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now society is in a highly innovative period, major colleges and universities are actively change their teaching strategies, to provide a series of entrepreneurial guidance, for many college students, university campus curriculum is business oriented.

before we talked about the University, in addition to let children learn more knowledge, but also hope that the children after graduation to find a good job, "entrepreneurship" for college students may feel a little deviant". But with the continuous development of market economy, Ma Yun, Zong Qinghou and other figures rise, coupled with the Zhejiang market good soil, now the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students is rising year after year. read more

for inexperienced entrepreneurs, when looking for the project is very important, your choice, determines your future career path smoothly, you know, than to choose, choose the items in the entire visible entrepreneurship entrepreneurial process plays a key role! A slip into eternal regret, in order to avoid the risk of the future, today we come to a simple understanding of: how to choose the project? What are the pitfalls of entrepreneurial options?

1: registered legal nature of the


if the registered project legal party organization but not a natural person, it is recommended that investors must not blindly enter, it is very likely to be cheated, because the natural person in terms of registered capital or registered conditions are very loose, in other words, you cheated, the business sector is not good for your rights. read more

business story thousands, and the entrepreneurial Master from the initial debt to net worth of money later, in a few years, his life is happened to turn the world upside down changes, that will give business friends some incentive.

will Yijia helm Daikun, was forced to turn off their backs, about 6000000 yuan of debt, the family only 100 yuan living expenses. Three years is how difficult transition?

Daikun is a serial entrepreneur who graduated from the University in 2003, after a year of trying to start a business, opened a small restaurant. Two years after the first venture failed, he came to Guangzhou, founded in 2007 will be easy. read more

when the women’s clothing and children’s clothing market is full of a lot of disorderly competition, the men’s market is a small step forward. The men’s brand discount store because of preferential prices, reliable quality, rich category and popular male consumers, while its booming scene is told countless entrepreneurs, business opportunities here bursting. In fact, there are a lot of investment entrepreneurs to wait and see or even skeptical attitude, still questioning the way men earn money in the brand men’s discount store. Now to solve business and Profit Secrets brand men’s discount stores. read more

although the economy developed quickly, but the exchanges between people but did not increase much when everyone is dependent on the number of chat software, in life no matter between people or the exchange of business is relatively less. "1, 2, 3, eggplant!" Recently, rooted in the old industrial area of the lake 25 companies set up a new home, co founded the creative industrial park development council. At the inaugural ceremony, the family together in the United States and the United States and the United States and the space of the boiler cafe, took the first photo of the family, stop this special moment. read more

does not sell clothing skill is certainly not, in order to obtain good profit, must master the management skills, if you are running a brand men’s agent, then you need to how business can get better profit? Do not understand the novice can learn a lot of business knowledge, can not miss a good opportunity.

brand men’s agency requirements guide personnel must not only master the general guide skills, but also have comprehensive professional understanding of the product itself, product characteristics, collocation method, maintenance and so on, even more than our customers to understand should choose what specifications and style of the brand men’s wear products, in addition, to learn how to grasp the customer’s psychology, master the trend of the market. read more

garment industry market prospects, now women love buy fashion clothing, drive the development of the clothing market, clothing stores in clothing, update speed, last year was a popular style, this year may become unsalable goods, so there will be the inventory situation. For the entire garment industry, excessive inventory has become a serious problem affecting the development of the industry. So, how can we keep up with the increase in the inventory of clothing stores, in addition to the sale sale we mentioned earlier, there is no other effective way? read more

liquid wallpaper is the focus of attention of the majority of consumers to decorate the house, because the consumer’s recognition, the product has been the concern of people, what kind of liquid wallpaper stores need to get people’s favor.

now I want to say that the operation of environmental protection liquid wallpaper store four magic weapon, it is worth the entrepreneur to study it, to help you quickly lock consumer groups, to maximize profits:

First of all,

environmental liquid wallpaper franchisee to like their products, understand the characteristics of their products, so as to better recommend products to customers. Of course, the shop is playing with their own environmental protection products, but also can attract the attention of customers. read more

open cooked food franchise, how to succeed? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the problem. If you want to invest in such stores, you can pay attention to the relevant business skills. Small make up a few points, mainly from personnel management, publicity and other aspects of the analysis, so that franchisees can generally understand the need to pay attention to the direction of.

The propaganda target in the commercial circle population read more

as long as the food delicious, will not easily be buried, because can not underestimate the power of a Chinese chowhound. In many of the snacks in Taiwan snacks is the best word of mouth, but there are a lot of Taiwan snack brands, choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian here for you to recommend the buoyancy forest cake.

