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first_imgCrystal Hateley-Watson in her apartment in Fortitude Valley, which is one of Brisbane’s densest suburbs. Picture: Annette Dew.BRISBANE’S most crammed suburbs are getting even more crowded thanks to a high rise boom, increased migration and an emerging preference for inner city living.The latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed the 10 most densely populated suburbs in Greater Brisbane were all within 5km of the CBD, but city planning experts said that was not a bad thing. LIST: SCROLL DOWN FOR MOST CROWDED SUBURBS LIST It comes amid signs the inner city’s beaten down unit market is making a comeback, with the latest home value data released by property researcher CoreLogic revealing apartment values outperformed houses in Brisbane last month, as cashed-up Baby Boomers swap the suburbs for city life.Just 2km from Brisbane’s CBD, covering more than a square kilometre of prime real estate and with a median house price of just over $1 million, you’ll find the city’s most packed suburb — Kangaroo Point. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE Kangaroo Point is the most densely populated suburb in Brisbane, according to ABS.The riverside suburb is home to 9110 people, which worked out to be 6804 residents per square kilometre — that’s an extra 1154 people per square kilometre since 2007.On the other side of the Story Bridge, New Farm is the second most congested suburb in Greater Brisbane, adding 442 new residents per square kilometre over the past five years to increase from 6011 to 6453. GINA RINEHART SECURES $18.5M BRISBANE DIGS Balmoral has a population density of 3330, according to ABS figures.But Brisbane pales in comparison to some of the country’s most dense suburbs, with 19,500 people per square kilometre living in inner-city Melbourne and 16,300 residents per square kilometre in Potts Point in Sydney.The more populated a suburb, the better according to Steven Burgess, a consultant with engineering and transportation adviser MRCagney.Mr Burgess said high density areas were cheaper to run as a community, sharing infrastructure, services and assets. “Density is pretty good for cities,” he said.“The more stuff is closer together means people don’t have to drive far, it makes a city more efficient, more community focused, more socially sustainable.“What you’ve got to be careful of is that all your density doesn’t end up in one or two places in the city.” New Farm, the second most crowded suburb in Brisbane, is well-known for its cafe scene. Picture: Jamie Hanson.Neighbouring Fortitude Valley was the city’s third most packed suburb with 6288 people per square kilometre.It experienced the biggest jump in population density between the 2012 and 2016 Census, with more than 1800 people per square metre squeezing into the suburb in that time.In the past decade, it has become home to more than 2000 people per square kilometre. BRISBANE’S MOST EXPENSIVE HOME SALES Steven Burgess from MRCagney.Ethos Urban planning director Greg Vann, who was the project director for the Southeast Queensland regional plan, said two of the biggest generations were showing a distinct preference for inner city living.“Baby Boomers are downsizing and wanting to head back to where the buzz is, and Millennials are upsizing and wanting to stay close to the action,” Mr Vann said. “People are choosing to trade space for place.“Instead of having a bigger home further out, a lot of people are choosing to have a smaller home, but close to everything.”Mr Vann said that while the “high rise boom” in recent years in Brisbane’s inner city had contributed to population density, there remained a “missing middle”.“74 per cent of housing in southeast Queensland is still made up of detached houses,” he said.“It’s the stuff in the middle we need more of.” By that, he means townhouses and other forms of lower density, ground-oriented attached housing. “Those choices will be more attractive to people as housing needs change,” Mr Vann said.Mr Burgess said there was a significant difference between the population density in inner Brisbane and the middle to outer suburbs.“Once you get out of the inner city, you have to drive to do anything,” he said.“What I would love to see is the real revitalisation of the urban village (in Brisbane), so everyone didn’t have to come into the city to get to employment, night life, restaurants.”center_img Crowds of people in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City.Real estate agents were also seeing a strong appetite from downsizers and millennial buyers for inner city housing.While some concerns remain about an oversupply of inner-city apartments, the high-end of the unit market is still in strong demand.Michael Bacon of Place Kangaroo Point said more buyers were looking for the convenience of having “everything at their doorstep”.“Another key factor is low maintenance,” he said.“They’re looking for something they can lock and leave.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus19 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market19 hours agoMr Bacon believed projects such as Queens Wharf would lure more people to inner city locations. “Once that goes up, people will be like ‘I want to be near that or have views of that’,” he said. There has been plenty of construction happening in Fortitude Valley. Picture: Richard Walker.West End has experienced the biggest increase in population density over the past decade, with 2083 additional people per square kilometre packing into the eclectic suburb since 2007.Even suburbs with under half the population density of frontrunners Kangaroo Point and New Farm are humming — Wooloowin-Lutwyche sits at 3424 people per square kilometre and Balmoral has 3330. BARGAIN PROPERTY IDEAL FOR INVESTOR Crystal Hateley-Watson in her apartment in Fortitude Valley, which is one of Brisbane’s densest suburbs. Picture: Annette Dew.Crystal Hateley-Watson rents a one-bedroom apartment in Fortitude Valley and loves the convenience of being able to walk to so many amenities and benefit from all the infrastructure in the suburb.Originally from Adelaide, Ms Hateley-Watson said she did find the inner-city suburb a lot busier and more populated, but doesn’t mind it.