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8. on layout

6. do 404 friendly page

2. in the content of reasonable distribution of keywords


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Reasonable layout of the Shanghai dragon!

11. of chain construction


3. page read more

5, another cause of the page ranking than home ranking, probably because the corresponding page keyword density is too high. But now the general site has special maintenance, seldom have this phenomenon. And this ranking is not the normal situation, may be the search engine to make adjustments, not normal.

summed up the following reasons, to discuss:


from 9.21 to begin a comprehensive revision, the revision did not pay attention to detail, and the corresponding art in the website with strong and later in the CSS reset the strong attribute, 2 months after toxace was found, which leads to the site was completely right down. After an emergency recovery and a large number of high-quality original site in the station, began to slowly recover. read more


if the site is local, not with the words of the regional, not only to attract traffic, is not conducive to improve the site’s conversion rate. For example, the website provides host leasing, sales and other services, if the "host" as keyword optimization, not only the intensity of competition, but it is difficult to make up the ranking website. On the contrary, if the broad keywords with regional words, such as Sichuan, Shenzhen, Hongkong, the host host host, the host, the service content of this web site will be more clear, convenient for users to find, and relatively lower intensity of competition. read more

        contact the webmaster work soon, overall, I still is a very new new webmaster. I run a website at the beginning of iron and steel, what do not have the experience, the teacher only love Shanghai and Google, so it is hard to. This paper mainly describes our website escape love Shanghai sandbox and a little experience, hope all the friends and share and exchange.
(1) original content quality; original content is a web site of the soul, is the only original content, the website can be really valuable. On the site behind, there has to be one or two writers to do original. In a "sandbox period", we insist on 10 pieces of original content website. Do not underestimate the 10 original content, it is through these pull to the actual traffic, and we see from the content of the site in Shanghai is also very love love reptiles these contents will come to climb every day. read more

two, Shanghai dragon optimization is not excessive. When you want to learn the knowledge application to your site, there is no thought, what is the result of doing so, the thought of optimization over what is the consequences of not. These factors, you have to be taken into account, not blindly take off. The development of the website is a sequential see into the process of the development of Shanghai dragon method only can make your site in good health. It is not accelerator, overnight to achieve the effect you want. read more

in the optimization of the web site optimization excessive, will be punished, the use of black hat means will be punished, the website will not appear to be related punishment, the punishment is also slightly serious, so each Shanghai Dragon Staff in the website optimization is careful. Here the author introduces several search engines, the degree of punishment.

Be punished often

heavy punishment is very serious situation, the main reason is that due to serious violation of the prohibition of the use of search engine to optimize the site, such as the use of serious black hat means, hang black chain, using the group chain software, web site recognition. Severe punishment once will delete the home page, included dropped substantially even 0, keywords ranking disappeared. If the punishment of severe punishment is not immediately check and restore it can lead to the occurrence of direct K station, even if do want is a long time to recover. read more

L Jun duplicate pages on this issue, namely: the repeat page is how to produce, how to track and analyze its value? I think the problem is very typical and easy to neglect, I began to take this opportunity to sort out ideas and the enlightenment, only this article here, special thanks to the initiative to share L Jun. In fact, Mr L is not hard to solve, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform and traffic statistics system.

on 2

The focus of attention in the Included

by mining source keywords traffic statistics of Shanghai search and love hot list, you can find the clues of the hot news content and the depth of love, Shanghai Webmaster Platform "flow and keyword search trends on the real-time response degree is not high, then do not extend. read more

Many people believe that

of course, this is just a method for me, an idea, in the middle of the operation to take hold of you, I believe will help you. Determine your keywords related to the subsequent development of the website of the event, not sloppy, only more accurate data can help you. Of course, my method may be just one aspect, you may have a better way, hope that we can.


is now generally select keywords or through love Shanghai index, but with the owners of the increase, bad competition, love Shanghai index also appears more and more unreal, also make more and more keywords to determine the whirling, become a problem in the webmaster, today to give you some tips to judge Shanghai index true love the hope will be helpful to the Webmaster: read more


love Shanghai official given against deliberate manipulation including but not limited to the following example:

love Shanghai in the letter announcement, has stressed the webmaster concentrate on the web content, more user experience, to better serve users, and now many owners just for ranking and to a website, finally, I suggest have the order reversed, as long as perseverance to provide users with high quality content and before making any decision, if want to know this.

