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first_imgSong not fitting into your edit? Not a problem. Use the Remix feature in Adobe Audition to automatically rearrange any song to fit any duration.Top image via ShutterstockFinding the perfect song for your video project can be a challenge. Even more frustration can arise when you find yourself struggling to make that perfect song fit into your edit. Luckily, Adobe Audition includes a Remix feature that can make the process incredibly easy and fast. The Remix feature will analyze the song, identify loops, and detect beats before automatically cutting the song into something more manageable and appropriate for your edit.If you’re one who rarely works in Audition (and rarely moves projects from Premiere to Audition and back), then you’re going to like the simplicity of this process.Decide on your song and your clips and go to Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition > Sequence. Then select “Send through dynamic link” for the Video Option.Step 1. Enable RemixAs you can see above, once you hit Enable Remix, Audition will analyze the song clip in its entirety. Once analyzation is complete, you can drag the song clip to fit whatever time you need to. Audition will cut the song to the nearest 5-second mark.Step 2. Change Duration of SongAfter you’ve set the clip at the appropriate time you need, Audition offers a few more tweaks that can be incorporated into the remixed song.Step 3. Add Adjustments to New Song Edit Length allows you to add or subtract fragments of the song that Audition has remixed. The lower you set the bar, the more fragments are added to the song.Features tells the algorithm to favor rhythmic beats or harmonic sounds such as orchestral segments. For more electric fast music, move the bar over to Timbre.Minimum Loop notifies Audition to tighten up transitions that might seem odd due to the algorithm that sets the transition. If a segment of the song sounds off for some reason, toggle this Advanced option around to see if it helps it flow better.Maximum Slack sets the remix duration to as close to the target duration as possible (since it auto-sets the duration in increments of five seconds). Adobe suggests that adjusting this parameter can lead to better sounding remixes.Step 4. Send Back to Premiere ProTo send the remixed song back to Premiere, mute any other audio channels currently in Audition (as you only want your song to be sent back to Premiere). Go to Multitrack > Export to Premiere Pro and check “Stereo File” under the Mixdown Stereo option. Then, hit Export. This will open Premiere and you’ll be able to add the song right into your timeline!Note: This step of the process will only work if Premiere and Audition are both current and fully updated.If you’re looking for more Audition action, we’ve got you covered.Have you used Remix in the past? Did it work out like you had hoped? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

first_imgA jury awarded Erin Andrews $55 million on Monday in her lawsuit against a stalker who bought a hotel room next to her and secretly recorded a nude video, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared in the blame.After a full day of deliberations, the panel said the stalker was responsible for 51 per cent of the blame and the two hotel companies would share the rest, which comes out to nearly $27 million.Andrews, a Fox Sports reporter and co-host of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” wept as jurors announced the verdict. She hugged her attorneys and family, who have supported her inside the courtroom throughout the emotional trial.Jurors heard directly from Andrews, who testified that she was humiliated, shamed and suffers from depression as a result of the video, which has been viewed by millions of people online.Andrews’ parents described for jurors the terror they and their daughter felt after learning of the video but not knowing who took it, where it was shot and if someone was still watching their daughter.An FBI investigation would later reveal that Michael David Barrett shot videos in hotels in Nashville and Columbus, Ohio, and posted them online. The trial focused on the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt and video.On Friday, Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Hamilton Gayden found Barrett at fault. It was only up to jurors to decide if the hotel owner, West End Hotel Partners, and former operator, Windsor Capital Group, should share in the blame. The hotel is a franchise and Marriott is not part of the trial.advertisementAttorneys for the companies argued that while what happened to Andrews was terrible, the convicted stalker should be solely to blame because he was a determined criminal. The attorneys also suggested that Andrews’ rise in her career shows she did not suffer severe and permanent distress.Andrews said Barrett’s arrest and imprisonment did not make the nightmare go away. She broke down on the stand repeatedly, saying she continues to suffer because people are still watching the videos and taunting her about them.”This happens every day of my life,” Andrews said tearfully. “Either I get a tweet or somebody makes a comment in the paper or somebody sends me a still video to my Twitter or someone screams it at me in the stands and I’m right back to this. I feel so embarrassed and I am so ashamed.”Barrett pleaded guilty to stalking Andrews, altering hotel room peepholes and taking nude videos of her. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison.Andrews has maintained that someone at the hotel gave out her room number to Barrett and honored his request to be placed near hear. She said no one ever told her that he asked to be in an adjoining or connecting room. Had she known that, she said she would’ve called police.Barrett was a Chicago-area insurance company executive who frequently traveled around the country when he took the video of Andrews at the Nashville hotel in September 2008. He shot about 4 1/2 minutes of nude video of her while she was inside a room that was in an alcove off a main hallway.Barrett didn’t show up for the trial. In his videotaped deposition, he said that he alone was to blame. He said he correctly guessed that she would be at the hotel – it was the closest one to the Vanderbilt football game Andrews was covering – by calling and pretending to be in a group with Andrews and asking for confirmation of the reservations.He said he used an in-house employee phone to learn her room number, and made a request to be in the room next to Andrews.During closing arguments, one of Andrews’ lawyers said Barrett tried to take all of the blame because he holds a grudge against her over his conviction and doesn’t want her to win any money.Barrett said he posted the recordings online after celebrity gossip website TMZ refused to buy them. The only reason he picked Andrews, he said, was because she was popular and he saw that she was trending on Yahoo.ALSO READ:FBI, Apple begin inquiries into celebrity nude photo leaklast_img read more