2000 in December, the Taiwan Xin long Food Co., Ltd. investment in Hangzhou Xin long Food Co., Ltd. was formally established, the main bakery, bakery and other bakery products, the company’s registered trademark of the product for the FreeMori. After nearly eight years of painstaking efforts, the brand has become synonymous with fine baked culture. read more

underwear choice for our life has been very important, in fact, the choice of investment in the market of underwear, is a very good choice. The choice of high quality underwear, worry free business, worthy of trust. Romantic season fashion underwear? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs!

people say that now the woman’s good money, beauty is a woman’s nature is really necessary and selling women’s underwear is a lot of people think, but a unique brand of underwear is a lot of people are afraid to think, not only to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, more important is to have a large sum of money. If it is not ready to lose everything, so join a good underwear brand is now safe and practical ideas. read more

during the Spring Festival, so a touching thing happened to a mental disease hospital of Qinhuangdao City, at the critical moment in patients with mental disorders with a more than and 20 cm long fruit knife rushed over to the Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao city mental health center nurse Hao Ran dragon without hesitation, rushed forward with tightly, 4 knife in the body, he did not step back. Let more people pay attention to the 90 Hao Ran righteousness, have for the young point praise.

1 31 is the lunar new year, more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, long Hao Ran just value class, is preparing to return home and family reunion. At this time, a woman called for help, said his brother suffering from mental illness, the family has locked him at home, in urgent need of help. After listening to the Dragon Hao Ran, just off the white coat and put on: "I go with you." read more

said the old brand dumplings investment who can match the strength of veteran dumpling brand investment? Dumpling has a history of 170 years. Eight years Qing Dynasty, Hebei Hejian Fu Ren Qiuxian Bian Jia Zhuang, a side blessing to make a living in Shenyang, in a small ferry bridge trestle, side room, dumpling restaurant. Because the meat stuffing dumpling house edge are stir off, so called stir dumplings to master surname edge, so people are accustomed to call the old house of dumplings. The elaborate, unique flavor, dumpling fame, has opened three branches in Shenyang, by the side of descendant — edge edge edge jump, righteousness, Lin three brothers business. Today, dumpling has been in Liaoning Shenyang, Anshan, Beijing, Henan, Anyang and the United States, Japan and other places to open a number of retail chains and food factory. read more

hot pot restaurant fame also led to the development of a number of food and beverage brands, such as dry pot, cooking dishes, such as hot pot brands are also widely praised by consumers. Take the dry pot, many of its well-known brands, in June the snow dry pot performance is more outstanding.

June is the name of the dry pot with respect to the hot pot. A lot of hot pot soup, in order to adapt to a variety of hot boiled raw materials; and in June the snow dry pot soup is relatively small, usually served as a direct food table. The first snow in June is the form of dry pot dishes cooked in the kitchen will be good, and then put into the pot to eat. read more

in the street, we can see a lot of people queuing. Yes, that’s the doorway to the happy lemon store. Join the happy lemon? Market sentiment is high, small business worth choosing, worthy of trust. Join happy lemon? Good business opportunities, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

love for happy lemon, many consumers have long queues, super good business, it has ultra fast money mode, win the love many independent entrepreneurs, so choose to be happy to become the new darling little lemon investment in this project, the following look at the happy lemon appeared! So how to join the happy lemon read more

in many cities, people will see the card in Datong, with it can go to the major attractions do not need to spend too many tickets, so it is popular in many cities. Datong people said, only 100 dollars a year, so many attractions casually, and convenient and affordable!"

Datong from September 1st this year, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei City, Wulanchabu City, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city and Shanxi province 11 cities on the sale of the Chinese tourists travel card". Visitors can buy physical card in the province around the city construction bank outlets, but also pay attention to "Datong tourism card" WeChat public number, or log on to bank and Construction Bank mobile phone distribution platform into the "Datong tourism card" platform for online purchase. read more

want to succeed in business, we need to take what kind of business skills? This is the concern of many people. Danjiangkou city is one of many tourist attractions, beautiful mountain city, in recent years combined with the effect of water diversion project of the great, let more people to know, the former more remote occlusion of the county town, now hull: spacious road, high-rise buildings, zigzag "one river two sides" with the landscape, like a colorful jade inlaid in the Hanjiang River, tourists come to town boiling, more to the town to bring unlimited business opportunities. read more