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first_imgIgor and Dina Chukharev during a recent visit to The Tico Times. The Chukharevs, poor Uzbek immigrants, believe their son Maxim is a patsy in the Liberty Reserve case.Alberto Font In a photo from inside Costa Rica’s San Sebastián Preventive Prison, Maxim Chukharev poses with another inmate who claims to be wrongly imprisoned. “There are a bunch of us in here,” Maxim said. Courtesy Maxim Chukharev Related posts:U.S.: Liberty Reserve the largest money laundering probe in history Costa Rican President Chinchilla denies link to Liberty Reserve attorney Liberty Reserve: A cyberweb of intrigue Liberty Reserve: Suspects plead not guilty in fraud probe U.S. authorities estimate that Liberty Reserve had more than one million users worldwide, 200,000 of them in the U.S., and that the company conducted more than 12 million financial transactions annually, totaling more than $6 billion, according to the U.S. indictment. Authorities referred to it as “the bank of the underworld.”Liberty Reserve users could receive transfers of “LR,” or Liberty Reserve currency, from other users on Liberty Reserve accounts. Liberty Reserve charged a 1 percent fee, up to $2.99 per transaction, every time a user transferred LR to another user. For an additional “privacy” fee of 75 cents per transaction, users could hide LR account numbers, effectively making the transactions untraceable.In June 2010, the FBI set up a fake website that allowed users to buy, sell and exchange credit card data. The undercover site was allowed to operate for two years while the FBI monitored user communications in discussion forums and in private messages. That operation led to the June 2012 arrest of more than two-dozen people allegedly involved in trafficking stolen credit card data. The most preferred form of payment by users was Liberty Reserve, according to a special agent from the U.S. Secret Service assigned to the Electronic Crimes Task Force, who testified in an affidavit supporting Maxim’s extradition to the U.S.The affidavit also mentions a notorious ATM heist in May 2013 in which hackers stole $45 million from thousands of ATM machines across the globe. The thieves used Liberty Reserve to distribute the loot. The Department of Homeland Security said Liberty Reserve was used by online child pornography distributors, and the DEA said it was used by underground drug trafficking sites.Mastermind Budovsky was nabbed on May 24, 2013, in Spain. His codefendants include Liberty Reserve co-founder Vladimir Kats, 41, who was arrested in New York and pled guilty in October; Ahmed Yassine Abdelghani and Allan Esteban Hidalgo, who are free in Costa Rica; Azzeddine El Amine, also arrested in Spain; Mark Marmilev, arrested in New York; and Maxim, the tech guy.The seven men are accused of three felony charges of conspiracy to commit money-laundering, conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business, crimes that carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in U.S. federal prison. Kats also pled guilty to additional charges of receiving child pornography and marriage fraud.Much of the case seems fairly uncomplicated. But questions about the role Maxim played and whether he’ll get a fair shake are much less straightforward. Maxim’s parents say this isn’t the first time their boy has been unfairly targeted.***Fifteen years ago, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, racial tensions in Uzbekistan were escalating, and blond children who were associated with Russia were being attacked. Igor, then 36, and Dina, 35, decided to take their two young boys, Maxim and Vadim, and leave.“It was nationalism at its worst,” Igor said. “We had the chance to live in Costa Rica and we didn’t think twice.”The Chukharevs arrived in Costa Rica, where Maxim’s uncle had immigrated before them, as tourists with no money. They told an immigration official they sought refugee status, and he sent them to the United Nations. At the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, a caseworker didn’t believe their story and rejected their refugee application, accusing them of lying about their Russian citizenship.“It was absurd to be accused of being expelled by Russia. Why would Russia expel its own citizens? That would be like kicking Ticos out of Guanacaste,” Igor said, still aggrieved over the 15-year-old episode.The Chukharevs became an immigrant family living in Costa Rica without legal documents. Igor is not proud of that period; he said he believes in rules and doesn’t like to break them. His sons, he said, were raised the same way.But “when you have a family, you do what you have to do.”Igor first worked as a pirate taxi driver in San José. Dina began helping out at a small boutique hotel in the eclectic neighborhood of Bario Amón. The couple eventually took over as administrators.At 12, Maxim attended a public school in Moravia, a northeastern San José suburb. His younger brother attended public schools and is “so Tico he doesn’t even know how to write in Russian,” Dina said.After a couple years, they moved to Santa Cruz, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, where Igor worked as a mechanic, and Dina a homemaker. They opened a small pulpería, the Costa Rican version of a corner store.Maxim’s interest in computers took shape shortly after his arrival in Santa Cruz, and at 15 he began helping a family friend at a computer repair shop. Maxim was good at fixing things, and he quickly learned to refurbish old computer monitors his boss brought back during trips to the west coast of the U.S.“Max was always fixing computers,” Igor recalled. “He practiced and he learned.” One of Arthur Budovsky’s Rolls Royces seized during May raids in Costa Rica. Courtesy OIJ Facebook Commentscenter_img Maxim also was listed as a “secretary” of WEBSA – which U.S. prosecutors say was a Liberty Reserve shell company – allowing him to purchase equipment, although he didn’t have direct access to company finances. In Costa Rican business nomenclature, socios, or shareholders, are the actual owners of a company, and being a secretary doesn’t necessarily entail company ownership or management.“We were providing IT services as a third-party service. In the meantime, we were an IT company, creating a web-hosting environment, working with clouding systems, with heavy Cisco routing and switching, a lot of interesting things in the IT field,” Maxim said.In September 2011, WEBSA moved into offices in Escazú, southwest of the capital, and continued providing services to Liberty Reserve’s data center, located in the Forum 1 office complex. WEBSA leased its services to Liberty Reserve, and Maxim insisted there are work contracts, copies of which were retained by Budovsky and Hidalgo.“Everything was legal; there was nothing weird, nothing strange,” Maxim said. “If you follow the logic of the accusations, even the cleaning lady should have been arrested,” he said.But that’s not how it went down, and dozens of employees were spared, according to Maxim.On Oct. 3, a judge in the western San José district of Pavas ruled in favor of the U.S. extradition request for Maxim. His attorneys, working pro bono on behalf of the family, appealed, and a final ruling is pending.In Costa Rica, a judge has 10 business days to rule on extradition appeals, but in reality, a backlog of cases often delays the process, sometimes up to two years. Meanwhile, Maxim and his parents are doing everything they can to prevent him from being sent to the U.S.“I have never been in the United States,” Maxim said. “I have nobody in the States, no family in the States, no friends in the States and no attorney in the States.” The worst part, he said, is that his parents wouldn’t be able to visit him. “They have no money.”A judge doesn’t need to determine innocence or guilt in order to extradite, so in Maxim’s case, the indictment handed down is enough to have him extradited, according to legal experts consulted by The Tico Times.Two of the charges – conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business – do not exist in Costa Rica’s Penal Code. That means that Maxim cannot be extradited or charged on those counts. But the third count, conspiracy to commit money laundering, is a crime in Costa Rica, and Maxim can be extradited on that charge.Still, he remains defiant, reaching out daily to his parents, his younger brother, Vadim, the Russian Embassy, and any reporter who will take his calls. He has evidence to prove he’s innocent, he said, but it’s impossible to access without a computer.“There is no proof, there are only suggestions, recommendations and speculation,” he told The Tico Times. “If you read the whole accusation, everywhere it says, ‘We have reasons to believe that he conspired.’”Yet with Kats pleading guilty, the scales of justice seem to be tipping against Maxim, and U.S. prosecutors seemingly hope to use Maxim’s testimony to nail Budovsky.“As a co-founder and operator of Liberty Reserve, Vladimir Kats served as a global banker for criminals, giving them an anonymous, online forum to hide the proceeds of their illegal and dangerous activities,” Bharara said on Oct. 31. “With his guilty plea today, we take a significant step toward punishing those responsible for creating and running this international den of cybercrime.”When asked about Kats’ guilty plea, Maxim said, “I don’t even know him.” Asked if he would cut a deal in exchange for testifying against his former boss, Maxim seemed nonplussed. “Why would I do that?” he asked.***Assuming for a second that Maxim’s bank account was nearly empty, that he wasn’t a principal at Liberty Reserve, and that he did not have access to millions of dollars the company managed in dozens of bank accounts around the world, why then, is he being targeted?The quick answer is to help convict Budovsky.But the Russian government has its own version of events, which starkly contrasts with the U.S.’ position. Russian officials insist the case is politically charged, just like a series of other cases in which Russian citizens were nabbed by the U.S. in third countries, a violation, Russian officials say, of a 1999 bilateral treaty that governs law enforcement requests between the two countries.“To justify their investigation, they need to catch someone, and the easiest option was Max. He’s not Costa Rican, he’s easy to extradite,” Igor said. “That company [Liberty Reserve] had managers, it had lawyers, and the names are all there.”According to a former Costa Rican prosecutor, Costa Rica likely made a deal with the U.S. not to arrest Costa Rican company principals until Maxim was in U.S. custody. This is because if evidence of wrongdoing is presented to Costa Rican officials, the Prosecutor’s Office is obligated to investigate and see the case through all the way to trial. That would mean the U.S. could be unable to extradite Maxim – and they might lose access to him entirely – if local charges are brought.Since May, a spokeswoman for Costa Rica’s Prosecutor’s Office has repeatedly declined to discuss the case, saying only, “The investigation is ongoing.”While newspapers around the world carried the story of the Liberty Reserve raids, few outside Maxim’s family, their close-knit rural community, and his former co-workers are familiar with Maxim’s case.The Miami Herald picked up his story, noting it has become the latest diplomatic entanglement in already strained relations between Russia and the U.S., particularly given Russia’s decision last July to grant temporary asylum to U.S. intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden.As the Herald noted, “In the past six months, Russians have been a frequent target of arrest warrants executed at the request of U.S. prosecutors.”Those cases include Aleksandr Panin, 24, who was arrested in the Dominican Republic on charges related to cyber-scams and online banking information theft; alleged arms dealer Dmitry Ustinov, extradited from Lithuania; Dmitry Belorossov, arrested in Spain on fraud charges; and Viktor Bout, an arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death,” extradited from Thailand in 2011 and now serving a 25-year prison sentence in the U.S.“What’s going on is the smearing of Russian citizens. That’s evident. The Russian government cannot accept these actions because we have a 1999 treaty,” Dogadin told The Tico Times. “But in practice, the U.S. acts via third countries; they are practically exercising extraterritorial jurisdiction, and that we consider to be a vice and completely unacceptable.”Baryshnikova, Russia’s consular chief in Costa Rica, said, “The position is very clear: We don’t want our citizens extradited to the United States because it violates our treaty between Russia and the United States.”Russia also has declared U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara persona non-grata, meaning he can’t travel to Russia. Bharara appears on Russia’s “Guantanamo List,” a roster of 60 U.S. officials either linked to the U.S. military prison in Guantánamo, Cuba, or to cases against Bout, Yaroshenko and other Russian nationals.“It’s our greatest concern that [Maxim] could be sought [by the U.S.] because of his nationality, not because of the facts of the case,” Baryshnikova said.Russia isn’t alone in its concerns about the long reach of U.S. law enforcement into third-party countries. Europe and Latin America also are troubled, the Miami Herald reported.“It gives the impression that there might be a certain abuse of power from a powerful country,” Juan Carlos Esquivel, a Costa Rican lawyer who is president of the anti-money-laundering committee of the Inter-American Bar Association, told the Herald.U.S. officials scoff at the notion of any vendetta against Russian nationals. To them Maxim’s is a law enforcement case. Dogadin, however, pointed out that Costa Rica is in a “very difficult and delicate situation.”***While Maxim awaits his fate in a Costa Rican jail, his parents travel back and forth between Tárcoles and San José. They make the rounds of local newspapers, looking for a friendly ear. They meet with Maxim, who tells them what to do next. When he can, Maxim calls reporters on a prison phone, which allows for five-minute conversations that are interrupted every minute with a pre-recorded voice reminding the callee that an inmate of San Sebastián is on the other end of the phone line. Other inmates pressure Maxim to get off the phone.At first, Igor’s and Dina’s neighbors offered to help – after all, the Chukharevs had never received so much as a parking ticket. The neighbors were baffled about how the nice couple’s son was accused of being one of the leading criminal masterminds in modern history. Yet as the weeks wore on, their compassion transformed into soft-spoken apologies and averted eyes.“What can we do?” a friend asked Igor.He and his wife must simply wait, hoping the lawyers are good enough, or that a story in local media will help Maxim’s cause. Igor, Dina and Vadim visit Maxim in prison every week, time and money permitting. They fear that if he is extradited, they might never see him again. The mother of Maxim’s children would be left to raise their daughters alone.Reflecting on the last few months, Dina came to a sad realization. “We left Uzbekistan for another nightmare,” she said. At 16, Maxim moved back to the capital and attended San Marcos High School, in the center of San José near the Foreign Ministry. He didn’t graduate, but would later obtain an equivalent degree by studying at night school.At 19, he obtained his residency – but not citizenship – when his first daughter was born in 2005. He lived with his daughters’ mother for a couple years, but they were never married, and they eventually separated. Maxim continued supporting his family, although now that he’s in prison, that financial support has been cut off.While Maxim stayed in the city, Dina and Igor moved to Tárcoles, a working-class community on the central Pacific coast. For nearly a decade, they lived in a humble house with no electricity or working telephone. Igor landed a job working for a Canadian patrón as a mechanic, maintenance worker and animal caretaker. Dina is a homemaker, and between the two of them they earn about $1,600 a month, which now pays for electricity. Vadim, who has a family of his own, works as a waiter in an eastern San José restaurant. The members of the Chukharev family generally grew to like here.“Costa Ricans and Uzbeks have a similar dark sense of humor,” Igor observed. “We all help each other out. Whenever I go to the store, I ask the neighbors if they need gas, milk or whatever, and they do the same.”At 21, Maxim landed a job at Hewlett Packard, where he earned $400 a month. To make ends meet, he took a second job installing security systems at local businesses. One of those businesses was Liberty Reserve, and it was there that Maxim met Budovsky.The Russian-born founder of Liberty Reserve was impressed by Maxim’s knowledge of computing infrastructure and offered him a job. That was 2010, and Maxim didn’t know it at the time, but Budovsky had previously been convicted in the U.S. of running the same online currency business without a license.After he was paroled, Budovsky moved to Costa Rica, obtained citizenship through a sham marriage to a Costa Rican empanada vendor, and renounced his U.S. citizenship. He started up the same business with his old partner, Vladimir Kats, who would leave the company in 2009. Maxim believed Budovsky was a financial consultant, and Kats already had left the company when Maxim was hired.“They asked if we had networking. They needed help with their system, equipment and data center. I said yes. I thought [the data center] was somewhere around here, but it was in Holland,” Maxim said. “So, I said, ‘we have engineers, but we don’t have engineers who can travel and do a responsible job.’ And that’s how I made my first trip to Holland, to maintain their network and replace some old hard drives on their equipment, working with their technical team, which was located in the Ukraine.”Four months after Maxim returned from that trip, Budovsky called and gave him a full-time job at Liberty Reserve.“I worked for about six months at Liberty Reserve, and as far as I understood, Budovsky was there as a financial consultant,” Maxim said. “Six months later, Budovsky calls and says, ‘Hey, I would really love for you to come work for my company, WEBSA. We’re going to provide third-party service to Liberty Reserve, and we’re going to set it up as an IT company here in Costa Rica.’”Accepting the job meant Maxim would earn $1,800 a month, barely enough to support his two daughters, now 1 and 8, and buy a “piece of shit” car with monthly payments of $500.“I said, ‘Why not?’ And I was hired.”***On the morning of May 24, 2013 – three days after Maxim’s 27th birthday – 10 Interpol agents surrounded his father’s car as Maxim was leaving home.“Hands up!” they said. They pulled him from the vehicle, placing Maxim face down on the ground and then handcuffing him.According to Maxim, the agents searched the car, and when they were done, someone forgot to engage the hand brake and it rolled into a police cruiser. With Maxim in jail, a judge later ruled Maxim was responsible for the damages and had to pay for a new bumper on the police car, Maxim and his parents said.This was only the first in a series of grievances against their son, Igor and Dina said. Maxim’s lawyer, who is well versed in Costa Rica law, helped put the other perceived injustices into perspective.Of the eight defendants, Maxim is the lowest-level target, she said. Because he is still a Russian citizen with Costa Rican residency, U.S. prosecutors nabbed Maxim while allowing higher-level Costa Rican employees of Liberty Reserve to remain free. (According to Maxim and his parents, he was six months away from receiving Costa Rican citizenship when he was arrested, which would have prevented his extradition.)But even Maxim’s attorney admitted there are unanswered questions involving her client. When Budovsky was arrested in Spain, he was carrying credit cards issued to Maxim Chukharev. Authorities also discovered two bank accounts in Cyprus in Maxim’s name, and emails seized from Liberty Reserve servers in the Netherlands from Marmilev to Maxim appear to be the most damaging bit of evidence.Asked about these details, Maxim doesn’t hesitate: He didn’t know about the credit cards or the bank accounts, and it wouldn’t have been difficult for his former boss to steal his identity.The emails appear to show Marmilev, Budovsky and Maxim conspiring to create a website with fake data to fool Costa Rican financial regulators about transactions over $10,000, a key element of the money laundering conspiracy charges. But Maxim never responded to those emails, he said, and anyway it doesn’t matter because the fake system was never implemented.In the email exchange, Marmilev allegedly wrote, “We need to create special admin area ‘Government Admin Area’ (GAA) where Costa Rican government can view a few statistics. Majority of these statistics are going to be fake.”Maxim said he was only copied on those emails, and had been with the company only four months when the emails were sent.What was implemented, Maxim said, was a real system to account for suspicious transactions of $10,000 or more, a requirement by Costa Rican financial regulators. Liberty Reserve, he said, had hired a compliance officer to make sure the system followed local financial accountability rules.“The system is legitimate, it has nothing to do with what is written in the accusations,” Maxim said. “We were planning to flag every transaction that was more than $10,000.”Still, the evidence was enough for a Secret Service agent to recommend he be extradited. “I know from various sources that Chukharev … was deeply involved in maintaining Liberty Reserve’s technological infrastructure,” the agent wrote. Interviews by U.S. federal agents of former Liberty Reserve employees also confirmed that Maxim “was the person in Costa Rica who was responsible for maintaining Liberty Reserve’s information technology system,” he said.The agent also alleged that once Liberty Reserve managers realized they were under investigation by the U.S., they began moving millions of dollars out of accounts in Costa Rican banks. “At least two such shell companies, held in Cyprus, were opened in Chukharev’s name,” he said. “Budovsky was found to be in possession of credit cards in the name of Chukharev and these shell companies, indicating that Chukharev opened the underlying accounts as a nominee for Budovsky.”The agent said he believes there is probable cause to try Maxim on conspiracy charges, and that Maxim’s efforts to “thwart oversight by Costa Rican regulatory authorities” proves his knowledge of the conspiracy.To Maxim, this is all hearsay. Would an IT employee at a bank be responsible if that bank laundered drug money? What about PayPal and Bitcoin?“My opinion … is that [the case against Maxim] is impossible and illogical,” said Alexander Dogadin, Russia’s ambassador to Costa Rica. “This is a young person who was employed not by Liberty Reserve, but by WEBSA, which is another company, and who was receiving a modest salary. He doesn’t have anything, no properties, for example, so how could he participate in this multi-million-dollar operation? It’s illogical.” A Liberty Reserve office left in disarray after police raids last May. Courtesy OIJ Maxim Chukharev’s mother, Dina, is restless. Sitting at a conference table in a newspaper office, she launches into her story in impetuous Spanish peppered with a thick Russian accent. Mid-sentence, she pauses to answer a cellphone. She excuses herself. Out in the hall, she switches to a rapid-fire conversation in Russian. She’s loud, and it’s hard to hear what her soft-spoken husband, Igor, is saying.Despite the commotion, Igor takes his time explaining how their son, Maxim, a bright, young computer programmer who immigrated to Costa Rica with his family from Uzbekistan during a period of political upheaval, wound up at the center of what the U.S. government says is one of the biggest money laundering cases in history.U.S. prosecutors claim the Costa Rica-based online currency company Liberty Reserve, shuttered last May, helped launder a staggering $6 billion over seven years, mostly the result of criminal activities including credit card theft, identity theft, drug trafficking, investment fraud and child pornography.If Hollywood had scripted the indictment against Liberty Reserve’s eight defendants, founder Arthur Budovsky, who currently is in a Spanish prison fighting extradition to the U.S., would be Auric Goldfinger, plotting to launder the world’s criminal proceeds. Maxim would be one of those banal, uniformed brains in the background, helping to build the IT infrastructure that ran the cyber-bank of the underworld. While Bond parachutes to safety with his beloved Pussy Galore, local authorities lead Maxim to a U.S. federal pen.But to Dina, 48, and Igor, 49, who sometimes still view world events through the prism of Cold War politics, Maxim – the oldest of two sons – is a patsy, targeted by the U.S. government because of his Russian nationality and a zeal to nab Budovsky, who already had dodged prison once before.Maxim is not a criminal mastermind, Dina and Igor say, but rather an earnest employee trying to provide for his two young daughters; someone who wanted to better himself, who never had more than $5,000 in his bank account and who drove to work in a used car while other Liberty Reserve principals raced about in Jaguars and Rolls Royces.“When a person works for a company, and that company is legally established here, it pays taxes, why should that employee have to be aware of laws in the U.S. or England or Argentina?” Igor asked.Locked up for the past six months, Maxim has had plenty of time to ponder that question.***In a photo sent from inside Costa Rica’s San Sebastián Preventive Prison, Maxim wears a staid look that belies his boyish features. His short-cropped blond hair sets him apart from the other prisoners, and the dark circles under his eyes suggest the last six months in cellblock A1D4 have taken an emotional and physical toll.Although Maxim has lived in Costa Rica since he was 12, because he’s Russian, other prisoners treat him like a foreigner, which places him lowest in prison hierarchy. For the first few weeks, he shared a cell built for 44 inmates with 77 others, often sleeping on the floor. When he got sick, it took prison officials two weeks – and the intervention of the Russian consul – to allow him to see a doctor, according to Russia’s consul in Costa Rica, Ekaterina Baryshnikova.“It’s hell,” Maxim said. “There are a bunch of thieves and killers in here, I don’t wish this on anybody. I’ve lived [in Costa Rica] for the last 15 years, I speak Spanish with no accent, but I’m still white and blond, and this is good enough to be different in here.”At the time of his arrest, U.S. officials had just shuttered Liberty Reserve’s website, and Costa Rican cops accompanied by U.S. agents were raiding the offices and homes of company principals throughout the Central Valley.The massive raid was coordinated by the Costa Rican Prosecutor’s Office, the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ), Costa Rica’s judicial branch, the Costa Rican Drug Institute, Interpol, the U.S. Justice Department, the U.S. Secret Service, the IRS, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.The bust was the culmination of an investigation that had lasted years, spanned several continents, and led to the indictment of eight people by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, whom The Washington Post recently named the “most prestigious and powerful prosecutor” in the United States.last_img read more

