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first_imgEDMONTON – Alberta RCMP say Mounties will be ready when recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada on Wednesday.Chief Supt. Brad Mueller said officers will use tried and true investigative techniques to detect people who are driving high, as well as new technology when it becomes available.“The Cannabis Act or Bill C-45 represents a significant change in enforcement, but the people of Alberta can be assured of the same level of service delivery from their provincial police force,” he said during a Friday news conference.“We have put the necessary tools and resources in place and continue to adapt to this change.”Mueller said they are working with government agencies, other police forces and subject matter experts on the implementation of the new law.They have increased their capacity in areas such as prevention, intelligence, security screening and training, he said.Mueller said the RCMP will bring in four of the federally approved roadside marijuana test devices and strategically deploy them across the province.“We have undergone the initial stages to train our officers in the use of those devices,” said Mueller. “Once we secure them, we will begin the deployment and begin the enforcement action around them.”They won’t be available by Wednesday, and it’s unknown when the RCMP will have them.In the meantime, Mueller said officers will rely on various investigative techniques — such as standardized field sobriety tests and drug recognition experts — that they’ve long been using to determine impairment.In Alberta, he said there are more than 400 officers trained to do the field testing and another 42 trained as drug recognition experts.Cpl. Richard Nowak, a drug recognition expert, said they are able to determine whether a person is impaired by drugs with a 12-step process.“We take a subject through five physical co-ordination divided attention tests, as well as taking several clinical measurements of their blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil dilation, body temperature so we can see if their body is operating as if they are sober or if there is a drug influencing those readings,” he said.Nowak said they look for any impairment from all drugs or alcohol.“If they are impaired, they are impaired. Impairment is impairment. Drunk or high,” he said. “It is are they safe or not.”Both he and his superiors said they believe they have the tools necessary to deal with drug-impaired drivers on the road and ensure it’s safe for others.“This is nothing new for us — impaired driving by drug — we’ve been enforcing that for many years,” said Mueller. “With the addition of the new tools and technology, we’ll continue that.”last_img read more

first_imgAhmedabad: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Tuesday targeted the Modi government over “unkept promises and spread of hatred” in the country. Addressing her first political rally in Gujarat after assuming charge as Congress general secretary, she said she was saddened by what was happening in the country. “Our institutions are being destroyed. Wherever you see, hatred is being spread,” she said. “Nothing matters more to us that you and I protect this nation, work for it and move forward together,” the Congress leader said. Also Read – Squadrons which participated in Balakot air strike awarded citations on IAF Day Congress president Rahul Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi were present at the rally near Adalaj village of Gandhinagar district. Priyanka said the Modi government did not fulfil its promises of providing jobs to crores of people in the country. The Congress held a rally in Modi’s home state to sound its poll bugle for the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. Earlier Tuesday, a meeting of the Congress Working Committee was held in Gujarat after a gap of 58 years. The previous CWC meeting was last held in the state at Bhavnagar in 1961.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: After almost tenth day of the dehydration, hunger and with the plummeting blood sugar level the eleven Jawaharlal Nehru University students, who had commenced a hunger strike on March 18 to get the Vice-Chancellor of JNU to listen to their demands over the arbitrary changes in the University’s admission policy, have called off their strike.Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) president N Sai Balaji made a statement among the large gathering of the students and J Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers Association (JNUTA), ” We called off the hunger strike now, on the condition that all the students will support us in getting rid Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderof this V-C and any other Mamidalas in other universities and this government that is enabling them,” However, JNUSU said that they intended to launch a stiff anti-BJP campaign ahead of the Lok Sabha poll in upcoming month to ensure that the existed government would be voted out of power. “We will march to Parliament and start a movement to defeat this government,” he added. He further added that the decision to call off the strike came after a concerted request on the part of the JNUTA’s Atul Sood who read out a declaration – a charter of demands made by the forum of the people of India and the government- ending with a call to end the strike. The decision had been mulled over for two days not, ever since worsening health parameters of the eleven students coincided with a stubbornness on the part of the VC to meet with them or pay heed to their demands. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsMoreover, JNUTA in a reading of the Sabarmati declaration (Adopted by the JNUTA National Convention of Universities — ‘Shiksha, Samajik Nyay, aur Sangharsh’ on 27 March 2018), Professor Atul Sood placed the following points; “Public education must be publicly funded. Academic institutions are in a state of collapse. He added that we reject all these schemes and policies and at least 1.5 out of 6 pc of the GDP spent on education.last_img read more