“Traffic’s crazy, but that’s Brisbane,” she said.“I think it’s a happy medium where I am.“I definitely see myself staying in the Valley, if I stay in Brisbane.”TOP 10 DENSEST SUBURBS IN GREATER BRISBANE(people per square kilometre at 2017)1 Kangaroo Point — 68042 New Farm — 64533 Fortitude Valley — 62884 Highgate Hill — 56225 West End — 55196 Spring Hill — 53637 Brisbane City — 47898 Auchenflower — 47179 Taringa — 434910. Annerley — 4244(Source: ABS)TOP 10 DENSEST SUBURBS IN GREATER BRISBANE(people per square kilometre at 2012)1 New Farm — 60112. Kangaroo Point — 58263 Highgate Hill — 52954. Spring Hill — 48565. West End — 45956. Auchenflower — 45487 Fortitude Valley — 44048. Brisbane City — 43569 Taringa — 403610. Annerley — 3934(Source: ABS)TOP 10 DENSEST SUBURBS IN GREATER BRISBANE(people per square kilometre at 2007)1 New Farm — 56812. Kangaroo Point — 5650 3 Brisbane City — 48934. Highgate Hill — 47125. Spring Hill — 46256. Fortitude Valley — 42507. Newstead — 42378. Taringa — 38089. Annerley — 355010. West End — 3436(Source: ABS)last_img read more

first_imgGuyana NRA’s top marksmen have the Golden Arrowhead flying high along the Gold Coast in Australia, with outstanding performances at the conclusion of Stage 1.The championship has attracted all the top shooters in the world who will be representing their countries at next year’s Commonwealth Games, to be held at this very range. The depth of skills and experience of all these top shooters are remarkable.After the smoke had cleared, the Stage 1 Aggregate saw five shooters ending with scores of 105. However, it was Braithwaite who prevailed with the highest V-bulls count of 14.His 105.14 was ahead of Jim Bailey 105.13 (Aus); Peter Jory 105.12 (Gurnsey); Jacobus DuToit 105.12 (South Africa) and Jan Jonck 105.7 (South Africa).Mahendra PersaudBraithwaite shot scores of 35.7, a perfect score with all shots being in the V-Bull at 300yds, 35.4 at 500yds and 35.3 at 600yds. It was an outstanding day for Braithwaite and Guyana.Fullbore Captain Mahendra Persaud also had an outstanding day and is only one point behind shooting 104.6, with scores of 34.2 at 300yds, 35.2 at 500yds and 35.2 at 600yds.The fullbore marksmen attended this Championship in preparation for next year’s Commonwealth Games and they had also participated in the Canadian National Fullbore Championships last August.The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) has been in the forefront of their preparation along with Secure Innovations & Concepts Inc. The CSF Championship continues with two more Stages and concludes on November 8.last_img read more

first_imgLoughlin and Giannulli have pleaded not guilty to their involvement in the admissions scandal. “The Defendants have filed certain motions to compel … and do not agree that the Government has yet complied with its discovery obligations and contend that they cannot reasonably be expected to identify documents subject to reciprocal discovery until the Government has completed its Rule 16 obligations,” the status report read. Loughlin and Giannulli paid $500,000 to Singer’s nonprofit organization Key Worldwide Foundation and to former USC senior associate athletic director Donna Heinel, who was fired in March 2019 for her involvement in the scandal, in exchange for their two daughters’ admission to the USC as crew recruits.  The filing states that the government disagreed with the defendant’s claim and affirms that it has fulfilled its discovery obligations. It also states that defendants and their attorneys have been given enough time to gather materials and create strategies of defense. Supplementary materials may be added on later.  Federal prosecutors have not received the evidence expected from 34 of the 36 parents charged in the college admissions scandal, according to a joint status report filed Friday. Only Bill McGlashan and Robert Zangrillo, who are both accused of facilitating their children’s admittance to USC as false football recruits, have submitted discovery materials to the government.  Actress Lori Loughlin’s lawyers believe that the FBI interviews with William “Rick” Singer would help prove Loughlin’s innocence. (Photo courtesy of the Hallmark Channel) Last month defense attorneys for actress Lori Loughlin and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, accused prosecutors of withholding exculpatory evidence that would aid their case: FBI interviews with William “Rick” Singer, the mastermind behind the college admissions scheme.  Defendants stalled submission of these documents, citing them as premature to the case.  Their attorneys also stated that the discovery materials the government itself has put forward do not comply with its own standards and, therefore, defendants should not be expected to put forth their own discovery material until the government has completed its obligations. Defendants have filed motions to compel, according to court documents.  For eight months, attorneys of the 34 defendants have refused to put forth the requested discovery material, which serves to uphold fairness of the trial by informing parties of the case about evidence that will be used in trial. Defendants are required by the government to provide this information and typically 28 days to reciprocate a discovery to the government.  In the defendants’ motion to compel production of exculpatory evidence, Loughlin and Giannuli’s attorneys said Singer’s responses in the FBI interviews depict how he falsely led his clients to believe their payments were legitimate donations. They said they believe the FBI interviews would serve as evidence that would aid in proving their innocence.  Attorneys from both sides will meet in the federal court Friday, Jan. 17 to exchange updated information and discuss case status.last_img read more