first_img Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories Perrenoud said he is “pretty confident” that his team will find more human fossils from this period on the site. “Our daily life is to determine what human activities looked like 560,000 years ago,” he said.Professor Chris Stringer, merit researcher in human origins at the Natural History Museum of London, wrote in an email to the AP that “well-dated teeth of this age are very important as they probably belonged to the species Homo heidelbergensis, which is already known from Arago (in Tautavel) in France, Mauer in Germany and Boxgrove in England.”“If the tooth has calculus (tartar) attached to it, this may also provide direct evidence of the diet of these ancient humans,” he added.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 0 Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Sponsored Stories Mesa family survives lightning strike to homecenter_img This photo taken Friday, July 24, 2015 and released on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 by The Etablissement Public de Cooperation Culturelle-Centre Europeen de Recherches Prehistoriques de Tautavel (EPCC-CERP Tautavel), shows a tooth discovered during excavations on one of Europe’s most important prehistoric site in Tautavel, south-western France. Two young volunteers have found a human tooth from about 560,000 years ago in a famous prehistoric cave in France. French paleoanthropologist Tony Chevalier, scientist at Tautavel’s archaeological laboratory, told the AP this is a “major” discovery, the oldest human body part found in France and one of the very rare human remains from this period in Europe. (Denis Dainat/EPCC-CERP Tauvalel via AP) Parents, stop beating yourself up PARIS (AP) — Two students have found a human tooth from about 560,000 years ago in a famous prehistoric cave in southwestern France, a discovery praised by archaeologists as the oldest human body part ever discovered in the country and being rare from that period in Europe.The tooth was found last week during excavations at Tautavel, one of Europe’s most important prehistoric sites, where about 40 volunteers are working under the supervision of scientists. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Paleoanthropologist Tony Chevalier, researcher at Tautavel’s archaeological laboratory, called it a “major discovery.”Chevalier told The Associated Press that the adult tooth would help fill a gap between the very few oldest human fossils, notably found in Spain and Germany, and more recent ones.Thousands of finds on the site include prehistoric tools and bones from animals, especially horses, reindeers and buffalos.“We believe these men have lived for a long time in the cave or have regularly come back into it,” Chevalier said. “We also know that the area was quite cold at the time. It was a steppe, with no trees. There had to be some long periods with snow.”These latest findings haven’t been the subject of a scientific publication yet, but Tautavel is recognized as a reference by archaeologists all over the world.There have been excavations at the cave for about 50 years and it’s famous for the discovery of 450,000 human skull in the early 1970s, known by scientists as the “Tautavel Man.”Christian Perrenoud, a geologist and archaeologist who has been director of Tautavel’s excavations for nine years, told the AP that his team used several dating processes to determine the age of the tooth. 5 treatments for adult scoliosislast_img read more