6 November 2007Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today repeated his call for a return to democratic rule in Pakistan and the release of all detained political leaders and lawyers as well as a United Nations human rights expert. “I had a meeting with [Pakistani] Ambassador Munir Akram, at his request, and I again expressed my deep concern and regret at what had happened in Pakistan,” Mr. Ban told reporters in New York. “I also urged, strongly, that the Pakistani Government should return to democratic rules and procedures as soon as possible, and also urged the Pakistani leadership to release immediately all the detained political leaders, lawyers, and also the Special Rapporteur” on freedom of religion or belief, Asma Jahangir. Asked whether he had spoken to General Pervez Musharraf, the Secretary-General said he had not but added, “I have been talking with leaders in the region to exchange views, and to monitor the situation.” Yesterday, a spokesperson for the Secretary-General expressed his “strong dismay at the detention of hundreds of human rights and opposition activists,” including Ms. Jahangir. Mr. Ban today said he stands by that statement. The Secretary-General made his comments just ahead of his planned trip to South America and Europe, which includes stops in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Tunisia and Valencia, Spain. The Latin American countries, he said, “are political and economically very important members of the United Nations, and at the same time they play also a key role in our common efforts to address climate change issues.” In Tunisia, he will attend the international conference on counter-terrorism. “This is going to be organized by the Tunisian Government, as well as by the Organization of the Islamic Conference,” Mr. Ban said. The Secretary-General will then travel to Valencia to participate in launching the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). “This is going to be a very hectic, 12-day long trip, but it will be, I am sure very rewarding in terms of seeing for myself the climate change phenomenon and how the international community will generate again this political will through my visit,” he said. The trip, he said, is on “the road to Bali,” where delegates from around the world will meet in December to try and hammer out a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, an internationally binding treaty on greenhouse gas emissions which expires in 2012. read more

“It is also clear that the best way of achieving that is through an impartial international accountability process that can examine all crimes committed by all parties to this conflict.  The government of Sri Lanka – if it is genuinely committed to truth and justice – has nothing to fear from such a process. Only the guilty fear the truth. I hope the government will be brave and show leadership and a genuine commitment to truth, justice and peaceful democratic political solutions to the divisions which have caused so much misery to all the people of Sri Lanka,” he said.Macrae said the Government must support an impartial international process as truth, justice and democratic political solutions are the way forward and in the interests of everyone in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette) Macrae said that the evidence collated on alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka is very carefully presented in the film “No Fire Zone” and he has already presented the full feature documentary – in Sinhala – to President Maithripala Sirisena through the British High Commission in London. “I would be delighted to meet with the new Sri Lankan government in Geneva.  I will be there from the 16th September and would welcome the opportunity to meet them and talk to them about the evidence in my film “No Fire Zone” and also in the half hour film “Sri Lanka: The Search for Justice” which can be seen by all in Sri Lanka and will be shown in Geneva,” he told the Colombo Gazette. The producer of a controversial film on the war says he is ready to discuss the evidence he has with the Sri Lankan Government in Geneva.No Fire Zone Director Callum Macrae was in New York and five Latin American countries last week promoting a new film also on Sri Lanka which seeks support for an international mechanism to address alleged war crimes. “He did indicate, in an interview with the BBC Sinhala service, that he would watch it, although I have not yet had any response from him. I hope that will come soon – possibly through a meeting with government representatives in Geneva,” he said.Macrae, who was accused by the former Government of spreading lies through the series of videos he produced on Sri Lanka, and which had in part influenced the UN Human Rights Council in 2012 to push for an international probe, said that it is clear that an accountability process is necessary so that truth and justice can be achieved and the process should be in the interest of every single person living in Sri Lanka. read more

With democratic institutions in Nicaragua imperiled after a recently unsuccessful attempted coup d’état, Mr. Moncada made clear that the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda is “in crisis.”“The attempted coup d’état that we have conquered in Nicaragua is the result of this interventionism, he explained, denouncing the events as “terrorism disguised as peaceful protest,’ which had led to, among others, the heinous killing of citizens and policemen, as well as extortion and torture.In a call to action against the growing tide of unilateral and interventionist policies, the Minister told the assembled leaders “we must work for justice, peace, respect, dialogue, [and] sovereign security in the world.He called for “complete nuclear disarmament,” and supported the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, hailing this as a “breakthrough to alleviate the tension.”Condemning economic sanctions against neighboring Cuba, he emphasized that “Nicaragua rejects any coercive economic measures to try to bend the will and spirit of freedom and sovereignty of peoples.”The Minister spoke strongly that Nicaragua’s virtues of “social development, poverty reduction, gender equity, and citizen security” provide a strong impediment against terrorist incursion, and stand with Syria in that country’s continued fight against international terrorism. Turning to climate change, he said that “those responsible for depredation, degradation, and imbalances in nature must recognize our losses and damages and contribute with the recovery.”Mr. Moncada concluded that “to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need to repeal the unilateral coercive measures that are in violation of international law and that impede the development plans of our countries.” Only through “negotiation, above all, free from the use or threat of the use of force,” can this be accomplished.Full statement available here. read more

