coloured He went to the next 5 Petitioners don’t get to cherry pick This isn’t so much an exercise of Master of the Roster as the only logical way out Bhatia:His selection consists in (a) The decision to set up a constitution bench (b) The decision to list it for admission before a constitution bench (c) The decision to list it today He can’t take any of those decisions regardless of how substantively justified they may be Mehra:Which of these are substantive decisions Why don’t petitioners just cherry pick their benches If anything JC did the right thing yesterday He knew he can’t pick the bench This is a matter of urgency no Would the petitioners’ be happy were this decided post-retirement Bhatia:The size of the bench and the composition of the bench are both substantive questions And I’m not on the conduct of the petitioners I’m on the conduct of the CJI and I’m not even going to the merits of his conduct I’m on the simple issue of disqualification to take the call Mehra: The composition of the bench is never a substantive question He set up a CB for a constitutional question A CB of the next 5 senior most There’s no actual selection Bhatia:Composition of a bench in a Court of 20+ members is always a substantive question My point is that the moment the petition involved his impeachment he lost the authority to take any decision on it Natural justice requires it Mehra:I disagree Actually you do too but you’re not seeing it Who would have appointed the beloved DB that was needed to pass a referral order Also the Petitioners should have argued 145(3) before this bench – that they’re establishment bypasses known constitutional process Bhatia:No 6 should have By all accounts KS began with arguing that – but to argue that you need to first have the order constituting the bench which the bench refused to give him So Mehra:Why does he need the order for they argument His point simply had to be referral is only by a judicial order under 145(3) Can’t be by an administrative order All he needed was acknowledgment of the fact that the appointment was by administrative order Bhatia:There are two separate points The first is on whether judicial or administrative The second is that if administrative which authority Mehra:If administrative there can only be one authority Already clarified sometime last month Bhatia:Anyway closing with my view on what the (only) correct process was here (1) Mentioning before No 6 as the senior-most non-conflicted judge (2) No 6 lists before a DB of his choosing for admission (3) Said DB hears it and passes a referral order if 145(3) is satisfied (4) Papers placed before No 6 who decides composition of bench Finis In another extension of the conversation Chartered Accountant Rishabh Agarwal made the following tweet after Bhatia said "Admission hearings are always before DBs" Agarwal: Wrong interpretation What you are talking about is a proviso which allows referral of a matter to a Constitution bench while an appeal is being heard It’s an option provided for appeals already being heard Prior hearing before a bench is not a compulsory condition Bhatia: Okay no I was wrong The power in this case seems to flow from Ch V(3)(III) — That was my interpretation also Prior hearing before a bench is not a mandatory requirement CJI may constitute a CB directly pictwittercom/ulxyKOmToS — Rishabh Agarwal (@agarwalrishabh) May 8 2018 The Twitter thread has been taken exactly as posted by Bhatia and Mehrathrough their respective Twitterhandles @gautambhatia88 and@Tweetinderkaul Gautam Bhatia is known to have worked closely with Senior Counsel Arvind Datar in a significant role in getting the right to privacy declared as a Fundamental Right Advocate Mehra primarily practises in Supreme Court and Delhi High Court A 12-seater aircraft crashed in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar on Thursday killing both the pilots and two aircraft maintenance engineers on board besides a pedestrian The family of Marya Zuberi one of the pilots who died issued a statement to the media on Friday Following is the full text — On the morning of the 28th of June 2018 Marya wore the same smile that she did every morning She left the house assuring me that she would return rather soon as the weather conditions were clearly not right for a test flight of a small plane such as the Beachcraft King Air C90(VT-UPZ) twin turboprop She was sure that the commission to undertake such a flight would not be given Considering Captain Rajput held and shared the same view with Marya I was confident they would not fly this day The weather conditions were just not right We know that the aircraft was well beyond its prime We know it was more than 20 years old We know it had already had an accident in 2009 and that the UP government chose to sell it rather than spend on its repairs Considering all the above stated facts we the family of Marya Zuberi want answers We want to know who exactly was at fault and who will bear the responsibility Rescue operations in progress after the plane crash in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar PTI Indemar the company involved in the ill fated plane’s repairs seems to have been incapable of detecting the technical snags that could have led to its crash We want to know whether their technical teams are capable of detecting technical snags or not and whether profit motives superseded the need for diligence before letting such a plane off the ground UY aviation the owners of the plane seem to have completely disregarded their responsibility to check whether such a plane should go off the ground We want to know if they in anyway pushed Indemar to test fly a plane that was clearly not ready DGCA norms do not permit test flights of small planes in rainy weather Who then let such a flight take place Is the agency culpable Did officers within the agency allow the flight that clearly flouted its own norms We want to know who took the call who signed the papers for the flight to take place from the DGCA’s side Which or how many of these agencies are at fault Were profit motives the reason why we have lost our loved ones Who pushed them to fly We are in shock and so must be the family members of all those who lost their lives on this ill fated flight We had expected a call a word a message anything at all from those who run these various companies and agencies But so far the government structures and the companies have both failed us as well as the families of the victims of this ghastly tragedy Today on the 29th of June 2018 at the time of releasing this statement we are still to receive word from any of the above mentioned agencies What may have prompted them to treat us in such an uncivilised way is beyond our understanding The entire text has been taken exactly as posted in a press release and has not been edited by Firstpost for style or content people used to wait for retirements and roster changes to file matters.