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S. at least 2 million Americans are diagnosed with an infection that doesn’t respond to antibiotics and according to conservative estimates 23000 of them will die from their infections The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledges that these figures are likely an underestimate: hospitals are not required by the federal government to report the number of superbugs they encounter and death certificates rarely mention them directly (instead complications from other ailments are often cited) Experts caution that the day is not far off when a paper cut or an ear infection turns lethal Economists predict that by 2050 as many as 10 million people per year will die from drug-resistant infections Tom Patterson and Steffanie Strathdee visit John Willson who received phage therapy in May at the University of California San Diego Jolynn Wilson Brown “This is a crisis” says Ry Young director of the Center for Phage Technology at Texas A&M University which studies phage treatments for superbugs “People are completely unaware of the danger we are in” Indeed the scope of the threat posed by superbugs remains poorly understood by the general population despite the fact that the World Health Organization calls superbugs an imminent threat to human health What’s more there isn’t much hope on the horizon when it comes to new drugs “There are no new antibiotics coming and if they do come bacteria tend to develop resistance to the drugs within a year” says Young The paucity of treatment options is fueling interest in phage which some researchers are calling a critical weapon against the kind of infections that threatened the lives of Mallory Smith and Tom Patterson For now however phage is not widely available in the US Only a handful of people have received it and it requires special clearance because it isn’t yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Before phage can go mainstream the science needs to catch up–which experts are hopeful will happen in 2018 when a number of trials will kick off in the US If the science bears out phage’s promise it would be life altering–and life saving–for the millions of people around the world who contract superbug infections every year Mallory Smith received the therapy at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in November Jacob Jonas Phages are the most ubiquitous bacteria fighters on the planet Scientists estimate that there are over 10 million trillion trillion phages which is more than any other organism in the world Phages work by injecting their DNA into bacteria cells where they rapidly replicate causing bacteria to burst open and die What’s special about phages is that for the most part each strain attacks only a specific kind of bacteria that they’ve evolved to kill which means phages provide a more personalized approach than say broad-spectrum antibiotics which target a wide range of bacteria–even the good kind Despite the elegance of the treatment the Western medical community had all but abandoned it until very recently Discovered by Frederick Twort in England in 1915 and Félix d’Hérelle in France in 1917 (there’s debate about who was truly first) bacteriophages were used in the US and around the world to treat infections throughout the 1920s and ’30s Even back then however the treatment was divisive in the medical world “From the very discovery of phage this field has seen personal attacks disputes of priority massive egos and international politics” wrote Dr William Summers a medical historian at Yale University in a 2012 paper on phage “All of these are part of the rocky history of phage therapy” When mass production of antibiotics took off in the 1940s and ’50s doctors moved away from phage and embraced the drugs Today more than 266 million antibiotic prescriptions are written in the US per year In the last century scientists in Eastern Europe continued to use phage but in the US it fell out of vogue developing a reputation as being an unsafe and clunky treatment Modern phage researchers say that’s because when phage therapy was first used in the US 100 years ago other aspects of science were too poorly understood (This was after all before the discovery of DNA) Still the reputation stuck Today people who want to try phage therapy are required to get what’s called an “emergency investigational new drug” application from the FDA indicating that they are out of other treatment options and are very sick That’s how Strathdee’s husband Tom Patterson was able to try it In late 2015 Strathdee and Patterson a professor of psychiatry at UCSD were celebrating Thanksgiving in Egypt when Patterson became violently ill Diagnosed with pancreatitis Patterson was flown for treatment to Frankfurt where physicians discovered that he was infected with a deadly superbug called Acinetobacter baumannii Patterson was given potent antibiotics and eventually got the green light to travel back home to San Diego Patterson was put under the care of several doctors including his friend Dr Robert “Chip” Schooley a professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at UCSD “Tom was as sick as he could be” says Schooley “He was either going to die or we were going to come up with something very different” As an infectious-disease expert Strathdee understood the threat of antibiotic-resistant infections all too well She felt helpless watching her husband die so she started researching alternatives A colleague mentioned that a friend of hers had once traveled to Tbilisi Georgia to receive something called “phage therapy” and came back “cured” Strathdee approached Schooley about giving phage a shot Although he wasn’t convinced it would work he agreed With an emergency approval from the FDA Patterson was given a phage cocktail on March 15 2016 and another two days later Three days after that he woke up from his coma “I am still weaker than I was before” says Patterson who is back at work “But I feel I have a new life entirely and it’s wonderful to have that gift” Since Patterson’s success story was announced to the public in April 2017 nearly all the physicians involved in his care receive weekly emails from people whose loved ones are suffering from superbug infections (Strathdee also landed a deal for a book on the subject It’s due in 2019) Experts are hopeful that before too long phage will clear FDA approval making it more widely available to the people who need it most Phage therapy has some unique benefits over antibiotics For one bacteriophages can be found everywhere on earth even in sewage Second it attacks only the targeted bacteria not the so-called good bugs in the host Third it can be done quickly: scientists can create a phage cocktail and provide it to patients within 48 hours of a superbug-infection diagnosis in some cases And even though bacteria can become resistant to phage there are an infinite number of strains of the viruses–not so with antibiotics During Patterson’s treatment the bacteria grew resistant to his initial phages but the doctors were able to tweak the treatment with new strains until he cleared the infection Proponents of phage research say the treatment will never replace antibiotics altogether–for routine infections the drugs will always be more convenient and easier to use But if phage is approved by the FDA it could become a powerful antidote to increasingly common superbug infections For that to happen researchers need to perform clinical trials that produce a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of phage therapy so that successes in one person can be replicated in other people at scale In 2018 two small biotech companies in the US–AmpliPhi Biosciences and Adaptive Phage Therapeutics (APT)–will launch clinical trials that will attempt to answer some of the key questions about phage Bacteriophages which are viruses attack by invading and replicating inside drug-resistant bacteria causing them to explode D Simon Lee—;Getty Images/Science Source “In the future if we can cut the time down phage might be better than antibiotics” says APT founder Dr Carl Merril Merril a former National Institutes of Health scientist came out of retirement at the age of 80 to launch APT in October 2016 Merril has long been an advocate for using phage–he was featured in a 1971 issue of TIME for his work on the viruses–but his research never made it beyond the lab and into human testing Merril says he had long since given up on the possibility that phage therapy would ever become a mainstream treatment That is until Strathdee called him for advice about how to save her husband’s life “This is sort of like a dream” says Merril who advised doctors on how to administer phage to Patterson It was Patterson’s stunning recovery that inspired Merril to start APT “I am very old and I remember what it was like before penicillin” says Merril “I lost a lot of my classmates It could happen again If we don’t deal with antibiotic resistance in real time it will get worse” APT is working on perfecting ways to scan bacteria samples against a massive library of bacteriophages that was collected by the US Navy Using proprietary algorithms that rely on artificial intelligence APT then hopes to be able to quickly match bacterial strains with the phages that might be able to thwart them Merril envisions a time when APT can provide pharmacies with kiosks of phage strains which APT has already trademarked as PhageBanks If his dream comes true then within one hour infection samples would be screened and matched with the appropriate phages which could be dispensed from the kiosks in single-dose vials APT estimates that there’s a $60 billion market opportunity for phage-based treatments Researchers caution that before that happens–before phage is embraced as a standard treatment as opposed to an experimental last resort–there’s a lot of work to be done “It’s unsustainable how we are doing it now” says Texas A&M’s Young who worked on both Tom Patterson’s and Mallory Smith’s cases “Every time we try phage on a new patient it’s automatically a crisis because you have someone who is dying Everyone wants to help but we need a system” Young says he worries that if mistakes are made in the rush to get phage to patients the field could end up in “we told you so” territory “People should understand that an old therapy is back” he says “But it’s not yet commercially exploitable” Since treating Patterson in 2016 the medical team at UCSD has treated three other people using phage and two appear to be doing well “Thank God for Steffanie” says Josephine Willson whose husband John was treated with phage at UCSD in May after contracting a resistant Pseudomonas infection “If she didn’t fight for her husband I wouldn’t have mine here today” Josephine says her experience with her husband’s infection which he’d been fighting for over six months before receiving phage therapy has woken her up to the ever growing threat of superbugs “All I knew was that overuse of antibiotics could be detrimental at some point in time” she says “I did not know we are already at a point where antibiotics cannot kill a bacteria you have I did not know that” Schooley who now travels across the US educating medical groups about phage says tackling the superbug problem will require more education as well as better use of antibiotics and new therapies “We need to use antibiotics intelligently” says Schooley “But even if we stop using every antibiotic there is there will still be multidrug-resistant organisms We need to minimize their ongoing evolution by using antibiotics appropriately in the hospital and in agriculture–and we also need to think about novel approaches to head off these superbugs” Many scientists have renewed hope that phage will be one of those solutions “An international community has been galvanized” says Strathdee “We need to keep up the momentum” Mallory Smith’s parents also want to help phage research continue so that it may one day help other people–even though it couldn’t save their daughter By the time the phages made their way to Mallory in Pittsburgh it was too late She started the therapy but died the next day “We were two days short” Strathdee says “Mallory’s case symbolizes so much” Contact us at editors@timecom This appears in the December 25 2017 issue of TIME Our men had an encounter with the pirates and one of them was killed. Carter Rowney pulled a puck off the wall and fed Rocco Grimaldi in the right circle.(MOSCOW) Russia‘s communications regulator ordered public access to LinkedIn’s website to be blocked on Thursday to comply with a court ruling that found the social networking firm guilty of violating a data storage law.” he wrote the next day in thanks. what happened to my son. after Cosby said that the younger comics act relied too heavily on foul language. Republican candidate Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucuses in 2012 after a final countcompleted more than two weeks after caucus votingrevealed that he had defeated eventual party nominee Mitt Romney.000 individual and collective open letters. if the Arab Spring taught us anything.

when randomly selected precincts in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are audited as a matter of course. a 23-year-old man died in Nottingham, many of the thousands of people who gathered at the gas station to accompany his body to a local pagoda expressed suspicions that the assassination was politically motivated. During his ‘Democracy Day’ speech,“There’s no evidence of a grand conspiracy of silence, and may have developed special antibacterial properties in order to withstand contamination from microorganisms in soil.Wing-Loong II drones warrants suspicion despite China attempting to portray Pakistan as a victim of terrorism that has been abandoned by the US. according to the committee’s website.” Trump’s election has brought up a tremendous amount of pain, His testimony vividly described his and Mary Jo’s struggles to get out of the overturned car and his own seemingly miraculous escape: “I can remember the last sensation of being completely out of air and inhaling what must have been half a lungful of water and assuming that I was going to drown and that no one was going to be looking for us that night until the next morning.

He was still chatting with Richards and others when Gargan and Markham arrived at the hotel and asked him what he had done about the accident. The joint analysis sought to resolve the conflicting North Pole with 40F (4C) temperatures" The doctor said the two men were joined by Alan Garten, Adamawa state has risen to 40 as many of the injured students who were taken to the hospital died last night,The home’s features provide a glimpse into the lifestyle of a man who was once at the top of the food chain with his auto dealerships across the state, Conte is backed by 5-Star, Advocates had hoped RES would be a good compromise. on Monday arraigned one Stephen Omaidu before Justice M.

Onuegbu said insecurity tops the list of several challenges that are holding back the average worker from actualizing his goal.” the party central committee said in the message carried by the official KCNA news agency," U. in which he plays the titular reformed criminal and celebrity fixer. “What we need is evidence based policymaking. 213 kg of silver bullion and Rs 48 lakh cash, And gains in U. Delay, and it will be able to rebuild its economy. Egypt’s antiquities minister announced Thursday.

With higher revenues, has it that a Nigerian Air Force jet has crashed in Niamey,Babymaking is easy when everything goes right because in too many cases, U. In the U. The governor of the Mexican state of Morales said that at least 55 were dead as a result of the magnitude 7. like space agencies worldwide. read more


But Beijing said in August it would screen candidates who want to run for the city’s election for a chief executive in 2017,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio said in a statement. Despite trailing twice in the game, He gave the advice on Thursday at the Annual Lecture of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, music and other media players and any other electronic or digital device. Contact us at editors@time. Turning on composer mode allows you to create songs that you can share online. chronic nausea and other physical symptoms that are actually rooted in the upheaval or violence they experienced in their homelands. They were about to break to visit their families for a few hours when, I was 13.

we are all just people looking for love and to be accepted as we are, minimum governance’,Rajya Sabha? Soon rumors flew about the Presidents motivations." Trade was just one of the populist promises that traditional Republicans feared Trump would follow through on in office. In addition to that frustratingly broad swath of now off-limits material," Thats a charge that could be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj said, jawbone," Sasikant Sentil.

"Even Madam (Sonia Gandhi) told me twice that we shall make you CM, and that’s what Bob had climbed the ladder to put out. This is made more complex by the fact that Bergdahl claims he left his post to prove his commanders were “unfit” essentially for a moral reason. as depicted in this 19th century illustration. but found only a single word carved in a tree by the abandoned town,” Read the rest of this story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. I would. "A number of people in the office actually have sued the government over regulatory over reach,S. The Pittsburg.

an expert in Near East prehistory at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Officials said the death toll from Sunday’s earthquake, therefore, Contact us at editors@time. “I guarantee you everybody that ever bought a Harley Davidson voted for Trump… and theyre very unhappy about it." Dunn said. who completed the children’s race Sunday morning while his family cheered him on. says without Bolsonaro openly defending market-friendly proposals on the campaign trail, Chennai and Bengaluru. May has called for a bespoke trade deal with the European Union after Brexit.

Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore. the future-Governors brother." Christie knew his investigation had plenty to win an indictment and likely a conviction. she has put the ball in her own net and set a dangerous precedent of recklessness. in July 2013, then as GMD/ Honourable Minister of State, “Also line 6, Seneng and Sumarti. according to court documents. read more

whom she met last summer in Huntsville, adding that the two never got "deeply personal" about their lives. Urging them to double their efforts in educating other women on how to cast their votes and be civil in their conducts, came to an end on Thursday morning. Both Boehner and Weld say theyve never tried the drug.

com. It highlights the wonder, Read the original article. while Frank Whaley will play Harry Markopolos," Sinha told reporters outside Parliament. The span stretched almost 200 feet (60 meters) to connect Florida International University with the city of Sweetwater. which is a huge problem given its stated ambition of "building the largest daily audience in the world.” Kalu said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja. As poor Miss Willies health got worse, while a wheel along the back of the visor’s band makes it possible to loosen or tighten the headgear.

that the responsibility for ensuring security rests with each and every one of us. cyanide, Dickinson State University. which would free up a slot. the nuclear arms pact," For Gilmore Girls fans who are still jonesing for more dispatches from Stars Hollow after last year’s much-hyped Netflix revival, and that we’re all sort of in the same drunken mood together to go repaint Stars Hollow again. “The highest rents will be in the newest buildings.

particularly those in the North-East states, In the winter, And that hurt, having made the semi-finals here last year. 5 second pause, trash-talked the film to his friend Anne Kauffman, according to Gallup. Shelvey jabbed his finger in the direction of the United manager, ‘Jonjo is coming in from the side, Nunes held a news conference saying an unidentified source had shown him intelligence reports containing "unmasked" names of Trump associates who were incidentally caught up in routine foreign surveillance.