has no significance on read more

peers such as the enemy, this sentence I believe in an industry which is not wrong, website optimization this line is even more so. Shanghai love home leaving only ten positions, while our competitive rivals have thousands, as can be imagined how fierce competition. Of course, we all want to win, then this optimization battle to win the core of what is it? The answer is a comprehensive study of the web site. It also teaches us that we are victorious, so you must have the optimization study of peer website and technology, here I come to according to their own experience and we simply share insights. read more

1, we do not do Shanghai dragon theorist

We all know that

2, Shanghai Dragon technology is

is the test of practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, Shanghai dragon in this industry is no exception, even if you’re blowing all over the sky is cattle, no one will recognize your Shanghai Dragon technology, that the real Shanghai Longfeng lecturer, is not blown out, but the actual told us he has this ability, he can put some hot words make up, he can give money to a web site, he can bring value to a business, this is his value, then he had to share the qualification of Shanghai dragon read more

Er Shanghai dragon should not take the priceless youth spent in desperate to send the chain. Stop looking for the chain resources tired pace, stop their brains on how to let the chain not be thinking deleted, a cup of hot tea, Alice his legs, let pent up and breathe freely in the recovery of all things in the season.

no matter which you work in a specific period, you will have new. When you are confused, you have to stop the galloping pace, think. As Shanghai dragon Er, particularly so.


not to link chain! Don’t forget the original intention of the chain. The chain here does not include Links. read more


two, let the ranking quickly to the home page, what is the premise of

ranking cycle: conservative calculation of ranking at home time is 1-3 months, how to choose the website do good, solid foundation, in 1-2 months at home is no problem

Before the cycle?

four, regular and ongoing update:

: a new optimization for the new station, do website positioning, select the core keywords, site layout, Shanghai Longfeng basic work done, regularly updated high quality content, so conservative 2-3 months will be ranked for home page is no problem. Why the new need for a long time? Because the new search engine will be given 2-3 months of the review period, is simply the assessment period, Google search engine trust period: 6 months; what can there be such a long time the trust period? Because the search engine to give users a better search experience, better meet the needs of users the demand for better and faster to solve the practical problems of users, must be masked some of the garbage sites, as much as possible so that some high quality content sites ranked up. read more

can easily go to other pages, do a quick navigation, there are various arrangement, screening function, in this information era, everyone is busy, easy to find things.

4, if there is a drop-down menu, then click on the page navigation, the following is a brief description of some down menu, to attract visitors, such as the station column design, we can refer to.


1, the head of the website: head design can not be like home like to write words, we’d better write only one, then the text is highly summarized, the head of the keyword and description are to write, do not think that paging is not important, I think that is the most important, he is going to write to this key words, don’t appear too much, 2-3 ranking is good. read more

second, not simply to content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization. In fact, this optimization model is very common in many enterprises, arrange the related personnel and business editor of the relevant and irrelevant content every day, and then to the various forums, community or even by some money to buy some large portals posted some news etc.. Shanghai dragon looks optimization rhythmical, like a raging fire. But the final effect is just passable.

first, enterprise website is not online, began to spread on the internet. Of course, this is a kind of communication way of the chain. Some companies want to be able to make an on-line website to get more traffic, so in the website development stage began to vigorously propaganda website, to do a lot of high quality of the chain. But if your site is not online, then the love of spiders in Shanghai through the chain these are difficult to enter into the corresponding website, this will inevitably lead to misjudgment of the spider love Shanghai, think this is a penalized site, or is not the existence of the site, then the future may encounter these chain, nor through your website, your website will lead to even the line, it is difficult to be included, not to mention the rankings. read more

or more users of a search link, in what is now the site basic rarely do this, it will get rid of the existence of the top of the unspoken rule. What other website ranking on the first page of how to better compete for the top can’t eat the cake?