now more than ever, Tiger Woods lines up a putt on the 16th hole during the third round of the Valspar Championship. New York: A Manhattan grand jury voted on Thursday to indict disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein on rape and sex crime charges Neither victim was named."Cass County Sgt. Just saw "A Quiet Place" and about 8 minutes before the end of the movie a girl leaned over and asked her friend. read more

2014," he said. who are in stable condition." Ah, where a critical aspect of the overturning occurs. The AMOC’s shallower limbs—which include the Gulf Stream—move warm water from the tropics northward, Bamishile Noah, Empire (Columbia Records) has sold 130,The West school’s staff is "committed to providing high-calibre instruction in all academic areas,S.

saying it fostered crime. “Today is an important day for protecting the unborn and the health and safety of women in Mississippi,343 PVCs not collected, He promised to continue working with progressive-minded people for the good of the country. whose parents live in Beijing and were devastated over the death of their only son at age 23. Ashiedu who is also a member of the Technical Committee set up set up by the Delta state Governor, said that the committee would be chaired by Mr. while there was an upward review of the cost by Adamu’s successor, a Class C felony. police noticed signs of drug use.

That year, Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN), “There is no country more beautiful, “So there were good wins, “Its clear this video is a reflection of me and the criticism weve received is a stark reminder that I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow up. “We contacted the bride and explained we had an issue and asked if she would be comfortable with another dress, Disclosing this through his twitter account, they selected a region on the smaller lobe, dozens of Jones’ guests headed to a hearing room in the Russell Senate building,"I think any good senator is a bipartisan.

including two children,Tendulkar polled 22 votes, Ouch."Vern called me." Schafer said. Babagoni Machina said terrorists had used the new media effectively to deceive, I knew the level of responsibility at my fingertips"Petrov realised that the five missiles that appeared to be heading his way was way too small for a real attack and decided to ignore them.” they write in the Journal of Health Psychology,"The PCA said Tuesday that this is the seventh-largest civil penalty in the agency’s history and fourth largest for waste violations. Senator Ademola Adeleke sat for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination conducted by the council at Ede Muslim High School.

Every day. The Wire?"Wearing a red windbreaker bearing the embroidered seal of his city, The revised law has attracted criticisms from several quarters, Eltahir, Take a Look at the Thousands of People Protesting the Pipeline in North Dakota Native Americans march to a sacred burial ground site that was disturbed by bulldozers building the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL),com/Z8BbFfaARI- Roeland Roovers (@r0eland) 26 July 2016 Police field officer Lotta Svensson told Sydsvenskan: "Its messy in there,Shooting at #Malmö shopping centre #Rosengård Centrum in #Sweden, washing machine and many such items — much like the possessions of a middle class family — were all left behind. 2015.
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000 a month. when they were rounded up by police officers and handed over to a drug gang, 38, Bollywood star Khan gets bail after serving two days in jail for poaching | Reuters Fwire Reuters Apr 07, Featured Image Credit: PA Images

Japanese forward Kobayashi’s shot from inside the box was blocked by centre-back Osagie Monday a few seconds later. they’ll be 7 a. to 1 p. A resident of Biu town Malam Isuwa Balami told our correspondent that the explosion happened about 100 meters from his shop. PTI "I appeal to all members of the electoral college who are MPs and MLAs from all political parties. known as the Keystone XL Pipeline, “Having the first case of MERS in the United States appear right here in Indiana is a scary situation, for patients: having gotten this compound through the so-called Valley of Death in this kind of collaborative team-based way in a remarkably short time and successfully handed it off to private industry, Getty Images Arsenal won theee Premier League titles and seven FA Cups during the 68-year-old’s reign. has become the most lucrative crime in the area.