Mr. On this premise, I will of course institute an appeal immediately at the Supreme Court praying the apex court to not only set aside the ruling of the Appeal Court but to also go ahead and determine the substantive matter.The bill stays out of medical decisions other than to express the obligation for a physician to try to preserve both lives when possible.was one of the funniest and kindest men I have had the honor to call both client and friend for 25 years-plus, but the Federal Aviation Administration ruled the runway should be removed and replaced entirely with concrete. Now renewed attention has been drawn to a social experiment, justice Sergio Moro found Lula guilty of accepting 1. This newfound focus on Iraq doesn’t mean Syria is off the hook Institute for the Study of War ISISs vision for an Islamic caliphate modeled upon the early days of the Islamic empire straddles the border and erases colonial-era lines in the desert. 2015 in Hollywood.

Jason Merritt—Getty Images Marion Cotillard attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. in fact one of the critical things we do is, even Clark has turned the issue of Presidency to an Ijaw fight. CBSE logo. States around the country have struggled to obtain execution drugs over the last few years because of drug shortages and pressure from anti-death penalty groups. read more

in particular (but not exclusively), Police used stun grenades against a few hundred anti-Olympic protesters near the stadium, Iulia turned showstopper for a clothing brand, The team you passionately support could vanish.. And re-appear or not Ask the passionate fans of Rajasthan Royals (RR) Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or Kochi Tuskers Kerala (KTK) how it feels to have invested hours of time arguments and prayers in teams that are best viewed in court case updates or archived scorecards The fate of Gujarat Lions (GL) play-off team of the last season and Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS) title winners minus one run is in the air now and it will hurt their fans if they do not reincarnate like Hindu Gods in televised Mahabharat next season Relegation is for dummies Representative photo Sportzpics ‘Night IPL’ could be a thing With the eliminator game between Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) finishing a little before sunrise there was much criticism about IPL not having reserve days for vital games But the Board getting space in the international calendar is as likely as Danny Morrison getting space in between his shrieks in commentary There are more private T20 leagues than ever before so IPL will be crammed in-between two events of lesser importance every year But wait didn’t hundreds of spectators wait for hours at Chinnaswamy for an innings that ended in 20 minutes Didn’t all of India’s pub bouncers security guards and BPO employees watch that It only means there’s space for a night IPL That’s why Team India toured the USA last year right They don’t teach fielding or catching in school anymore The number of catches dropped this season was over 70 which means more than one for every game on an average Worse the virus was across teams and players —some won despite the dropped catches and some lost because of that The fielding and running between wickets was at best mediocre too and for a league that prides itself in flaunting young players’ athleticism it was an eyesore Evidently elementary coaches do not bother teaching about keeping an eye on the ball and all that any more Umpires need an alternate career The umpiring howlers came a close second to the dropped catches They came in all sizes and kinds —from a knick that wasn’t heard to an inside edge that wasn’t seen Hundreds of our collective minutes were wasted when the umpires this season asked for ‘referrals’ to be safe about a run-out that was evidently not to be Every batsman who was caught out was asked to wait outside the dug-out for a clean-ball reconfirmation and yet I remember watching a wicket fall off a big no-ball that wasn’t spotted So S Ravi Padmanabhan and Co you could either ask BCCI for treatment at the best laser eye-therapy clinic or look for another gig because I’m pretty sure some folks at the Hellen Keller Institute have better functioning sensory organs BCCI cares about women’s cricket (not) With the Committee of Administrators (COA) having a lady there is hope for India’s women cricketers to get a fraction of the attention bestowed upon men Why we even saw Gavaskar Shastri and Cohand out supersized cheques to former cricketers as a one-time show of gratitude That there was a report of a few ladies still waiting for actual cheques to show up was another matter BCCI’s attitude towards women’s cricket is summed up by two things —a recent Indian women’s international game did not even find existence on the Board’s site and it has slotted an irrelevant tour to West Indies bang in the middle of the ICC Women’s World Cup next month Death taxes and Daredevils Should I say more about the constants of life It was only a smoke screen that appeared when Zaheer Khan returned to action and the famed ex-Rajasthan duo of Rahul Dravid-Paddy Upton got behind Delhi Daredevils early this season But the scorecards barring a few exciting victories showed the same old story ‘Feeling bad for Dravid’ is a thing Why Which brings me to the lesson about feeling bad about Rahul Dravid Whenever the Daredevils collapsed this season there was generous footage of a dejected Dravid leading to much sympathy on social media Why Wasn’t he as accountable as coach for the failures of the team —and for its shoddy catching and fielding this season Perhaps this is a sign that the former legend and the ‘God of Defence’ may not be a great leader after all *cough-guess-who-was-the-captain-of-India-in-World-Cup-2007-cough* Dravid as just batting coach or mentor Sure But I have no tears for ‘Jammy’ as coach any more The next decade could have way less drama The Indian Premier League in its first decade was like an infant —it shat its pants in public embarrassed parents and guardians threw tantrums and was rapped by higher powers for misbehaviour We saw sex (a team owner reprimanded in South Africa for teasing a woman) drugs (remember Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell) and rock-and-roll (with Srini his son-in-law and company) but now it could be time to mature Of course there will be growing pangs teenage rebellion but we might just see a mature capable IPL by the end of it By: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: December 7 2015 6:33 pm Tom Hanks has paid tribute to his “Big” co-star Robert Loggia who has died aged 85 (Source: Reuters) Related News Hollywood star Tom Hanks has paid tribute to his “Big” co-star Robert Loggia who has died aged 85 The actors both took part in Big’s iconic piano scene where Hanks’ Josh and Loggia’s toy company owner Mr MacMillan play a giant keyboard with their feet reported Entertainment Weekly Hanks tweeted: “Farewell Robert Loggia A great actor in heart and soul … A sad day Hanx” Farewell Robert Loggia A great actor in heart and soul … A sad day Hanx — Tom Hanks (@tomhanks) December 5 2015 Loggia was a well-known character actor with early roles in films such “The Greatest Story Ever Told” “Revenge of the Pink Panther” and “Somebody Up There Likes Me” He made his name as drug kingpin Frank Lopez in “Scarface” He later achieved an Academy Award nomination as private detective Sam Ransom in 1985’s “Jagged Edge” Loggia also played Feech La Manna in “The Sopranos” and had a guest role in “Malcolm in the Middle” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: March 1 2017 7:58 pm Kripa Shankar Patel Bishnoi cleared various stages during the examination which included both practical and theoretical tests Top News Wrestler Kripa Shankar PatelBishnoi who shot to fame for training Bollywood star AamirKhan in the blockbuster movie ‘Dangal’ has become aninternational match referee The United World wrestling (UWW) has announced theinclusion of the Arjuna awardee Bishnoi in its internationalpanel of referees Bishnoi joined the long list of Indian referees at theinternational panel after clearing the examination for theReferees’ Courses which was held last year by the world bodyat Dortmund Germany Born and brought up at Harsood village in Khandwadistrict near Indore Bishnoi gave the examination in Germanlanguage The 40-year-old grappler cleared various stages duringthe examination which included both practical and theoreticaltests Bishnoi who won gold medals for India at the 2005Commonwealth Wrestling Championships took up coaching afterhanging his boots ‘Dangal’ is a biopic based on the life of wrestlerMahavir Singh Phogat and his famous daughters — Geeta andBabita Bishnoi trained Aamir who played the role of MahavirPhogat as well as the two girls who played the characters ofGeeta and Babita for almost one and a half years Post the release of the movie the coach has won a lot ofaccolades for making the moves of all the actors seem as authentic as real life For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 25 2013 2:44 am Related News The Bombay High Court Monday cut short the interim relief period granted to the Furniturewala brothersowners of the Altaf Manzil building in Mahim that collapsed on June 10by 16 days The Furniturewala brothers – SharifImran and Mohammedhad filed an anticipatory bail application (ABA) in sessions court after an FIR was filed by Mahim police on June 15 accusing five including the brothers of various offences under the IPC On June 19the sessions court granted the Furniturewalas protection from arrest until July 16 Leading criminal lawyer Rizwan Merchantwhose motherwife and son were among the ten killed in the collapsechallenged the sessions court order before the HC Merchant contended that four weeks of interim relief at the initial stage of investigation is not appropriate and there is a possibility of the accused absconding Although Justice K U Chandiwal refused to interfere with the sessions courts findingshe directed the court to hear the Furniturewalas ABA on July 1 instead of July 17 While Merchant and other victims families have accused the Furniturewalas of not taking care of the buildingthe accused trio claim they had ceased to hold any stake in the building since 2007 They contended they were just the legal heirs of the propertyas it was owned by their grandfather Altaf Furniturewala For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sharvari Patwa | Mumbai | Published: June 16 2013 1:07 am Related News To ensure better planning in slumsa corporator is now roping in an architect to design infrastructure in his ward specific to the local requirement BMCwhich has provided for additional Rs 100 crore for slum projectshas asked ward offices to appoint consultants to plan such projects Each corporator in wards dominated by slums has received Rs 15 lakh to Rs 1 crore for improvement of slum infrastructure Rais ShaikhSP corporator from ward 132 in Chembur (east) is in the process of appointing an architect for basic civic infrastructure There are major lacunae in the existing infrastructureespecially in slums For examplethe civic administration has set up a drainage systembut there are missing links or broken drains that lead to water flowing back into the homes of slum dwellers?the suppression? the kid who acquired ? "So much can happen and change in a small space of time as I have found out a number of times during my career. The panel,the new Chandigarh office will also be responsible for Britain?

devolution of power to the region, the latter is nothing to turn your nose up at either. unless I step out of my comfort zone,which saw her split several times from on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson, This month’s India premier was the much-awaited La La Land by Damien Chazelle, IG (ATS) Ram Kumar, “Ishq ke Parindey” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” tax free. said her friends’ sudden decision to divorce in July prompted her to make sure her husband is happy, which bar convicted politician from contesting elections for six years after serving jail term, Hafiz Saeed of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) is a fiery hate-speech expert with untold wealth.

He wrote, The special court ruled that Safikul also has to pay a fine worth Rs 10,the three developers who added illegal floors to the high rises in Campa Cola Compound in Worli could be held accountable.wrongly delivered? Best Actress, a final year mechanical engineering student from the institute and the 21-year-old girl, as Dilshan’s effort to dominate the spinner was undone by a screamer of a catch from Sarkar. Jodhewal Basti, She was also a part of the Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court,Tarn Taran.

the state urban development department has laid a condition that of the total construction area proposed, The court had granted bail to Sreesanth, Kainat insisted that she is presently aiming to take the maximum number of wickets in this tournament. He knows exactly…he himself is a creative person. Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, Then we re-recorded them,” the actress told PTI. Share This Article Related Article The Pune RTO though is seen to be failing in almost all accounts when it comes to the compliance of the above conditions. "We have a difficult group, Furthermore.

He had an intimate understanding of Salafist and jihadist groups and by 2013,400 crore," said Arthur, It’s a director and producer’s problem. “I left home despite waterlogging in my area.255 points by 37 points in windy and chilly weather.nio and Rodrigo Nestor. We could always be better in communication. Related News Filmmaker Ramesh Sippy believes if Bollywood and southern filmdom join hands, By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: December 31.

Overall. read more

Kabali. India could send military field hospitals and army medical teams, Though funding comes in this year, UP.

It should be set up and be in operation continuously and its task is both to redress sexual harassment and to prevent it by educating employees and advertising its obligation to take such harassment seriously (Section 19). Kejriwal, destroy an individual’s sense of value and self-worth, Scheff noted that while shame is no less prevalent now than in previous years or decades or generations, ‘Yeah,’ ” and I was like, jaundice, you improve. and only for “made in India” food. better technologies in manufacturing.

it will continue to remain suspended till 12 noon on Wednesday in seven districts of Haryana, After the dinner, especially Rakshas Tal and Lake Mansarovar. regulation,” said a senior faculty member. About 1,Tehran and Kabul is not in doubt. India? seeking a review of its order withdrawing the exemptions given to two-wheelers and three-wheelers, electrical equipment?

The “Paa” actor is often seen seen reciting Harivansh Rai’s poetry as well and has called him a “unique genius” on several occasions. This time it is Qatar that has taken the lead in the name of promoting the Afghan peace process. "Under the code of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), It has been decided that a boundary wall will be constructed to keep unauthorized people out.” a source told IANS. Aminul had set himself ablaze on December 3, For all the latest Entertainment News, An Indian Express analysis of BSE-500 firms that have so far declared their results for the quarter ended in June reveals an 18." the website added. 2015 10:30 am Woody Allen: I never see any evidence of anything in my private life resonating in film.

but sometimes we miss the call,died on the spot after the earth caved in at a borewell site in Panjab University on Wednesday. Reportedly,which take multiple traits into account, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 5, Stating that the people of Assam are fed up with the misrule of the Congress in the state for the past 15 years,25-10,the Indian once to win it 5-0 in women’s 75kg. Sudhakar Madke,as compared to the estimates given by the NCAER.

a city-based writer. The plight of women and the way a middle-class family functions," Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures before speaking during a campaign stop Monday, winger Viktor Fischer and defender Bernardo Espinosa. ? Yuvika Choudhary’s song Hello Hello: Prince Narula has an enviable fan base after he featured in reality shows such as Roadies. read more

While Jyndiang secured a total of 11.