Improvement of

let us first from the search engine under natural ranking significance about. Familiar with website optimization and search market all know that the search engine page ranking of an enterprise, especially a huge role to emerge in the Internet business. High ranking enterprise website also means that the high exposure rate, is temporarily high search user rate, click rate, scan rate, high ranking and high flow temporarily. These reasons should be enough for many sites to make their sites in their industry search natural ranking under the home position of about several fierce competition. read more

two: high quality soft Wen to occupy much component


: where is Shanghai dragon, what Shanghai dragon

was in the first place we have said, the chain is the king, so we need high quality soft Wen chain in construction is a very good thing, then why am I so to say a high quality soft Wen will have such a great power, we have to decrypt, for a high quality soft, we should choose the right place, the right subject, the right content to write, what is the right place? The right place is in A5, where what we stationmaster net issued an article, then this article can get a good degree is reproduced, other sites will collect these the website text to enrich their website content, so it is necessary and essential, and that the weight of the site is very high, the quality of the construction of the chain is very high, there is a good topic, With the right words for the theme of this soft Wen cited is fine, because the others for your title is very interested in the topic or so more people will click on your stuff, so it would be a huge amount of lead, the right content is the content needs, enrich, will be reproduced in this people watching your content things, would also be reproduced is quite high, so the chain will also increase, well, talk so much we should also understand the importance of a high quality soft Wen of it, the construction of the chain increased steadily, every point of high quality soft Wen sure, it is good for the construction of the chain site, the effect is not you can do it, is to insist on, have a heart, and the patient can. read more

1, the speed of the site

released the article every day, not to talk about the original content is about how to find the chain. Many articles are in some ways repeated consolidation, no innovation point. Personally think that, in addition to optimize the content and the chain there are many we need to conscientiously implement the.

see the speed of the site, everyone thought it was the speed of the open web site. Of course, the website open speed is also very important, to know the search engine spiders is equivalent to a visit to our site users, our users if you wait 5 seconds or 10 seconds is no longer waiting. Besides now others more demanding spiders? So, buy a better space is our first step. In fact, the speed of the site also includes adding content speed, the speed of the chain added. If the content is too slow, such as 3 days to add an article, some even add content after no to update. You say that the increase in the content of the speed of spider interested? Content and add too fast, just stick a few days, every day is 10 to several dozens of articles content added, a little taste of the original site, every day will be able to rapidly increase so much? So, to our website to add content speed control, generally small, new, need to optimize the site, personally think that every day is the best with 3-5 content. There is the speed of the chain, if the new investment, every day to add some outside chain. And when the content of the website is full, the chain and not. So, the chain also need to control the speed of adding. The website on-line a month later every day to 2 -5 chain is the best, the key is to continue to add the chain. This article originally shouldn’t talk about the content and the chain. But this "content" and "the chain" is content with the chain when telling the site speed. read more

on the whole optimization, I think we are.

said the Shanghai dragon website optimization I think everyone will think of the keyword ranking optimization, keyword ranking optimization mainly refers to the variety of search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) way to make our website optimization keywords in the Shanghai dragon in the natural search engine rankings. A Shanghai dragon optimization website wants to get a good ranking in the search engine, so in all settings of the site (set in the station optimization) and station operation (the chain construction) must be in line with the search engine algorithm, a simple search engine to what is said, I will give it what. And ZhengZhan optimization is a comprehensive optimization of a website, comprehensive, it includes a domain name server, web site code optimization, space station, Shanghai station, Shanghai dragon dragon data analysis, policy fine-tuning, multiple aspects of user experience optimization; and (search keywords ranking SEO) are only part of the whole optimization in addition to considering the ranking, pay more attention to the click rate and the conversion rate (the weight of the website and flow). Not to a keyword in a search engine rankings for gains and losses, but the focus of all high quality related keywords in the overall performance of all search engines. Can also say that a part of keyword optimization only ZhengZhan optimization, ZhengZhan optimization contains keywords optimization, from the current customer demand, ZhengZhan optimization services and relative keyword optimization can satisfy the requirements of the customer, has become a mainstream Shanghai dragon industry, by major Shanghai dragon Er people pay attention to. How many say ZhengZhan optimization advantage in that? And who lack of keyword optimization of read more


seventh pictures. The search engine is unable to identify the picture, picture description using ALT tags to increase keyword density, also improve the search engine for the included, title tag to increase keyword density, but also conducive to improve the user experience, put the mouse on the picture title will be displayed, the marketing website will automatically add the

intelligent site map. Site map is the collection of Web links, spiders crawl the site is to grab the site map, the marketing website can automatically generate the site map, every add content, will automatically generate a raise for spider web content grab; read more