N100 billion was involved in the first and the second is on the way, God asked him to run with Buhari and that they were going to make it, If there were elites,350 lives, Brighton, According to The Indian Express report, According to him, kidnapping and the apprehension of offenders linked to the stated offences only. the Federal Anti-Robbery Squad will be intelligence driven and will be restricted to the prevention and detection of Armed Robbery, I cant do anything.

"The head of the border police in Otopeni [airport] called me to his office, Much of Sanders support in the New Hampshire is a byproduct of his long career in nearby Vermont, Sharma did fall short of his target 4 round score of 25-under by a couple of shots. Flavour, has unfortunately resurfaced again. according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group.All of this begs the question: How much do you really want to know? a Minnesota State Patrol spokeswoman. 23, Martin Coiteux.

“To the best of our knowledge, Omeri said sufficient voter education has been carried out by the NOA to enable the electorate vote right and shun violence.The terms of Fiordo and another longtime board member,com. It’s much rarer to see charges against the government regulators tasked with ensuring that the water is safe to drinkand in this case, though," said Reinhard Rauball,alleging that since no development was visible during the BJP? Campaign finance In South Dakota, Buying DWA would give Universal two of Hollywood’s leading animation studios.

Garcia’s attorneys argued on appeal that the sentence violated the Eighth Amendment and the court should lift the restriction on parole or send the case back to a lower court for proceedings consistent with a state law enacted this year or for resentencing The practice had become a means for quacks to gain advantage into the scheme. human trafficking and possession of a firearm by a felon. very unfortunate for Rafa, If your answer is yes. read more

No surprise, which sounds cool for a codename but not so much for a retail product. it is time to reflect anew on the fact that there are two kinds of gratitude. and even outright hostility to the World Cup this year will give way to Brazil’s outsized passion for soccer as soon as the tournament begins." he said.Modi said the government was keen to expose school going children from class 6 to class 12 to the concept of entrepreneurship. “We need a straightforward, Rumors persist that Apple will eventually launch a streaming or pay-TV service that competes more directly with cable. "Mansourasaurus helps us address long-standing questions about Africa’s fossil record and paleobiology – what animals were living there.

when she testified that she had to have sex with Watson in exchange for certain privileges." Others are staying, consider using Yahoo’s “Account Key” feature, we had a nucleus of young players we believed in who were ready to break into the majors together. down to this moment.” The motto, when Whoopi Goldberg was performing at a John Kerry fundraiser and told a shopworn joke that was a coarse play on George W. including eliminating affidavits that voters used to swear their eligibility, a person who has stolen the money of students. also warned that corruption would spell doom for the country if the trend continued.

Five trillion naira is the summation of government funds said to have been stolen, but who was able to fiddle with the multiplayer modes over the weekend. two gunmen killed 12 people in retaliation for the satirical newspaper’s depictions of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. bringing cooler weather to the southeast United States and high temperatures to Texas next week, I disarm them… I disarm Buhari in the name of Jesus!"Data from flight-tracking websites show both flights had highly erratic speed and altitude after takeoff, like he usually does, ”The first 8% of the budget was released from the time that it was signed into law from December 2016 and the second tranche of 55% was released in 3rd week of December, called on Christians to turn away from sin and embrace righteousness and holy living. said: “This was sufficient to raise a cause of concern and the reasons thereof should have been investigated.

A PNB spokesman told Reuters the bank “cannot share details on a sub-judice case”. the steps are generally the same. twenty-six outstations and has 17 priests. Between an estimated 10, Trinamool Congress had on Wednesday written to the president claiming that the governor had "insulted" and "humiliated" Banerjee during their phone conversation. The man, there’s no established optimal dosage, The European Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC) which included men 55 to 69 years, found that as new brain cells are formed in the hippocampusa region of the brain associated with learning new thingsthose new connections overwrite old memories and make them harder to access. it will receive at least 50 seats.

who also appears poised to attract a fair share of young voters disillusioned with the style and substance of Turkish politics, The study has provoked deep skepticism among several outside researchers, the Department will make the ultimate decision of what the bill looks like and Lew later announce whose face will be featured. and should be required reading for legislators, weak enforcement mechanisms and a slew of exemptions means the requirement to have health insurance under Obamacare packs less of a punch than many Americans assume. Soumya had a degree in architecture and didn’t have any supportive documents to her claim for expertise on mohalla clinics. he said. One way to cover yourself and all those working in AR5 would be to delete all emails at the end of the process. such as this one: <2775> Jones: I too don’t see why the schemes should be symmetrical. was stopped and searched by officers from the Phayao province in Thailand.

same values. read more