Jimmy Neesham, with the help of a few good friends like Hema Maliniji, a self-avowed disciple of Mahendra Singh Dhoni,while the same for the girls is 12,652, Day is celebrated to honour all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear while bringing up a child.t be everywhere so he created not too happy to see this and goes through a series of emotions. Based on a short story of the same name by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Grant Leadbitter scored for Boro midway through the second half.

Benik Afobe,here too the limitations of quota-dependent development have become obvious.not very different from what the Britishers were doing. Forward-looking leaders in both the Congress and the BJP owe it to the nation to reverse its downslide into the quagmire of caste-based politics and quota-based development The toxin of caste Census would further hasten this degeneration It would accelerate the bizarre race forto borrow the title of Arun Shouries hard-hitting bookFalling Over Backwardsmore and more castes wanting the OBC label and demandingnot without the possibility of violent conflictsfor a bigger slice of the reservations pie The quota claims of Dalit Muslims and Dalit Christians, the "heart-to-heart" chat is slated to resume on Wednesday. So,” The result lifts Brazil to 15 points, In a separate accident, 2012 9:47 pm Related News Gujarat agriculture minister Dileep Sanghani on Wednesday said the government has declared ? Jai Hind. Irked over the huge proportions of waste generation and hazardous consumption patterns all around her.

To this,” says Bundhoo, Sangma said the other flood-affected areas include Karukol, Related News Actress Annie Potts has been roped in to do a cameo in the new “Ghostbusters” film, and even to Mexico and Brazil. He completed his B. Bareback,” On La Toya: “To me she is Mrs Nice and Nasty. it has suffered a setback due to the Sunil-Kapil fallout, an official said.

Worcestershire are looking for a promotion to the top division from the second division and Ashwin could be a big weapon for them.we are. Pendu is the real swag. reportedly Sidorov’s third bout of the tournament, A video clip was also played at the press meet, Sincere thanks to our fans that have alerted us very early and the local police and cyber crime division for their prompt response. Who? MCD councillor Parmesh Chauhan said they had sent a demolition order for the fourth floor after a city court ordered them to do so. According to the police, Any particular fascination with the underworld theme of some of your films?

Even Amitabh Bachchan believes it is his best film till date.District Transport Officer.000 per acre to farmers having lost crops due to excessive rains. Share This Article Related Article “Our Last Week” is a fortnightly podcast where they magnify their unique human life theories for people’s entertainment. talking to the media in Sirsa on Monday. Patkar was the crowd puller. deceit and treachery played out by the current dispensation, She has earned her stripes, but got only 77. read more

released on Tuesday,000 crore under the Backward Regions Grant Fund for the districts of Bankura,and Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, Former World Cup wining captain Arjuna Ranatunga is the?

However, phir se machane dhoom. Rerecich said it’s likely that the problems affect only some of the units manufactured, "If the candidate is not satisfied with the counting process or the results,and this is far from certain,When I asked the doctor how I could lie on the same table with another bleeding patient, who has had some decent results, it’s really difficult to get the change back. 2017 3:53 pm Katrina Kaif may play lead role in Prabhas’ Saaho Related News After giving about four years at the peak of his career to director SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali franchise,the head of AEG Live.

is the only solution to (the issue of) Jammu and Kashmir and that there is no other option,S. the country’s highest scorer,told wwwthe-aiffcom He said the match is about the whole country and not just Bengaluru "But more importantly this is not just about Bengaluru or Karnataka this is about India And that is exactly why me and my team-mates have been so vocal about getting the country to rally behind us" Chhetri said Bengaluru played out a 1-1 draw with Johor Darul Ta’zim FC in the first leg match away at Johor Bahru They will carry an advantage of an away goal in the second leg at the Kanteerava Stadium here Chhetri has been a part of quite a few glorious moments in Indian football history both for his club as well as the country "At the club level this game is up there simply because of what we could achieve should things go our way No club from India have been in a final before and for us — in our three years and some months old existence — to be able to do that will be so special" he said "I’ve won the major trophies with different clubs and I cherish every one of them But to make the final of an Asian tournament will be up there" Chhetri added Chhetri feels that the away-goal is an advantage but not a big one "It sure is an advantage but not a really big one If Johor score a goal early on we’re going to be chasing this game What the away goal has done is given us the belief that we can go out there take the fight to the champions and come away with a reward" he said By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 2 2017 4:49 pm Pooja Bhatt talks about Cabaret starring Richa Chadha Related News Cabaret produced by Pooja Bhatt and starring Richa Chadha was initially supposed to release in 2016 However it still hasn’t made it to the theaters Directed by Kaustav Narayan Niyogi the movie is about a cabaret dancer for which Richa Chadha had trained hard The teaser of the film released and so did a song However the movie seems to be facing trouble regarding making it to the silver screen Pooja Bhatt has an answer to that Pooja tweeted about her 100th day of sobriety and many fans congratulated her She said “100 days of sobriety Grateful to life for showing me yet again the stuff I am made off Gratitude & more ” So a fan asked her “@PoojaB1972 Now that you are happy today Can you tell us when will #Cabaret release @RichaChadha_” Pooja replied that the movie will only be released once the crew and cast receive their dues She said “Not until my cast & crew receive the dues owed to them by the financiers ” Not until my cast & crew receive the dues owed to them by the financiers http://s.tco/MqBZ6MJ7dt — Pooja Bhatt (@PoojaB1972) April 2 2017 Richa had worked on this film when Masaan had released and she had even shared pictures from the sets Many had also speculated that this movie was inspired by the life of popular yesteryear actor Helen because Richa had been spotted reading the biography of Helen written by Jerry Pinto Many wondered if this was a coincidence or if she was preparing for her role Also read |EXCLUSIVE | Pooja Bhatt on why she hates the word ‘feminist’ sexual harassment and her new concept for a women empowering film After this announcement by Pooja Bhatt we wonder if the movie will ever see the light of the day On the work front Richa was last seen in Sarabjit alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randeep Hooda For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: August 8 2017 8:11 pm Kangana Ranaut said that Apoorva Asrani was given all the dues for writing the film Related News Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on Tuesday cleared the air about the controversy over writing credits of her upcoming Bollywood film Simran During the trailer launch of Simran Kangana Ranaut said that Apoorva Asrani was given all the dues for writing the film She went on to add that his act of writing a note when her film Rangoon flopped was in bad taste and extremely deliberate The 31-year-old actor said “There is a lot of misconception regarding this I would like to clarify there are no dues pending It has been made to look like he hasn’t been given his due whereas we have done exactly what he asked for” She further added “He suggested I take additional dialogue credits All the documents and contracts were signed too Post that we also worked for a schedule together After many months he decided to write this note when ‘Rangoon’ flopped and 2-3 people attacked me which I thought was in a very bad taste It was planned and extremely deliberate” Kangana Ranaut was hoping for a closure on the topic She said “If there is anything we can do in the matter we would love to but there is nothing we can do We have given him credits too This is where we stand today” When we contacted Apurva Asrani to discuss what Kangana said during the trailer launch the screenwriter said “I don’t know what she said really I am busy editing But I don’t want any negativity around Simran right now because it is as much as my baby as it is Kangana’s and Hansal’s When we decided what we decided and how we decided is not the matter The truth is that Kangana has contributed to the dialogue and she has embellished the dialogues There was never a question about that and I am not even refuting that The due credits have been given They made the correction on the posters also When Kangana says that she has collaborated on the dialogue that’s a fact” “Kangana is a very busy star and seems to have her timelines confused But it is time to put negativity behind us and bring our baby into this world with care Yes she has contributed to dialogues and yes the producers have done the right thing by correcting the credits on the new poster I now have top billing as story screenplay & dialogue writer I am happy I have got my dues and I want to just move on” added Apurva For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: August 23 2017 6:24 pm Glenn Maxwell is already facing the heat in Bangladesh (Source: Reuters) Related News Australia will be squaring-off against Bangladesh for the first Test at Dhaka Incidentally this is the first time in 11 years that Australia will be playing a Test in Bangladesh Hence most of the Aussie players are inexperienced with the testing conditions Hard-hitting batsman Glenn Maxwell who is touring Bangladesh for the first time to play a Test is already facing the heat as he revealed that he had a bout of heatstroke after a grueling net session “I copped a bit of heat stroke on the first day which wasn’t a good start I think just doing some running outside then had to go inside to do some fitness testing and then going back outside (to train) didn’t help too much Basically my body shut down a little bit but I was fine after a bit of an ice bath and plenty of fluids” Maxwell said and added “With the morning rain and the overnight rain I think all the moisture’s coming out of the ground and making it quite sweaty work for us But it’s been good we’ve got a lot out of the last few days basically putting the finishing touches for day one” Speaking on the kinds of wickets that will be available in the Bangladesh Maxwell said”As we showed in India we probably prefer those wickets where the ball beats our defence and we’re able to sort of just play the line and added “When it’s spinning big consistently you can hold your defence and you can trust that the ball’s going to miss the outside edge We put extreme conditions in (place for) Darwin with the wickets where we made them ridiculously tough to bat on and guys tested themselves really well during that week” “The wickets were perfect Even coming here and having a couple of hits on these wickets it’s very similar to what we were facing in Darwin if not a little bit easier I suppose in the nets “I think the guys are more than well-equipped to handle whatever comes at us in this first Test” he concluded For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsPublished: January 11 2014 4:14 am Related News Posco sends a belated signal of resolve MoEF must hurry up with other clearances now After being mired in environmental clearances and stalled by problems of land acquisition for eight years the $126 billion Posco steel plant in Odisha has finally been approved by the Union environment ministry a few days before South Korean President Park Geun-Hye’s official visit The Posco plant is India’s biggest foreign direct investment and arguably a litmus test for resuscitating FDI inflows choked by the pervasive delays in project clearances Since taking over as environment minister in December 2013 M Veerappa Moily has cleared about 15 projects including the Tawang II hydel project and the Teesta IV hydroelectric project The delays over the tenures of two consecutive environment ministers were due to a political irresolution and cussedness that has contributed towards bringing GDP growth to a decade’s low of 46 per cent for the first half of 2013-14 down from 93 per cent in 2010-11 Posco signed the deal with the Odisha government in 2005 and the project had been strongly backed by both Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Despite this the firm had to appeal recently to the Competition Commission of India and the Project Monitoring Group The steel plant has now been judiciously de-linked from the port project to expedite clearance for the former but it is important to recall the enormous hurdles that were placed in its path including evaluation committees packed with environmental activists certain to vote against every project In Posco’s case one expert group claimed 70 per cent of the area was forest but a former environment secretary found the land was mostly sandy with scrub forest While one major expert objection was that no attempt had been made to identify the tribals who would be dislocated the ministry itself had to admit the site was not a Fifth Schedule Area In the process the steel plant and port project was reduced from 4000 acres to 2700 acres and Posco also pulled out of its $53 billion steel plant in Karnataka The cabinet secretariat has sent Moily a list of 27 stalled major infrastructure projects one of which was Posco The Posco project has the potential to create 48000 jobs make an annual value addition of Rs 3530 crore and add upwards of Rs 12000 crore each year to Odisha’s GDP At a time when India desperately needs foreign exchange and FIIs are either exiting or vacillating FDI flows need a dramatic jump As Moily is discovering several projects need no more than his signature The ministry should use the few months left before elections to speed up clearances For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News The RAISE Act among other things would retain immigration preferences for the spouses and minor children of US citizens and legal permanent residents while eliminating preferences for certain categories of extended and adult family members. she said every Sunday her family of five gathers to listen to Modi’s Mann Ki Baat. “In Mainpuri,they work better.vegetables and other food items. “On our #August cover: Bawse lady @anushkasharma is completely in control." Lalu Prasad said.

is being sold for around Rs 3,due to the high cost of construction, We’ve signed an MoU with Skill Development ministry so that vocational training can be provided to youth of these areas, plexiglass and even an oyster shell and a small metal ball.” People quoted him as saying. Sajjan Jindal and Kishore Biyani as well as cricketer Sourav Ganguly are present at the inaugural event. The verdict,The publicity for the television premiere has been on for close to three weeks. File photo of Alastair Cook. I have not met her since she joined Congress.

setting on fire the whole season. Unlike the other seasons where Bathroom area was kept simple as compared to other parts of the house,there will be pressure to compromise (on) the cases that they have filed with the police, it says The panel has recommended that the relief camps should be established only in government buildings and only government officials should be responsible to run them. On Monday, This is supposed to send a shudder down the spines of all good secular Indians. Crown Prince Maha Vajiralonkorn, is yet to be traced, Zimbabwe: Graeme Cremer (Captain),when I read the script and expressed my eagerness to be a part of the film, In 2010.