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) UK produced 5,443 commercial vehicles (CV) in January.Home market remains strong and steady, while exports stay subdued.Ramping up production of new models is expected to yield growth later in the year.“The commercial vehicle sector saw manufacturing output decrease year-on-year in January, although there is still confidence in the sector,” said Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive. “The home market for commercial vehicles has been strong in recent months and we expect a continued resurgence to help drive growth. Production is expected to ramp up on recently introduced models which will increase output.” Click through to download the UK CV manufacturing news release for January 2015. read more

Josh Johnson is accustomed to moving around the NFL. On Wednesday, he moved from one league to another.Johnson was the first player protected last week in a quarterbacks-only draft held by the Alliance of American Football, which will begin play the weekend after the Super Bowl in February. His rights in the eight-team spring league were owned by the San Diego Fleet.But when the Washington Redskins needed a backup for a third-stringer — with top quarterbacks Alex Smith and Colt McCoy out with broken legs, Mark Sanchez is now the starter — they turned to Johnson. The Alliance has an “NFL out” in its contract, league founder and Pro Football Hall of Famer Bill Polian explains. So Johnson was allowed to terminate his deal with the Fleet and head to D.C.“He is a good player clearly, and he deserved to be taken where he was in our draft,” Polian said Wednesday, “and we’re glad he has an opportunity with the Redskins. If he is able to come back with us, that would be great. And if he stays with the Redskins, that is what we are here for.”Johnson, 32, has been active for four NFL teams since being selected in the fifth round of the 2008 draft by Tampa Bay. He’s also spent time in several other camps, but has not thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2011. He started five games for the Bucs and lost them all.“I’ve been with Josh,” Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. “He was with me at Cincinnati. He was with me at Tampa. And he knows the terminology. So when I say ‘Dusty,’ he knows exactly what it is. ‘Quick seam,’ he knows what it is. So he can function that way, with the cadence, with the terminology.“When you have three or four days to prepare for a team and get a quarterback ready, you got to have somebody with some familiarity. I felt most comfortable with Josh because he knows our protection calls. He remembers a lot of our terminology. He can move around a little bit. But mainly, for the sake of communication we had to have somebody that had a little bit of background in our system.”Johnson was brought in by a few teams this year for workouts when they had quarterback injuries, but figured his next on-field performances would be in the Alliance. Given Washington’s bad luck at the position this year, however, there’s a chance he could be playing against the Giants on Sunday.“I’m grateful to The Alliance for giving me the opportunity to continue my pro career,” Johnson said. “I know I can play this game at a high level and having coach (Mike) Martz, who won a Super Bowl, select me to lead the San Diego Fleet was further validation for me. What I loved about The Alliance was their commitment to players. They made it clear from the jump if an opportunity presented itself to continue my dream of playing in the NFL, they would fully support me. That’s what happened here with the Redskins, and I’m ready to go if and when my name is called.”Fifteen players who had signed with the Alliance are currently under contract in the NFL. All would be welcomed back to the new league should they not stick in the NFL.“If he wishes to play in the spring, we would certainly welcome him back with open arms,” Polian said of Johnson, but he could be referring to any of those players. “I hope that is the case.”___More AP NFL: and Wilner, The Associated Press read more

The NCAA has fired Abigail Grantstein, who was the lead investigator in the Shabazz Muhammad case, according to on Thursday.Grantstein’s firing comes a month after a woman informed the Los Angeles Times that she heard Grantstein’s boyfriend talking about the case on an airplane flight. Grantstein’s boyfriend mentioned how Muhammad would never be cleared to play for UCLA Bruins this season.Muhammad initially had been ruled ineligible to play at the start of the season and was forced to sit out the first three games of the season. The NCAA conducted an investigation about impermissible benefits the 6-foot-6 guard was determined to have accepted.During Grantstein’s lengthy investigation for the NCAA, they uncovered Muhammad had received travel expenses and lodging during two unofficial visits during his recruitment. Robert Orr, Muhammad’s attorney, said those visits were to North Carolina and Duke and were paid for by Benjamin Lincoln, a financial adviser and friend of Muhammad’s family.The three games that Muhammad sat out were deemed as his suspension after Bruins filed an appeal. His family also had to pay back about $1,600 dollars.“UCLA acknowledged amateurism violations occurred…” the NCAA said in a statement last month. “The university required the student-athlete to miss 10 percent of the season (three games) and repay approximately $1,600 in impermissible benefits.”Sources close to reported that Grantstein’s job was on the line when they were made of known of Grantstein’s boyfriend conversation.Muhammad is a projected first-round lottery pick in June’s NBA Draft. He is currently averaging 17.8 points and 4.8 rebounds a game since his suspension.Grantstein was a member of the NCAA’s Basketball Focus Group and worked on the cases centered around the amateur status of elite prospects. She worked on the high-profiled case of Kansas’ Josh Shelby.The NCAA has yet to release a comment on the firing of Grantstein. read more

