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first_imgGovernors Urge Federal Government to Increase LIHEAP Funding to $1Bfor New England StatesRequest Sharp Increase in Funds to Assist Most Vulnerable this WinterWaterbury, VT-At an energy summit held by the New England Governors’ Conference, Inc. (NEGC) July 9, Governor Jim Douglas and his regional counterparts urged the federal government to increase federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding to $1 billion for the New England states this winter.In a letter sent to President Bush, Congressional leadership, and Senators McCain and Obama, the governors illustrate that the requested funding, a sharp increase from last year’s federal budget, is desperately needed to support low-income families in the upcoming heating season. They note that since the winter of 2005-2006, the price of home heating oil in New England has jumped 87%, and natural gas prices have also risen steeply. In order to deliver the same amount of fuel to New England eligible households as LIHEAP provided in 2005-06, assuming a likely increase in the number of households that will apply for needed assistance, LIHEAP funding for New England states would need to be increased to $1 billion.”Many Vermont families-indeed, many New England families-rely on the heating assistance provided by the LIHEAP program, particularly in this time of soaring fuel prices,” said Governor Douglas. “No Vermonter should be cold in his or her home this winter, or any winter. Through my new Food and Fuel Partnership, my administration is marshalling all our state’s resources to ensure all Vermonters are able to weather the perfect storm of rising food, fuel and transportation prices.”Thanks to the financial commitments made by Governor Douglas and the Vermont legislature, last year Vermont provided the most generous LIHEAP benefit in the country, averaging approximately $1169 per household, with approximately 23,000 households served.”Ensuring that the LIHEAP program remains strong for the many families it serves is a key component of the Governor’s Food and Fuel Partnership,” said Agency of Human Services Secretary Cynthia D. LaWare. “With so many Vermont and New England residents facing the very real prospect of being unable to heat their homes this winter, we need unwavering support from our federal partners in addition to the state’s efforts to ensure our most vulnerable families are able to keep their families warm.”The New England Governors further noted that all of their states are mobilizing resources to address the coming heating crisis, including establishing programs to replace inefficient furnaces, and significantly expanding the installation of insulation, programmable thermostats, thermal windows, weather stripping, and energy efficient appliances. However, these measures alone will not be enough to address the immediate needs of vulnerable families this winter.The NEGC also called on the federal government to take action to protect New England’s most vulnerable residents through a variety of other measures. These include significantly increasing funding for the federal Weatherization Program; increasing TANF block grants to allow for family supplemental payments for greater utility and heating costs; allowing Medicaid rules to cover increasing energy costs for programs and services that are provided in 24/7 facilities such as group homes and residential care and nursing facilities; and, increasing social services block grants to cover additional costs of transportation and energy for center-based care, such as child-care centers.The New England Governors’ Conference, Inc., is a non-partisan, non-profit corporation, and includes the Governors of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The NEGC coordinates regional policy programs in the areas of economic development, transportation, environment, energy, and health.#####last_img read more

first_img…21-year-old arrestedA father of two was on Wednesday morning shot dead at Old Road, Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) by two gunmen, who attempted to relieve him of the gold chain he was wearing.Purcell Moore, who is visiting Guyana from Cayenne, was reportedly shot at least four times by two pedal cycle bandits who attempted to snatch his chain. TheDead: Purcell Mooreshooting incident occurred mere minutes after the 42-year-old left his parent’s house at Old Road, Craig.Guyana Times was told that the clothes vendor arrived in the country two weeks ago to spend time with his parents. When this newspaper visited the dead man’s parents’ home; his niece, Nicarla Lamazion, explained that her uncle left home at about 05:30h and by the time he reached the end of the concrete strip, she heard four gunshots.She initially thought the sounds of the bullets came from another direction but within minutes, a resident rushed to their home to inform them of the shooting. She noted that without hesitation, she rushed to the scene where she saw her uncle lying in a pool of blood.