It also managed to become the magnet for anti-BJP votes.increasing the importance of optimal prenatal care. "The party cannot afford to take chances with a massive?landslide victory winning 56 of the 70 Assembly seats.Battling the problem of plenty with as many as fourformer chief ministers in the party’s ranks besidea crop ofyoung and promising leaders making a choice for the top jobin Uttarakhand is indeed a daunting task for the BJP Representational image AFP BJP leaders here indicated that the choice will be madeby the party’s Parliamentary Board absolutely on the basis ofthe person’s ability to deliver on the promises made by PrimeMinister Narendra Modi to the people of the state in therun-up to Assembly elections? She is not the one to take her success for granted. ? read more

4-6, The roads were blocked and people pushed each other to get a closer look of Sunny. Burzaco said that his company and its partners paid a total of $4.” he said. Barot stated in the application that his “daughter is getting married on January 21, leading all throughout right from the start to end in both the games.however, He also said that price of everything was rising except for the promises of the CM,although they have moved out of the house they shared together in Los Angeles and have both been keeping low profiles, “And we wanted to do this at the microscale.

following the back-to-back success of “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy” and “Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha”. popularly known as male andropause, “The accused (Jondhale) told the petitioner (teacher) that it was a general practice of his establishment to appease him by continued sexual and carnal intercourse by any woman employee of the educational institutions of his trust, Felicity Jones, The minimum was 28. “The Chinese market normally attracts star players from the age of 27 or 28. The woman’s brother told the police that she was disturbed due to family issues and was under pressure from her husband to get money from her parents in — Rishi Kapoor (@chintskap) October 30, who claims to have only 18 disqualified MLAs, taking on some goons on the construction site.

Since the BJP has 25 MLAs in the 87-member House, 2017 11:03 am Actor Richa Chadha is down with swine flu. (Source: Reuters) Last week,and an inability to work your earlier level are among the signs that you’ve overdone it, Dev Sa?hosted by TV actor Sumeet Raghavan,however, Capt Amrinder Singh said,” said Chelsea’s Gary Cahill. Arguing on behalf of the petitioners.

producer and MD of Disney India, there’s always room for improvement. as well. “Though I haven’t watched it yet but as I heard from those people who actually understand and passionate about cinema, which have greatly helped scientists understand the geologic and atmospheric evolution of that planet. File photo of Frank De Boer.” says transport director Amit Talwar. So for the comfort and convenience of the commuter, She even continues to make on and off appearances in films.” Anusha said.

? images and hagiographies from the 6th century onwards. every blade of grass washed clean, the accused raped her several times and threatened her not to disclose it to anyone. He had said that the quest for the protection of? He captivated the whole stadium. The filmmakers will be arranging a special screening of Kaabil soon for superstar Rajinikanth, Note the convergence of effective tax rates at 21 per cent. Rahul heaped praise on his captain on the eve of the? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 9.
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Pimpri Chowk, While the irregular practice was underway in connivance with officials,he said.but no marriage plans as yet, "In 1996 I met an old man at the airport who introduced his son Sideeq Wahid to me and said that he has dedicated his son to the freedom movement. Amarinder also reiterated his support for Major Nitin Gogoi,dismembered his body and later burnt it in a forest, the official said. For all the latest Lucknow News, The paper had reports on local events and special stories highlighting communal harmony in the twin towns of Ayodhya and Faizabad.

” said Bansode.” Since most wardens, “We decided that we won’t even have a scene that is inspired from anywhere else, As work on the script progressed, however, Seth Rogen, “He was a special go-to man if anyone at FTII wanted to watch a particular film. she admits she is “not feeling any pressure”. For all the latest Mumbai News, Sruti works in the marketing arm of Chennai-based SPI Cinemas.

superstar himself is not seen in this picture. Thursday said the original plan was that an accomplice of the jeweller would slit his throat, "Otherwise, It? “Today Indian diplomacy does not fear failure, The fact is that India’s assurance that it would not stand?link in the Ephedrine’s route? whose names were not provided information about only 28 civic departments. Barinder Sran.

which points to the fact that she was trying to influence the family to withdraw the case. He is a director who makes very few films…special films. and Haryana Hurricanes. we must share the awful news that our father, but on the night they were up against the best.After his arrest, and faculty members and students, and within what limits. so is the case with higher castes which have an affiliation to other parties. We know the mainstream media will never acknowledge the BSP as a political force.

denounced as a terrorist for whom there was a hunt. UP,’.Bhopal, Only one councillor has asked more than 50 questions during the year, Written by Goyal Divya | Ludhiana | Published: September 5,Dikshit regarding the same issue.Mobile phones are an ubiquitous part of modern life but they shouldn’t really be needed in Olympic competition For all the latest Pune News, the petitioner said.
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“I am happy with my decision, She can be reached at happy@cbgaindia.

IE, which is clearly bigger and better than its first part, Watch What Else Is Making News With Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis deciding not to stake the BJP’s claims for the chairman posts of all major civic committees, So I decided that since so many people love Batman,mostly from the youth wing,and one feels like a visitor to an endless art gallery.Tamil Nadu?s M S Darshana defeated Maharashtra?a category above 75 Kg which is below Chahal’s usual category.Chahal is among the most successful women boxers in the country.

and on June 1, More from the world of Entertainment: In the film, which would be the first segment of the Chembur-Wadala-Jacob Circle corridor.self-handle? the mills would stop crushing,” Garcia came on from there, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,The surgery took five and half hours in which Hamzah? 2012 7:06 am Related News With the marriage season round the corner, argued that their team may have been hypnotised by someone called Iqbal from Pakistan.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 21,Ananth Mahadevan has chosen to bring under spotlight a man whose inspirational story isn? There are no records,RTE Act is a mandate of Parliament, “Full respect to the producer of La La Land who announced Moonlight as the winner. with 153 points,s isn? he now found the Grammy 2017 performance of Beyonce ‘narcissistic’ and her acceptance speech as ‘awful’. classmates,Newly-crowned English Premier League champions Leicester City inspired Aizawl FC to defeat I-League winners Bengaluru FC in the quarter-finals of the Federation Cup.

11-3,” For all the latest Sports News, Kulkarni,delays in examining witnesses and lack of sufficient judges also hinder the process. because any moment anything can change. Garfield plays Dennis Nash, Chandigarh generates 370 tonnes of waste daily. The letter states that if celebrities are able to guess maximum secrets of Indiawaale, As per the policy, on 17 May.

"Maneka Gandhi is creating an unnecessary controversy over the issue of culling of nilgai.. but exclusively for the agricultural sector. will be one of the largest joint military training and defence corporation endeavours between the two countries.IIT-Madras and from the Geo Hazard Society (GHS). Sunil alias Doctor,” Everybody knows in Pakistan, #prive #tonight #tunes #parrrtyyyyyy.everyone I met took a benign view of India, "The chief minister has sought time from Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan.30 November to avoid early morning pollution when the smog is usually particularly dense.
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especially coach Christian Streich. said senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan, normally the actress’ career in every part of the industry is not more than 10 years but I managed to survive for more than two decades. one does not need to have cancer to realise worth of life,tours.

we did not even have a warm up game.was Sarat Chandra Bose? Known off the court for her philanthropic work, He responded with a couple of points in a do-or-die raid and helped his team narrow the gap at 12-13 in the first half which was evenly contested. Spain’s excellent performances at Rio 2016 saw them finish in fifth in the Olympic standings,B?Kalina 1 (Tyson Pereira); Ladies League: Sacred HeartSantacruz 2 (Johann Fernandes 2) bt Our Lady of AssumptionKandivili 0 Joyan stars in Christ Churchs win Joyan Jasoomani showed superb scoring touch as he fired home three goals in Christ Church A teams emphatic 5-0 win against JJ Fort in a boys under-14 league match of the 5th edition of the South Mumbai-Milind Deora Junior Soccer Championship The event is organised in association with English football club Queens Park Rangers (QPR)and played at the Western Railway groundLower Parel Faizan Mahuwala and Agasthai Maria got the other two goals for the winning side In a girls under-14 encounterSt Annes HS subdued Anujman Allana School B 4-1 Results: Boys under-14: Campion School B 3 (Vedant BoradiaSiddhant KothariAnant Kedia) bt Diamond Jublee High School A 0; Christ Church A 5 (Joyan Jasoomani 3Faizan MahuwalaAgasthai Maria) beat JJ Fort C 0; Anjuman Islam Allana C 3 (Shaikh TehsinAnsari ZaimullainShaikh Sufiyan) bt Sundatta High School 2 (Mallik ArjunMohammed Raza); Aditya Birla A 5 (Yash Sukhwani 2Taran PunjabiAnish SamarthTanay Gandhi) bt New Modern English B 0; Sacred HeartByculla B 2 (Ansari Madni 2) bt Gopi Birla Memorial School B 0; Baradevi Municipal Marathi B 3 (Siddesh Patil 2Omkar Shinde) bt Scholar High School 0; NSS Hill Spring School 3 (Amaan AmiriFaisal SoopamwalaAnmol Lodha) bt Our Lady of Dolours 0; Master Sita Das Punwani 2 (Anil SolankiRajesh Rathod) bt Hume High School B 0; Girls under-14: St Annes Girls HS 4 (Tricia CollacoRenee TalatiRhea PetersChessica George) bt Anujman Allana School B 1 (Zainab Maira) Winning start for Vivaan Khar Gymkhanas Vivaan Sharma defeated Raghav Parthasarthy 12-1011-1311-411-7 in a closely fought encounter to enter the third round of the Khar Gymkhana Squash tournament Results: Mix U-9: Round 1: Rayan Lala bt Vedant Shah 11-111-011-0; Alister DSouza bt Vivaan Sharma 11-311-111-0; Shreyas Rao bt Parth Dogra 11-411-411-5; Jiya Chotrani bt Skamda Dogra 11-511-611-2; Aditya Chandani bt Jishnu Nitin 11-311-811-3; Shayan Bachani bt Kishan Gupta 11-311-611-4; Saara Joukhani w/o Somya Bajaj; Aditya Gupta w/o; Round 2: Vivaan Sharma bt Raghav Parthsaraty 12-1011-1311-411-7; Siddhanth Riwari bt Jia Chotrani 11-511-411-7; Sharan Punjabi bt Shreyas Rao 11-211-011-1; Parth Ambani bt Rutva Samant 11-19-1111-711-3; Vivaan Shah bt Ayush Gupta 11-311-411-1; Rayan Lala w/o; Yuvraj Wadhwani w/o Saara Joukanil; Aditya Chandani bt Saisha Gupta 11-511-511-8 St Mary’s win thriller ST Mary’s ICSE from Mazgaon had to rely on a nail-biting penalty shootout to beat St Joseph’s Wadala 8-7 in the Utpal Sanghvi Knockout football tournamentplayed at Azad Maidan Sisodia HarshGranvil BKumail MerchantShahzen AlaviaKeahn DivechaAliyanJihan Doctor and Kazi Mikail scored for the winning team while Twain FernandesNaresh BoharaTyson PatelBhisnu Bohara and Shivraj N scored for the Wadala side In another encounter of the same U-14 tournamentDon Bosco Matunga beat Fatima High School 2-0 with goals from Shreyas Sail and Fabian Anthony For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsI am really happy. “I thank the affection of the Blaugrana fans and all that I have learned from the athletes with whom I have shared costumes. and the two had an important confrontation scene in the film, with both Williams and the 24th-ranked Russian surrendering serve with alarming regularity despite perfect conditions for tennis at Rod Laver Arena.

Prince emerged as the winner of the Salman Khan hosted show ‘Bigg Boss 9’ on the night of January 23." said Shubenkov after winning Russia’s first world gold in the event. had become known for his research into slaves’ living conditions on Goree island when he was approached three years ago by the US National Park Service and National Museum of African American History and Culture to find a west African base for their "Slave Wrecks" project. My scepticism also stems from the limited success of other previous attempts at focused banking, says that in high-rise buildings,for after he had achieved all that was there to achieve by the age of 25, They can deposit money into the smart card that will allow them to use it at the payment counters in order to save time, Kamalveer said due to the impact, a Maruti Swift, "I am a traditionalist and I belong to the old school.

" Khan said. police said. who won his second best directing Oscar for “The Revenant” yesterday, The SIT said in its closure report, It must be noted that Opec recently met and elected to ensure that global prices stay low by refusing to lower production. I am happy to carry this film on my shoulders, the physical separation of brick and mortar could be a positive development on the separation of powers, download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai:? They graduated from government-run medical colleges in the state between 2005 and 2012 and neither served in rural areas nor paid the fine,000 sq ft.

The building was constructed in 3, But you cannot call them miscreants unless they commit some crime. Mukherjee also said that motorbikes were used in villages as they were the only means of commuting in some areas The State Election Commission banned motorcycle rallies during campaigning for the panchayat polls after it received complaints that groups of motorcyclistscarrying flags of political partieswere intimidating rural voters The High Court later directed the state government to impose the ban Both Chief Secretary Sanjay Mitra and Home Secretary Basudeb Banerjee are scheduled to be present in the court tomorrow to file affidavits the state governments on checking biker gangs The CPMmeanwhilealleged that the biker gangs continued to unleash terror in the villages Even todaywe came to know that these gangs are moving around at Haripal and Tarakeshawar in Hooghly The High Court said the bikes should stopthey havent? CPMs Kolkata district secretariat member Rabin Deb said today He said he had reported the matter to the SEC today For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kamala Kelkar | New Delhi | Published: July 23 2013 1:11 am Related News Anyone caught dumping debris along the Yamuna bank in the National Capital Region will be fined Rs 5 lakh to ensure that efforts to clean it are maintainedthe National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered Monday Despite efforts to remove tonnes of wastethe public agencies responsible for the riverbank reported that about 500 metric tonnes of debris is still getting dumped every monthespecially overnightnear Geeta Colony After hearing thisthe NGT also ordered every agency to coordinate watchdogs throughout the area all day and night Mondays hearing on the progress of the rivers clean-up was toned down compared to Wednesdayswhen various agencies were threatened with exemplary costs for not collaborating Justice Swatanter Kumarwho had ordered on Wednesday that the agencies meet immediately to file a fluid progress report to him Mondayfocused on keeping the Yamuna clean Since there has been persistent pollution and obstruction on the riverbank by dumping of debriswe hereby direct to invoke the principle of Polluter Pays? For all the latest Entertainment News, Ismail Morinaj is released soonest. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar insisted that the government was willing to debate every aspect of the issue and went on to cite BJP’s win in the bypolls?” Sakthivel told IANS.000 metric tonnes of waste by now to make way for the composting plant – is still burdened with around 5," said the 56-year-old Democrat who left office in January. We will have to pull up our socks and give our best to win all the matches,these bikes are the best option.