Despite recent struggles on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods’ play on the par-5 holes at the 2012 Memorial Tournament has him in contention after one round. Woods carded a 2-under-par 70 during the first round of the 2012 Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio. Woods walked off the 18th green one stroke off the lead, though he has sense fallen into a tie for 11th place as American Scott Stallings jumped to the top of the leader board after posting a 6-under-par 66 first round score. The 2-under-par score comes after what some consider underachievement in the three tournaments leading up to the Memorial Tournament. After finishing tied for 40th (-5-strokes) at The Masters, missing the cut for the Wells Fargo Championship and tying for 40th (-1) at The Players Championship, Woods said he feels like he’s “perking up” after one round of play in Dublin. “Well, I think I was just consistent all day,” Woods said. “I didn’t do … anything great and I didn’t do anything poorly. I was just very consistent. And I think with the way the golf course being the way it’s set up, you just have to be that way.” In order to finish his round 2-under-par, Woods took advantage of nearly every opportunity he had on Muirfield’s four par-5 holes, birdying three times while also posting a par. After paring holes 1-4, Woods tracked into negative territory when he birdied the 527-yard fifth hole. Two holes later, he birdied the 563-yard seventh. Woods saved par on the 11th, but said he wasn’t satisfied with that result. “The one on 11 should have been a birdie, as well,” Woods said. “I hit two really nice shots in there.” Woods bounced back and went to 4-under-par for the round when he birdied the 15th hole. The lone blemish on Woods’ round was a double-bogey on 18. After Woods finished his round, he said his play on the par-5 holes was productive for a change. “Well, I haven’t played the par-5’s particularly well the last few tournaments, and today was a good example (of how well I’m playing),” Woods said. “I played (the par-5’s) great. I feel very pleased with the way I hit the golf ball all day, and it was nice to actually play the par-5’s under par for a change.” Second-round play at the Memorial Tournament begins Friday at 7:20 a.m. read more

It was one big party in Ohio Stadium last night, as No. 12 Ohio State beat down No. 21 Nebraska for a 63-38 victory. Here’s what we learned about the Buckeyes, who improved to 6-0 for the season. It was an exciting night for the program and Buckeye fans were treated to a historic night during OSU’s 100th Homecoming game. Quarterback Braxton Miller was once again spectacular. The sophomore ran for a career-high 186 yards, breaking his own school record for most rushing yards by a quarterback. “We have a quarterback that’s kind of ridiculous running the ball,” first-year coach Urban Meyer said. Ridiculous is a fair way of describing Miller. He has an innate ability to make opposing defenders look foolish, to turn a sure-loss into a long touchdown. He’s the perfect quarterback to lead an offense that was equally absurd Saturday night. On OSU’s first four possessions, the offense managed a meager seven yards. It looked bleak for the Buckeyes, who trailed 17-7 early in the second quarter. And then it happened. Miller did what he does best, veering through the Nebraska defense for a 72-yard run to move the ball down to the three-yard line for the Buckeyes.  Miller’s long run fired up the crowd and ignited the offensive barrage that would shortly ensue. In the team’s final ten possessions, the Buckeyes scored eight touchdowns en route to a 63-point performance. It was the first time OSU scored more than 60 points against a Big Ten opponent since Oct. 1, 1983, a 69-18 drubbing of Minnesota. Meyer-coached teams are famous for high-scoring affairs, but even the most optimistic Buckeye fans shouldn’t have expected OSU to look this good this early in his tenure. For one, Meyer is instilling a completely different offensive scheme, with inherited players that he didn’t recruit for his system. And the players he does have are young – OSU starts just three seniors on offense. It would be insane to think that the Buckeyes would be an offensive juggernaut in year one, there had to be hiccups. Well, the first quarter was a hiccup, and the team still managed 63 points against a defense that hadn’t allowed more than 36 points in a game this season. This offense still has plenty of room to improve, and that, is ridiculous. One B1G mess We’re halfway through the season, and OSU is the clear favorite to win the conference they are sanctioned from winning. The Buckeyes stand alone as the Big Ten’s only unbeaten team. The four preseason favorites – Nebraska, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin – all have two losses, and only Michigan is unbeaten in conference play. Then there’s the league’s Leaders division, currently led by Penn State and OSU, the conference’s two teams banned from post-season play. If the season ended today, the division’s third-place team, Wisconsin, would play in the conference championship game. It’s been a tough season thus far for the Big Ten, whose top teams were beat down in non-conference play. Entering this weekend, only three teams were ranked in the top 25. Two of them lost on Saturday. Excluding last season, the Buckeyes have been the class of the conference for the past decade. That appears to be the case again this year, but given the team’s sanctions, it doesn’t bode well for the Big Ten. Give an extra helmet sticker to… Carlos Hyde, who had a career night for the Buckeyes. The junior running back rushed for 140 yards and four touchdowns, both personal bests. Perhaps more importantly, Hyde carried the ball a career-high 28 times. It was the first time an OSU running back had more than 20 carries since Miller took over as starting quarterback last season. A hot topic of conversation this year has been whether Miller receives too many carriers, and in turn too many hits, in Meyer’s system. It’s a lot easier to limit you best player’s touches when others can step up and provide production. Hyde did that Saturday night, and that bodes well for the Buckeyes moving forward. read more