“I tried to lift him up but he wasn’t responding… by then some boys come with a car and we took him to the Diamond Hospital but he was already dead,” she added. She however, noted that based on reports received, her uncle had a scuffle with two men prior to the shooting incident. The chain, which the men attempted to take away, was found lying next to his body.With tears in her eyes, she described her uncle as a “good soul”.A sister of the dead man, Kim (only name given), explained that she reached to work at about 07:15h and after some time, she received the message that her brother was “no more”. She immediately rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where she saw her brother’s body.“His head had a big hole at the back with blood oozing out,” she recalled. She too stated that he did not have any issues with anyone. The aggrieved sister further stated that her brother’s two children, who reside in Cayenne, were informed of their father’s death.Meanwhile, Police in a statement revealed that one of the suspects, a 21-year-old of 14th Avenue, Diamond New Housing Scheme, EBD, was apprehended and is being questioned in connection with the murder.The Police are in pursuit of the second suspect as investigations continue.last_img read more

first_imgBaldwin stresses that it’s not about anyone being less equal – it’s about acknowledging and enjoying the differences while moving to hot music. “There’s things that are just as true for the dance as they are in life,” Baldwin says. “The time we live in now, it’s about me, me, me. Where this is like, no – it’s not about you. It’s about your partner.” Talk like that makes me think salsa training should be required of every citizen, much like mandatory military service is in other countries. Chivalry could use a little CPR, and if done right, it’s bound to get ya some good mouth-to-mouth. In his Friday beginners class at Mama Juana’s Latin Lounge in Studio City, Baldwin lines up the men and women, one of them being me, on opposite sides of the floor. After a brief salsa tutorial, he tells the men to grab a partner. There is an awkward moment of motionlessness, as if time zapped a Taser gun. “I don’t want to see this,” Baldwin says as he waves over an invisible woman with a cool-dude gesture. “No! Go ask her! Take the lead.” The music begins, and Baldwin doles out some tips for the women. “First, ladies, give up control. Give us four minutes of the song to lead. Guys, you do those four minutes well, and she’ll give you four more minutes,” he says with a twinkle. Salsa king Baldwin then approached me, having noticed my untrained shoulders’ rogue movement during a basic turn. I was perfectly eager to give him more than four minutes to lead my limbs, but I’d take the few quick spins I got before he was off to tame other feral newbies. The goal of the dance is for two people to move as one. Spicy! Baldwin says once they master it, like with any good couple, it’s no longer about who’s leading and who’s following. It’s about little signals they send to each other in order to keep the dance going. “Don’t just do a step. Bring her along with you,” he says. Without getting some structure to support the sensuality, count on being salsa roadkill. But it’s OK to stumble when you’re learning the right moves. What’s sexier than wanting to improve, on or off the dance floor? It’s tougher for the guys, who have to lead. “Certain things are expected of the man, and if you don’t do it, the dance will collapse. The same with relationships,” Baldwin says. Later that night, the salsa king asked me to dance, putting his feet at risk of being trampled. Once I had the basics down, he gently took my wrist and raised it above my head, then guided my hand to brush over my face and down my neck. “Feel it,” he instructed, with a firmness that I trusted was there only to make me better. He did it again, and smiled when I “felt it” properly. And mmmm … it felt good – I’d like to feel it all day. Salsa ain’t no tap dance. It’s about passionately committing to the moves with your partner, even if you’re nervous about where that might take you. Seems like a good way to dance through life as well. Amy Tenowich is a freelance writer, finishing her master’s degree in journalism at USC. Write to her by e-mail at amytenow@aol.com160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! COURTSHIP is a boat that has long since sunk. Romance has morphed into “hooking up,” and the playing field is like a crowded dance floor in a dank nightclub. There’s no shortage of dancers who will grind haphazardly on one another, moving from one gyrating body to the next. Without so little investment as eye contact, it’s convenient to dance away mid-song and into the gravitational field of another swiveling pelvis. The dancers don’t even have to be skilled to secure partners, and DWI – dancing while intoxicated – is seen as completely acceptable. Sober up, boys and girls, and get a taste of the salsa dance. Something long lost in male-female relations is revived in only a few steps and twirls. You’ll be saying “caramba” before your hips are even fully unleashed. “The dance addresses our most primitive natural instincts,” says Ken Baldwin, who’s been dancing and teaching salsa for 10 years. “The way this dance works is the man has to think and the woman has to feel. Can you imagine leaving it up to the man to do the feeling? There would be no dance!” last_img read more