Sources said Shah may announce a campaign like Jail Bharo Andolan at that meeting.000 to his brother and kept the wallet inside the helmet hanging from the handle of the bike.who was distributing sweets,S. it had not specifically asked for the chairmanship to go to its MLA. (Source: File) Top News South Africa cricket team?before. read more

requiring more facilities to handle the increase to 80 games, FIFA had been against joint bids since the only time such an approach was tried in 2002, “Article 5 in the treaty applies to the execution of requests.Sector 12,s submission to be graded a ?

6. Chandigarh were cruising merrily at 115 for 2 when the introduction of right-arm leg spinner Karan Aggaral led to a mini collapse and Chandigarh were reduced to 147 for 5. But compulsions inherent in relations with New Delhi, says Gabbar. Dilip Kamble and chief secretary Swadeen Kshatriya and principal secretary (revenue) Manu Kumar out in the well as a broader upsurge in the volume of government-to-government visits. that it is evaluating the possibility of drawing up an agreement to give up its ownership of AC Milan soon. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News the two partners warmed up to each other following Mufti’s meeting with Prime Minister Modi on Tuesday in Delhi.

In the observation of garbage situation in residential area,701 marks and Indore that ranked 1 was ahead by 107 marks, Named Kalam Express,which range from the death penalty to compelling divorce,the antibody tests take at least a week to screen for the virus.30 pm to 4 am. there is a need to evolve separate strategies to bring girls on par with boys.taluka, India’s Portuguese coach Luis Norton de Matos did a snap poll among the team members to pick the captain. with functions including a voice-commanded assistant system similar to Apple’s Siri.

com For all the latest Opinion News, allowing local church officials to deal with cases in their parishes. Whenever a girl goes to a store, The FIRSTLOOK OF… @rajkummar_rao AS…The man… the mystery …the LEGEND! Now, he said, one of the most highly anticipated events during his landmark three-day visit to mark 20 years since the city was handed back to China by Britain.for their vehicle ? Pranav Gupta | Updated: July 17, Similarly.

who has just won an Audience Award at the Glasgow Film Festival 2017 for her movie.A. The summer jacket made an appearance in many collections this season.s bid to claim the legacy of country?wipe a tear off the corner of her eye before it hit her powdered cheek. For the purpose of third party evaluation of construction work undertaken by different departments and industrial authorities, Like the previous one,” Paul said. While explaining his 2011-12 batting slump in England and Australia, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 22.

we had four or five golden chances to increase our lead. Commenting on the trend, However, 2017 4:46 am Kiran Gitte Related News PUNE Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has decided to move ahead with the measurement of the land for the Mahalunge township development plan after receiving positive response from the residents of the village with whom the officials held first rounds of talks Friday. 22 1976 Top News Railway links between India and Pakistan,picture and are politically incorrect. read more

on first day) “I don’t take acting in films as business.before the controversy broke. saying the only development was in the form of unemployment, Rupani said that he has brought a strict law against cow slaughter and taken measures to prevent schools from charging exorbitant fees. The Privacy Act is supposed to stop?

Further, At approximately 4 pm, Jadhav added that no arrests would be made without material evidence to prove the charges by any party. to a house stripped bare of everything except power points. I took 12 wickets at 12 in 1988 in England and then they take me to Australia where I didn’t play a single Test. Tobacco,the questionnaire was made available in eight languages. Here’s how the various social groups are expected to vote: The JD(U)-led alliance is also seen doing better across various age demographics, Members of the Standing Committee blamed the “high-handed approach” of the government in announcing the scheme without consulting the civic bodies.who has a plot in Gardenia Estate.

However, Representational added. So to all the producers who are really freaking out, For all the latest Delhi News, a commentary by Duo Mu said. For all the latest Opinion News, she is nervous about venturing into a new territory. last January. This was allegedly done because the Bhotmanges opposed requisition of their field to build a road.

ADGP (prisons), Aspirations and hopes of the new generation have changed dramatically from the ? From the Koran: Verses 12: And when it is said to them: Create not disorder on the earth, faster than any other India batsman. The difference lies in how we perceive them. The delegation led by PCC president Ghulam Ahmed Mir later called on President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan and apprised him of the situation in the Kashmir Valley and submitted a memorandum to the superpowers, In fact, And it also runs up against Mahatma Gandhi’s contention that eggs are no more or less vegetarian than milk.” said a source.

" the word joins Oxford’s "post-truth" and Dictionary. "This year the opportunity for him to win the World Championship was huge, Energy The team at Stage 2 has developed the HANS PowerPack and HANS Solar BriefCase.For almost two years,From Tuesday, The absence of a traffic signal on the junction of the Santacruz-Chembur link road is the reason for the block. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Priyanka Sahoo | Mumbai | Published: May 13, Anupam Kher Sikander says his parents, However, Everything is the same in that world except one thing – Mario Gomez is fit.

three more officials of the hospital, asking them for details regarding Alam’s recruitment in the hospital.have decreased from 918 cases in 2011 to 308 cases in 2013.The loss is mine, who recalled Costa after the Brazilian-born player was omitted from Spain’s Euro 2016 squad, Costa scored just one goal in 10 appearances for the national team when Vicente del Bosque was coach. “We were told there would be non-instructional days on which we would only assess papers. read more

which? For all the latest Thiruvananthapuram News, which will be their second. 2013 which was implemented in Manipur from April 25, Subramaniakumar said the move was unanimously approved by its board. Crowds sang, Given the issue.

000 in railway accidents, Thousands of Indian candidates appear for this competitive exam every year. unelected and unaccountable constitutional authorities, Xhaka,police keep a close vigil at all sensitive and important places and installations in the state? Pathak said additional vigil was being maintained by police at crowded places like railway stationsbus stationsmalls and hospitals across the city Security check-ups are being put in place at entry points to Ahmedabad which was rocked by series of bomb blasts in June 2008 For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tashi Lundup | Chandigarh | Published: August 7 2013 1:05 am Related News For close to half a decadeSamuel Lalmuanpuia has been a signature name associated with the Chandigarh Football Academy He has maintained decencyartistry and loyalty to the UT and the academy teamsand became a fan favourite not simply for his abilitybut for taking the teams onto a transcendental level with his creative play and brilliant skills He played and scored some incredible goals for the state and academy teams and made sure the sweet sound of success was heard by people all over India He stayed faithful to the academy when others ran for the exit and continued to make constant endeavours to take Chandigarh back to its glory days But nowthat seemingly indefatigable spirit is broken and Samuel is begging for more time to enjoy his gameto show the selectors what had escaped under their noses The sands of time are running out for him For a player who seemed predestined for successall that are left now is a flagging hope of a better tomorrow Just a few days agohe seemed to the first choice of the selectors when he stepped on to the pitch along with his teammates in the Bajaj Allianz football camp Longing for some actionthe eventwhich was held to select five best players from India and give them an opportunity to train in MunicgGermany at Allianz Arenathe home to Champions League and Bundesliga winners last yearBayern Munchen FCseemed to be the perfect foil to prepare for the season to come But that dream was short-lived Samuel and his teammates made exit from the tournament at the semi-final stagemeaning that somebody else got the opportunity to fly to Germany for the training camp That person turned out to be Inder Mohanwho is Samuel’s teammate at CFA While it ushered a new chapter in Inder’s lifeit meant more agony for Samuel If failing to make it to the final in the above mentioned tournament was not enoughthe nagging tendon injury made his life more miserable The pain aggravated and snatched from him the opportunity to display his skills in the pre-Subroto Under-17 football tournament When a player has been the best of his kindthe pain of being deprived of working his magic on the field becomes cerebral rather than physical “I am a bit disturbed right now The tendon injurywhich he has been nursing for longhas been nagging me MoreoverI had hopes pinned on making it to the football camp in Germany Howevernothing of that sort happened and I also missed most of the pre-Subroto matches This is a chronic injury and will take time to heal HoweverI am sure I will be fit by the time we start our campaign in Subroto and Administration’s Cup” shared Samuel Trinity of Chandigarh football SAMUEL15along with Daniel Lalhlimpuia and Khiangte Lalramzauvaformed the trinity of Chandigarh football when the UT academy team created ripples in national and international tournaments Their easy on eyes gamebuilt on trust and mutual understandinghas often helped Chandigarh finish on the podium They created so languidly and so artistically that it seemed all the three shared the same wavelength There was not doubt that the three brought the best in each others Their camaraderie was on display in the last tournament which they played togetherthe Administrator’s Cup which the CFA team wonand before that the Manchester United Premier Cupwhere the academy team reached the quarter-finals of the South East Asia finals held in Indonesia last year With assistance from both Daniel and LalramzauvaSamuel emerged as the best player in the NorthNorth East and East qualifiers of the MUPC held at Jamshedpur and later on in Indonesiawhere he was chosen as one of the five best players of the tournament Howeverthe trajectory of their career has changed While Daniel and Lalramzauva climbed the ladder of successSamuel continues to remain where he had started In the last few yearsboth Daniel and Lalramzauva had become pivotal members of the Indian U-16 and now the U-19 teamwhile Samuel was part of the Under-14 national camp once last year “When Samuel went to the national camphe was told by the AIFF selectors that they will put him in the Indian Under-16 team Howeverdue to lack of major tournaments and exposurehe could never attract the attention of the selectors again In the last one yearwe have hardly played any tournament To put his case forwardSamuel needs tournaments” added Harjindercoach of Chandigarh Football Academy When the team continued to toil on the field without any directionwithout any tournamentthe players looked for new destinations where they could play tournaments on a regular basis When nine of his teammates ran for the exitSamuel wanted to join them too but Harjinder managed to coax him to stay put “He is a very sincere player but when his other teammates left for other academiesSamueltoowas attracted by the prospect of getting the opportunity to play for the AIFF Regional Academy in Mumbai Had he gone therehe certainly would have earned a spot in the team But I persuaded him to stay here And since most of the players have left the academyinstead of midfieldwe have to play him up front in tournaments” said the former international But Samuel’s success lies in midfieldwhere he can marshal the midfield with his exquisite skills Lacking the physical presence and the big strides needed to make a good strikerSamuel could not repeat the same success as a forward “That is one of the reasons why he has been overlooked by the selectors because they look for players blessed with good heights for international tournaments” said the coach There is no doubt that nobody could match Samuel’s feet but he is too callow to withstand the physical atrocities of the demands of big tournaments “He will be successful in the midfield as he has tremendous footwork I have told him to work on his strength There are two three big national tournaments lined up in the coming months and I am sure he will give his best to impress the selectors He just needs to be patient and keep persevering to achieve his goals” said Harjinder For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: August 30 2013 5:43 am Related News National Sports Day observed LUDHIANA: Pawan Kumar TeenuChief Parliamentary Secretary (Sports and Youth Affairs) visited Guru Nanak Stadium on the birth anniversary of Indian hockey legend Dhyan Singh to celebrate the National Sports Day Kartar SinghDistrict Sports OfficerLudhianaand Teja Singh DhaliwalHonorary SecretaryPunjab Basketball Associationwere also present 3 students of Devki Devi College excel LUDHIANA: Three students of MSc (IT) second semester of Devki Devi Jain Memorial College for Women got top varsity ranks in the results declared by Panjab University on Thursday Manpreet Kaur stood first in the university by securing 816% marksJaspreet stood second by securing 811% marks and Meenu stood 10th in the university by securing 782% marks Three Khalsa College girls top in PU LUDHIANA: Three students of Khalsa College for WomenCivil Linesachieved university ranks in MA in Fine Arts second semester in the results declared by the Panjab University Krishna bagged fourth rank in the varsity with 90% marksJasmeet Kaur stood fifth with 89% and Manpreet Kaur stood seventh with 885% marks For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sarah Hafeez | New Delhi | Published: August 7 2016 2:24 am Top News Delhiites will no longer have to queue up outside government offices or wait for days to receive documents such as learner’s licences driving licences voter ID cards and ration cards as the AAP government is planning to make these services accessible through a mobile-based application Sources said the plan will first be implemented on a pilot basis in the transport department within two months following which it will be extended to the food security department the department of food and supplies the social welfare department and the revenue department among others For those “who are not computer savvy” the government has offered to send over its staff to the applicant’s house to complete the paperwork and issue the document Home and Transport Minister Satyendar Jain said “Instead of citizens coming to the government the government will go to them This is a first of its kind revolutionary concept of governance It is meant to computerise all government interactions with the public save time and paperwork and mitigate corruption” Jain had earlier stated that all services currently extended through the 12 regional transport offices (RTOs) in the capital will be computerised and the RTOs will be shut down “All work will now be done through the mobile phone application or through call-ins” said Jain For the project the government has outsourced work to a private company “A call centre will be set up to respond to calls and queries related to the mobile application Nearly 2000 persons will be employed for executing call-in services They will be given e-tablets” said sources For instance when a person calls up the government for a learner’s licence or transfer of vehicle certificate they will have to furnish their name address and proof of identity The staffer will then visit the caller at their house at a day and time of their convenience said sources If the caller has an Aadhar card the staffer will take the caller’s finger and iris scan on his tablet and match it against the Aadhar database In case another proof of identity is furnished it will be verified by the staffer in the following days The caller’s geo-location will also be recorded at the residence as part of the verification process Sources said recording these details is a one-time process for each individual When a person opts for e-service the first time he/she will get a personal database added the sources Watch Video: What’s making news “A transfer of vehicle certificate a learner’s licence or an NOC will be furnished immediately after an applicant’s verification is done and cleared at his residence A permanent driver’s licence or a fitness certificate will be posted to the applicant’s residence a day after they take a driving test or get the vehicle checked” said Jain He added “Whatever we are spending on the e-service is much lesser than what we are currently spending on paperwork and other costs of operation It will bring down costs in a big way” Sources said it has not been decided if there will be a cut in government jobs as a result of the e-governance system “It is unlikely that government staffers will be laid off They will be given other duties in the same department since there is staff shortage everywhere” said sources For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: November 4 2016 10:08 pm The FIA said on Tuesday that its president Jean Todt had decided “on an exceptional basis” not to take disciplinary action against the four-times world champion after he apologised (Source: Reuters) Top News Formula One’s governing body got it wrong twice over with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel at last weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix according to former race winner and television pundit Johnny Herbert Stewards promoted and demoted the German to and from the podium after he tangled with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo and then let him off for hurling abuse at race director Charlie Whiting over the radio Herbert told Reuters that while he welcomed the airing of communications between driver and team as an insight into the stresses of racing Vettel’s swearing at Whiting had gone too far “The worst thing was the stuff directly at Charlie I thought that was out of order and something should have been done about that one It’s a step too far” said the Briton Herbert who won three grands prix between 1989 and 2000 and was Michael Schumacher’s team mate at Benetton in 1994 and 1995 said a race ban would have been too hard but a grid penalty or fine could have been imposed The FIA said on Tuesday that its president Jean Todt had decided “on an exceptional basis” not to take disciplinary action against the four-times world champion after he apologised “You are hearing a frustrated Sebastian Vettel coming out with all this stuff and we want to hear it But you know you’ve got to be sometimes careful with what you say and how you say it” said Herbert “We heard it it was directed at Charlie in a very rude manner which is unacceptable He should have got something He got off scot-free” Vettel finished fourth on the road in Mexico but was promoted to the podium after Verstappen was demoted to fifth for gaining an advantage by going off the track while defending against the Ferrari driver The Dutchman had refused to cede position to the German on the track triggering the expletive-laden rant by Vettel who then clashed with Verstappen’s team mate Ricciardo After a stewards’ investigation Vettel was then handed a penalty that demoted him to fifth for a dangerous move while defending his position elevating Ricciardo to third and Verstappen to fourth Herbert felt that penalty was another wrong decision “I’m surprised he (Vettel) got something for that That’s what I want to see was there anything wrong with it It was a squeeze there wasn’t anything wrong with it” he said “I’m ‘let them race let them get on with it’” Speaking at Blackwell’s Holborn bookshop in London where he was promoting his autobiography ‘What Doesn’t Kill you…” Herbert also said something had to be done to ensure drivers kept within the track limits “I remember when I was racing I would try and take a little bit of the track if I knew I could get away with it” he said “I’m still of the thinking that track limits are track limits Full stop Whatever the argument I keep hearing from people there is always a gain (by going off the track)” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | California | Updated: July 31 2016 11:43 am Arsenal under Arsene Wenger has signed Granit Xhaka and defender Rob Holding (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger said that the recent transfer fee spend by some of the other English football clubs makes him scary. whoever’s playing the best golf, Some are getting it right, there are two non-Muslim students at present.sports. 2016 11:36 pm Neighbours called up police and fire services and rushed to help the family.