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPope defrocks two Chilean bishops over child abuse claimsOctober 13, 2018In “World”Catholic cardinals urge end of ‘homosexual agenda’February 20, 2019In “latest news”Cardinal McCarrick, prominent US Catholic, resigns over abuse claimsJuly 28, 2018In “World” (BBC) Pope Francis has admitted that clerics have sexually abused nuns, and in one case they were kept as sex slaves.He said in that case his predecessor, Pope Benedict, was forced to shut down an entire congregation of nuns who were being abused by priests.It is thought to be the first time that Pope Francis has acknowledged the sexual abuse of nuns by the clergy.He said the Church was attempting to address the problem but said it was “still going on”.Last November, the Catholic Church’s global organisation for nuns denounced the “culture of silence and secrecy” that prevented them from speaking out.The Pope’s comments come amid long-running allegations of sexual abuse of children and young men by priests at the Church.What did Pope Francis say?Speaking to reporters while on a historic tour of the Middle East on Tuesday, the pontiff admitted that the Church had an issue, the roots of which lie in “seeing women as second class”.He said that priests and bishops had abused nuns, but said the Church was aware of the “scandal” and was “working on it”, adding that a number of clerics had been suspended.“It’s a path that we’ve been on,” he said.“Pope Benedict had the courage to dissolve a female congregation which was at a certain level, because this slavery of women had entered it – slavery, even to the point of sexual slavery – on the part of clerics or the founder.”Pope Francis said sexual abuse of nuns was an ongoing problem, but happened largely in “certain congregations, predominantly new ones”.“I think it’s still taking place because it’s not as though the moment you become aware of something it goes away.”Where is the abuse said to have taken place?The female congregation dissolved in 2005 under Pope Benedict was the Community of St Jean, which was based in France, Alessandro Gisotti of the Vatican press office told CBS News.In 2013, the Community of St Jean admitted that priests had behaved “in ways that went against chastity” with several women in the order, according to the French Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix.In a separate case in India last year, a bishop was arrested over allegations that he raped a nun 13 times between 2014 and 2016.Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who headed the diocese in Jalandhar in the northern state of Punjab, has denied the accusations.In Chile, reports of abuse of nuns carried out by priests led the Vatican to launch an investigation last year. The women were reportedly removed from the order after highlighting the abuse.Last year, the Associated Press news agency reported cases of abuse in Italy and Africa.What have women in the Church said?Just days ago the Vatican’s women’s magazine, Women Church World, condemned the abuse, saying in some cases nuns were forced to abort priests’ children – something Catholicism forbids.The magazine’s editor, Lucetta Scaraffia, said Pope Francis’s acknowledgement of the abuse “can be of some help”, but warned that the Church needs to act.“If the Church continues to close its eyes to the scandal… the condition of oppression of women in the church will never change,” she wrote.The magazine said the #MeToo movement meant more women were now coming forward with their stories.Last year, French website Le Parisien reported the case of “Christelle” (in French), a former nun whose name was changed to preserve anonymity.Christelle said she had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest of her congregation in France between 2010 and 2011.“His gestures became more and more inappropriate,” she said, adding: “But he kept going… until the day he raped me.“He was unable to control himself… he had a split personality.” read more

first_imgIf you posses an iPad and love to play games, probably one of the biggest complaints you have is the lack of any physical controls or buttons that most gamers are used to using. If you play portable consoles a lot and then try to play a retro arcade game with an iPad, then you know what I mean.Now thanks to the clever people at ThinkGeek, they have solved this touchpad gaming dilemma with the creation of a new JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick. To use it, all you do is place the JOYSTICK-IT over the virtual joystick area of your favorite iPad game and press it on the screen. Then viola, you have an instant real joystick on your iPad. When you are finished, simply pull the JOYSTICK-IT off the iPad screen for later use.AdChoices广告Available late January, ThinkGeek will be offering the JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick for only $24.99. Unfortunately, you can’t pre-order one, but you can add yourself to an e-mail list that will let you know when the portable iPad joystick becomes available. You can sign-up for this list on the product page.Read more at ThinkGeek, via Gearloglast_img read more

first_imgMoins de fruits et de feuilles, plus d’herbe pour les homininés dès – 4 Ma Publiées le 3 juin dans PNAS, quatre études afro-américaines, basées sur l’analyse isotopique dentaire de plusieurs espèces fossiles, retracent la complexe évolution du régime alimentaire des homininés africains depuis 4 millions d’années. Pas moins de 104 dents provenant de 91 individus de 8 espèces d’homininés africains ont été récemment analysées par plus de 20 chercheurs américains et africains. Ces derniers ont également utilisé les données issues d’analyses antérieures pour cette vaste étude, laquelle porte au total sur 173 dents issues de 11 espèces d’homininés. Le but : tenter de retracer, par l’analyse des isotopes de carbone contenus dans l’émail de ces dents, l’évolution du régime alimentaire des préhumains et humains depuis 4 millions d’années.À partir d’échantillons dentaires fossilisés détenus par des musées locaux, une 1ère équipe, dirigée par William Kimbel, de l’Arizona State University, a travaillé sur des homininés du bassin de Hadar Awash, en Éthiopie. Une 2ème équipe, dirigée par Meave Leakey, du Turkana Basin Institute, Thure Cerling et Frank Brown, de l’Université de l’Utah, travaillait elle sur des homininés du bassin du Turkana, au Kenya. Des dents d’anciennes espèces de babouins ont également été analysées.Globalement, les résultats montrent que vers -3,5 millions d’années environ, les homininés ont complété leur régime ‘simien’ de fruits et de feuilles par une consommation de plus en plus importante de graminées tropicales et de plantes du genre Carex (‘herbes’ et joncs à feuilles coupantes). La méthode isotopique ne permet pas, toutefois, de préciser le mode d’ingestion de ces plantes : directement ou par la consommation d’insectes ou autres animaux eux-mêmes herbivores (ceci est davantage du ressort de l’archéologie préhistorique).De nouvelles possibilités de régime À lire aussiVoici pourquoi il faut éviter les aliments ultra-transformés”Au final, nous avons un regard sur 4 Ma de l’évolution alimentaire des humains et de leurs ancêtres”, dit cependant le géochimiste Thure Cerling, un des auteurs principaux de l’étude. “Pendant longtemps, les primates s’en sont tenu aux anciens aliments – feuilles et fruits – et, vers 3,5 Ma, ils ont commencé à explorer de nouvelles possibilités de régime – graminées tropicales et carex (…). Nous constatons un recours croissant à cette nouvelle ressource par les ancêtres de l’Homme, ressource que la plupart des primates n’utilisent toujours pas aujourd’hui”, conclut le chercheur.(crédits photo : National Museums of Kenya)Le 8 juin 2013 à 13:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgPaul Pogba hasn’t been in his greatest form lately and José Mourinho insisted that it was not caused by any injury and the Frenchman has to explain his struggles by himself.It’s not a new information that José Mourinho hasn’t been happy with Paul Pogba’s form and he insisted that this issue doesn’t go down to any injury as the midfielder has got different struggles that he has to explain.The former Real Madrid coach spoke about his star midfielder’s problems, according to Sky Sports:“It’s nothing to do with his injury. His recovery was good.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…“Ask him. Ask him when you have a chance what he thinks about it.”“I work (to get the best out of him). It’s the only thing I can do. I cannot do anything else. This season and also last season (he had a bad injury).”“I think he is very fine after the injury. It was a difficult injury, it was an injury that other players, other clubs, other medical assessments, they end in surgery.”last_img read more