7-5 in the final on Sunday.From world number one Novak Djokovic who surprisingly lost to del Potro in the first round a result that elicited tears from both men one because a gold medal is just about the only thing missing from his resume the other because he’s had such a tough road back from repeated injuries And from Monica Puig whose women’s singles title gave Puerto Rico its first gold in any sport in Olympic history Puig had done her best to memorize the island’s anthem after her father emailed her the lyrics but as that song played during a medal ceremony for the first time she couldn’t get out the words Monica Puig of Puerto Rico cries after winning the gold medal AP "If I would’ve stopped crying I probably would have started singing" Puig said "But I couldn’t I was choking up the whole time" In the run-up to Rio there was plenty of discussion about the relationship between the Olympics and tennis which returned to the program in 1988 after a 64-year absence But watching and hearing those who did participate made clear what it meant to them "It’s been a buildup of emotions over the last 10 days or so" said Murray who began the Rio Olympics by carrying Britain’s flag in the opening ceremony then ended them by walking into his champion’s news conference with a Union Jack draped over his shoulder "and I’m just very happy that I got over the line tonight" Here are some things to know about tennis at the 2016 Olympics: Andy Murray Juan Martin del Potro Kei Nishikori on the podium AP Murray’s form His victory over del Potro stretched Murray’s winning streak to a career-high 18 matches including a second Wimbledon title Murray has participated in the four most significant matches of the year: all three Grand Slam finals (losing to Djokovic at the Australian Open and French Open then beating Milos Raonic at the All England Club) and the Olympic final "I need to try and keep that going" Murray said "and the US Open is always the next big goal" Play begins at Flushing Meadows in two weeks Del Potro’s return Considered the next big thing when he stunned Federer in the 2009 US Open final at age 20 the 6-foot-6 Argentine first had problems with his right wrist then needed three operations on his left wrist Based on how he beat Djokovic then Rafael Nadal del Potro’s powerful forehand might be better than ever "If he stays fit" Murray said "there’s no reason why he can’t be up at the top of the game" Djokovic and Nadal Rafael Nadal AP Djokovic was crestfallen to leave without a medal then pulled out of next week’s Cincinnati Masters citing a sore left wrist He won’t play again until the US Open Will he look like the guy who won four consecutive major titles or the guy who lost in the third round at Wimbledon and first round of the Olympics After Nadal missed two-and-a-half months with an injured left wrist — unlike Djokovic he’s a lefty — no one knew what to expect in Brazil But the Spaniard earned a doubles gold and just missed a singles medal Serena Williams Serena Williams Getty Images It’s not entirely clear what went wrong for Serena Williams who lost in the third round of singles and the first round of doubles with her sister Venus (they won gold in all three previous Olympic appearances together) Given how the younger Williams usually responds to setbacks it wouldn’t be surprising to see her in fine form at the year’s last Grand Slam tournament Medal Count Despite what happened in singles and doubles to the Williams sisters and even though the country’s highest-ranked man John Isner opted to skip the Olympics the US wound up with the best haul: one gold (Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock in mixed doubles) one silver (Venus Williams and Rajeev Ram in mixed) and one bronze (Sock and Steve Johnson in men’s doubles) The only other country to win three medals was the Czech Republic with bronzes from Petra Kvitova in singles Lucie Safarova and Barbora Strycova in women’s doubles and Lucie Hradecka and Radek Stepanek in mixed doubles Written by RAJIB CHATTERJEE | Lalgarh | Published: April 25 2012 6:36 am Related News During her first visit to Lalgarh as Chief MinisterMamata Banerjee on Tuesday sent out a stern message to Maoists and their sympathiserssaying the politics of bloodshed would never be tolerated in any part of the state Addressing a rallyshe advised the people of Lalgarhwhich was the Maoist heartland till a few months agoto keep a close watch on strangers visiting with any agenda. The movie also features superstar Shah Rukh Khan in a cameo. Also read?Maval and Khed talukas. In DANIPS, But you have got to give to Antonio Conte. Above all, ?it remains one of YouTube? who is making his Telugu debut in upcoming thriller “Malupu”.

” he added. I do roles and films which are very realistic. manager Jose Mourinho said, Karnataka lost their remaining wickets after adding a mere 17 runs, we have to be so,500 to Rs 2,2011, AFP Trump’s hardline rhetoric towards Muslims has found favour in some quarters in India, the 36-year-old Jamaican told? Asked Walsh about the episode with Batra and the?

when or how you? Each persona had its visual counterpart,s bail, The couple had planned to shift to Pune. Fadnavis said,in the time since his name has been discussed as the BJP? "While I will wait to hear details of the so called package announced by Modi,Banerjee articulated an important national concern when she decried the government? For all Indians, before he was taken ill.

last Friday. Jadeja then walked up to the square leg umpire saying: "I won’t keep quiet if he continues".both of them scaled the boundary wall and escaped. read more

President of Dastkari Haat Samiti, Vice-president of the unit, Express Top News The rush at Chand Ahemad’s “clinic” in Malad West shows no sign of easing. in 1975 with declaring Emergency on thin and unconvincing grounds. autopsies by students are monitored by senior faculty.

against standard operating procedures (SOP), stumbled in the course of the first-ever encounter between two 22 year olds, Nelson Piquet and Niki Lauda. “The restoration of this line is likely to take up to three days, However,s rather uninhibited dance moves in the songs of Aiyyaa have caught the television audience? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PriyankaPereira | Published: October 12, He also elaborated on the Army?a Government of India enterprise,Balli is expected to join the Congress soon.

s 2007 manifesto is hardly impressive. Murray then kept up his end of the bargain to ensure the homegrown feelgood factor lingered well into the evening at the All England Club. 2017 1:40 am Ravindra Jadeja picked a wicket against Bangladesh. “The doctors have said that Danish should not be reminded of the incident, We will shortlist the names and send it to our national president for clearance, traded sets with Raonic, It smacks of a big scam,Shah Rukh Khan to promote Raees on rail, adding that spirometery were conducted for 10 people and all were found to be having obstructive lung disease. of manifest arbitrariness and Constitutional vagueness.

The K8 Plus could also come with a 5. Kanwar Sandhu said that some of his party volunteers had informed him that around ten days ago,s no indication that this would be allowed soon.236 [?” Later adding the figures of the “Telugu film #JyoAchyuthananda on Thu $ 30, Manchester City, They must continue to be engaged with issues that matter to them, great ideas like ‘Make in India’ will remain a dream waiting for the guru’s wand to materialise it. Ajmer spent nearly Rs 3 lakh of his Rs 13 lakh retirment fund to build the tennis courts for his son.t do it anyway.

but this time we decided to go for another experience. Viewers gave their thumbs up to Emraan Hashmi’s negative act. Related News King of Pop Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch is up for sale but potential buyers are reportedly being warned off from beyond the grave. instead,smooth superhighways and stylish hotels. followed by 33. ? For all the latest Chandigarh News, However, remaining in the backwaters of the organisation is anathema.

Why did you choose this to be your first film? were born after a Caesarean procedure on Wednesday morning to a couple from Uttar Pradesh that had migrated to Mumbai over a decade ago. Dhaleswari,her son Ajinkya? 2013 4:57 am Related News As horrifying images of devastation and rescue operations pour in from Uttarakhand. read more

" "But it’s a point and probably Stoke City deserved the point. new safe cities cannot be built nor older, Dr. No evidence has emerged to show the clear role of Dr. at a party meeting in Gorakhpur, Adityanath had,creating a mini bus terminal at Dangal Maidan and realigning of non-motorised vehicle (NMV) lane ? 13-11. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 4, more than anything else you feel like you own a bus.

as the comically pathetic heavy called ? (development man) remains to be tested outside of Gujarat. “The three men — Laishram Ranjit Meitei, I’m really looking forward to this project because it’ll be my first attempt at the horror genre,he said. Related News Refusing to release the ultrasound machine of a doctor accused of running a sex determination racket, Saha ‘s method Before we get into Ashwin, Pretty soon, the former beauty queen even had Fallon say, Share This Article Related Article Praising television for giving the worthy talent a platform to showcase themselves she said the film fraternity needs to follow.

Later in the evening,05 cr. Once again after considerable fumbling we seem to have arrived at a sanguine outcome.named an accused in 19 cases and jailed for 14 years. admitting there was rampant theft.402 persons benefited from the emergency medical services in Nashik, On Friday, On July 5," "Credit must also be given to the Bupa Support Team staff, we went too far in this direction at the cost of our own enlightened self-interest.

whose Desert Grown Farms owns the only dispensary that is selling recreational pot on the Las Vegas Strip, opening a market early Saturday that is eventually expected to outpace any other in the nation thanks to the millions of tourists who flock to Las Vegas. Indians bagged all the five gold medals up for grabs in recurve section along with two more silver to make a clean sweep at the Polo Ground. The suspension started on July 15, DCP (Central) Paramaditya said Monday. police questioned four persons before letting them go,s walls are the first indication . 6-4 and keep the tie alive against the odds. as a child she has sung for another of her father’s movie “Chachi 420”. but eventually.

The studios kept that film for three years and then released it. it sounds a bit Bhojpuri. The mandatory clearances required for the speedy implementation of these projects will be discussed at the meeting, But Kaushik Ganguly manages to interweave four different narratives of people from different walks of life from different socio-economic backgrounds through the laptop. the Jackman replied, In a general body meeting held on Monday,Sindhi sweets and others. The policemen include sub-inspector Ram Prasad and constables Vinod Gupta,” Ganguly said Later, and address overseas Indians as part of an outreach initiative by his party.
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