first_imgUS Supreme Court repeals federal ban on sports bettingJudge says federal ban not consistent with ConstitutionAmerican Gaming Association applauds decisionMajor US sports leagues promise proper protectionsMonday marked a milestone day for the global gaming industry with the US Supreme Court ruling that the federal ban on sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) is unconstitutional.The panel of judges voted 6-3 in favor of overturning the ban, which now opens the door for sports betting in all 50 US states – until now only Nevada was allowed to offer sports betting. More than 30 states are expected to draft legislation allowing their citizens to bet. Tabcorp cleared as Australian Federal Police close investigation into Cambodia sports betting bribery claims AGA boss Bill Miller backs track record of US operators in Japan IR license bids RelatedPosts Explaining the reasons for the decision, Justice Samuel Alito said, “The legalization of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is not ours to make.“Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it elects not to do so, each state is free to act on its own. Our job is to interpret the law Congress has enacted and decide whether it is consistent with the Constitution. PASPA is not.”The news was met with joy by proponents of legalized sports betting, with American Gaming Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman stating, “Today’s decision is a victory for the millions of Americans who seek to bet on sports in a safe and regulated manner. According to a Washington Postsurvey, a solid 55% of Americans believe it’s time to end the federal ban on sports betting. Today’s ruling makes it possible for states and sovereign tribal nations to give Americans what they want: an open, transparent and responsible market for sports betting.“Through smart, efficient regulation this new market will protect consumers, preserve the integrity of the games we love, empower law enforcement to fight illegal gambling and generate new revenue for states, sporting bodies, broadcasters and many others.“The AGA stands ready to work with all stakeholders – states, tribes, sports leagues, and law enforcement – to create a new regulatory environment that capitalizes on this to engage fans and boost local economies.”MGM Resorts International also applauded the court’s decision.“We look forward to working with legislators and policy makers to achieve a regulatory outcome that benefits states and consumers alike while ensuring the integrity of sports,” it said.“Having spent decades building trust with regulators, successfully operating sports books in Nevada and hosting the world’s leading sporting events, MGM Resorts International is extremely well positioned for a post-PASPA environment.”Meanwhile, the major US sporting leagues were slightly more circumspect in their reaction, citing the need to maintain integrity in opening up sports betting nationwide.“Today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court will have profound effects on Major League Baseball,” the MLB said. “As each state considers whether to allow sports betting, we will continue to seek the proper protections for our sport, in partnership with other professional sports. Our most important priority is protecting the integrity of our games.”NBA Commissioner Adam Silver added, “We remain in favor of a federal framework that would provide a uniform approach to sports gambling in states that choose to permit it, but we will remain active in ongoing discussions with state legislatures. Regardless of the particulars of any future sports betting law, the integrity of our game remains our highest priority.”The American Gaming Association has previously estimated that US citizens illegally gamble around US$150 billion on sports each year. It’s Miller Time Load Morelast_img read more

first_img RelatedPosts 2019 WSOP main event the second biggest of all time World Poker Tour announces 2019 “Asia Swing” in Vietnam, Japan and Korea “The goal of the partnership is to increase the presence of the Indian players at each and every APT event and we believe with Baadshah Gaming having the capabilities of running both online and land based qualifiers this will happen,” said APT General Manager Lloyd Fontillas.In addition to its online platform, Baadshah Gaming runs and operates “Baadshah Gaming Live” onboard Goan cruise ship Casino Pride“In line with our aim to promote poker as a game of skill in India, we are excited to team up with the prestigious Asian Poker Tour,” said Baadshah Gaming co-founder, Madhav Gupta.“We believe that this partnership will benefit the Indian poker community in multiple ways, the best of which is that it will give both amateurs and professionals alike the opportunity to test their skills against the very best poker players in the Asian circuit.”The Asian Poker Tour is currently hosting the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Championships and has coming events in Korea, the Philippines and two in Macau scheduled for the remainder of 2018. Load More The Asian Poker Tour (APT) has teamed up with Indian online poker site, Baadshah Gaming, in a deal that will see the popular site become the APT’s exclusive partner in India.Baadshah Gaming will provide Indian players the opportunity to qualify for APT events via live and online packages. World Poker Tour to hold inaugural WPT Cambodia at NagaWorld in Novemberlast_img read more

first_imgThe BBC will have to publish the details of all employees who earn more than £150,000 a year in reforms laid out in the draft BBC royal charter and updated framework agreement.The charter, which aims to ensure that the BBC is as open and transparent as possible, will require the broadcaster to publish a report from the remuneration committee that details how senior executive pay is determined, and the names of senior executives who earn more than £150,000 a year. The BBC will also be required to share the names of all other staff and talent who are paid over £150,000, set out in pay bands.The draft charter builds on a government white paper, A BBC for the future: a broadcaster of distinction, which was published in May 2016. In the white paper, the proposed reforms included the disclosure of the names of employees, freelancers, and talent who earn above £450,000 a year.The draft charter will now be subject to parliamentary debates across the UK, including in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales over the autumn.The charter is expected to come into force on 1 January 2017. A period of transition will run until 3 April 2017.Karen Bradley, culture secretary, said: “The BBC produces world class programming that is admired and respected by millions around the world. The BBC’s next charter will help it adapt to the changing digital world and continue to thrive into the future.“We have made considerable progress since the publication of the white paper and resolved a number of important areas with the BBC, which go further in the key areas of transparency, fairness and securing the BBC’s independence.”Rona Fairhead, current chairman at the BBC Trust, said: “[The] charter is validation of what the public have told us they want; a strong, bold BBC, editorially independent, effectively governed and which places audiences at its heart.“We don’t agree with the government on everything and are disappointed with the decision on the disclosure of presenters’ pay. We don’t believe this is in the long term interests of licence fee payers.”last_img read more

first_imgQuebecor World, one of the world’s largest printers, has reached an agreement with its creditors that it says will allow the company to emerge from bankruptcy protection.The agreement, Quebecor said, is based on the terms of a consolidated restructuring plan that is intended to recapitalize and “substantially deleverage” the company from its pre-filing levels. Quebecor filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2008. The announcement came one day after Quebecor World’s deadline for $400 million (Canadian) in a rescue financing deal with Tricap Partners passed without an agreement.Quebecor said it plans to file an official plan of reorganization in Canada and in the U.S. by the end of April. The company also said it hopes to exit creditor protection as early as mid-July.”This is very positive, especially because it is a concensus agreement by all the creditors committees and is an important step in the company’s progress to exit creditor protection in July with a strong balance sheet—and as a strong player in our industry,” spokesperson Tony Ross told FOLIO:. In connection with the restructuring, Quebecor said it anticipates having to arrange exit financing at levels below its current debtor-in-possession financing facility.Last month, Quebecor reported a net loss from continuing operations of $943.9 million for 2008 compared to a net loss from continuing operations of $1.8 billion in 2007. The results included $165.9 million in taxes.last_img read more

first_img Email Twitter Vans Warped Tour 25th Anniversary Details Announced 25 YEARS OF THE VANS WARPED TOURFeb 25 • Pre-Sale Tickets On SaleMarch 1 • Lineups Announced March 1 • Tickets On Sale #warpedtour #foreverwarped— Vans Warped Tour (@VansWarpedTour) January 28, 2019Also, in honor of the tour’s 25th anniversary (and final traveling tour setup), fans can expect to enjoy an exhibit in partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Titled “Forever Warped: 25 Years of Vans Warped Tour,” the exhibit will showcase the tour’s history since it began in 1995. Instruments and other artifacts will be on display from essential Warped Tour bands including No Doubt, Rancid and Fall Out Boy. Joan Jett’s stage clothing will also be on display.”With the [Vans Warped Tour] 25th Anniversary events, we want to bring the atmosphere of a classic Warped Tour show, but on a scale that our fans simply could not get with a national tour,” Lyman said in a statement. “The bands, the special attractions, everything – we want to bring back elements that have made the Warped Tour, Warped Tour, over the past 25 years.”The lineup, which will be announced on March 1, will feature more than 50 bands over various stages. The tour will also feature skateboarding, motocross and other extreme sports.The tour will end in the Bay Area, which “probably close to half the bands on the first Warped Tour had some tie to,” Lyman said.The Vans Warped Tour is known to be the longest-running touring music festival in North America. Presale tickets will go on sale Feb. 25. For more information, visit the Vans Warped Tour website.Meet The First-Time GRAMMY Nominee: FEVER 333 Tackle The Tough IssuesRead more Also, in partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, the traveling tour will curate a special exhibit called “Forever Warped: 25 Years of Vans Warped Tour”Jennifer VelezGRAMMYs Jan 28, 2019 – 4:30 pm As the 25th anniversary of Vans Warped Tour gets closer, the famed punk-rock festival has announced two additional cities to hit this summer, plus new details about what fans can expect to see once they’re on site. In addition to the previously announced June 8 date in Cleveland, Ohio, Warped Tour 2019 is due to hit Atlantic City, N.J. on June 29 and 30 and Mountain View, Calif. on July 20 and 21.  center_img Warped Tour 25th Anniversary Cities Announced vans-warped-tour-25th-anniversary-details-announced News Facebook last_img read more