first_imgUsain Bolt is the fastest man on earth and on Wednesday, he proved that he could be the fastest in space as well.Bolt, an eight-time Olympic champion boarded a special Airbus Zero G plane, which simulates what it’s like to be in zero gravity. Bolt challenged two of his fellow passengers to a foot race and won it comfortably in the end.French astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and CEO of Novespace and French Interior designer Octave de Gaulle, who were onboard with him, tried their best to match up to Bolt but they failed.And after the win, he celebrated it in style by doing his trademark celebration and by opening a bottle of champagne — Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar — which was made to allow astronauts to drink bubbles in space.”I was nervous but as soon as the first one (parabola) goes you kind of go ‘oh my God, what’s happening’. But after the third one I was like ‘yeah, it’s crazy’,” Bolt told Reuters TV.Running in Zero Gravity @GHMUMM. #DareWinCelebrate #NextVictory St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) September 12, 2018The bottle was designed by champagne-maker Mumm in order to capitalise on the advent of space tourism.”The tourists will be enjoying the view of the earth, the view of space, weightlessness, and they will celebrate. So maybe there is not a market for a lot of bottles in space, but there is a market for some bottles,” said Jean-Francois Clervoy.Changing the game @GHMUMM. Celebrating life by drinking @GHMUMM in Zero Gravity #DareWinCelebrate #NextVictory St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt) September 12, 2018Billionaires Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon Inc, Richard Branson and Tesla chief executive Elon Musk are locked in a race to send wealthy tourists into suborbital space, high enough to see the curvature of the planet.Taking a break from his efforts to become a professional soccer player, Bolt said he felt like a “kid in a candy store” after spending about four minutes floating and joking around in near-weightless conditions. Usain Bolt defeated an astronaut in a foot-race in space-like conditions (AP Photo)Bolt is currently taking a break from his efforts of becoming a professional football player. He is currently practicing with Australian side Central Coast Mariners and made his debut on the left wing in a trial match.However, he made little impression in a 19-minute cameo in his team’s 6-1 win over a Central Coast select side.last_img read more

first_imgNational Action Network Convention 2015 – Bernie Sanders Plenary Session – photo by: Aaron J. / NAN / Democratic U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of Vermont will returns to Sioux City this weekend.Sanders will hold a rally at the Orpheum Theater at 6th and Pierce Streets this Sunday evening, May 5th at 6:30 p.m.Organizers say the event is free and open to the public and no tickets are required.Those attending are encouraged to RSVP through Sanders’ campaign website and entry is provided on a first come, first served basis.last_img read more

first_imgIcebreaking LNG carrier Christophe de Margerie has commenced the commercial voyage carrying the first cargo of liquefied natural gas produced at the Yamal LNG plant.The vesse, owned by Russian shipping company Sovcomflot, completed its first Yamal cargo loading at the Port of Sabetta, Yamal Peninsula, on December 8.“This is a remarkable day for us all. I congratulate all those who worked on this project, on this wonderful occasion, the first loading of a new tanker…,” Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, said.“This is an extremely important sector for Russia. This is not just an important event in our country’s energy sector, or gas production and liquefaction. This is a more ambitious project. What I mean is that we are faced with the enormous task of developing the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route.”The event marks “a milestone moment” in the history of the development of the Russian Arctic, according to Sergey Frank, President & CEO of Sovcomflot.“Never before have merchant vessels of such a heavy tonnage been able to operate in such extreme navigational and ice conditions, as the ones at Yamal, independently and year-round,” Frank added.Christophe de Margerie is the first in a series of 15 icebreaking LNG carriers ordered for the Yamal LNG project to transport LNG year-round in the challenging ice conditions of the Kara Sea and Gulf of Ob.The vessel is capable of sailing independently through ice of up to 2.1 metres thick. It has been assigned an ice class Arc7, the highest ice class amongst existing merchant vessels.Christophe de Margerie docked at the Yamal LNG terminal on March 30 after completing its ice trials.Image Courtesy: SCFlast_img read more

first_imgLes co-présidents de Démocratie 250, John Hamm et Russell MacLellan, ont célébré la Journée nationale des Autochtones en se joignant aux membres de la communauté mi’kmaq de Millbrook, aujourd’hui 21 juin, pour la première du film « Democracy 250: A Mi’kmaq Perspective ». Effectué à la demande de Démocratie 250, le film d’une durée d’une heure, qui a été tourné à Mersey Lodge, à Milton, dans le comté de Queens, présente une discussion sincère sur l’histoire mi’kmaq et sur les espoirs pour l’avenir, entre les co-présidents et les participants mi’kmaq, le Dr Dan Paul, Cathy Martin, Ashley Julian et Jamie Battiste. Le Dr Hamm affirme que le film contribuera à éduquer les gens sur le gouvernement très sophistiqué que les Mi’kmaq de la Nouvelle-Écosse avaient mis en place bien avant l’arrivée des Européens. « Bien qu’il soit important de célébrer la naissance de la démocratie parlementaire en Nouvelle-Écosse et au Canada, nous ne devons pas oublier le fait que les Mi’kmaq avaient mis en place un gouvernement participatif bien avant 1758. » Le film parle également des défis auxquels font toujours face les Mi’kmaq de la Nouvelle-Écosse, et de ce que nous pouvons faire pour assurer le succès des générations futures. « Nous espérons que ce film fera découvrir à tous la contribution des Mi’kmaq à notre province et à notre pays, et permettra une meilleure compréhension de leur culture, de leurs croyances et de leur lutte constante, » a dit M. MacLellan. EastLink TV, partenaire de Démocratie 250 et de l’Office des affaires autochtones dans la création du film, diffusera le film « Democracy 250: A Mi’kmaq Perspective » pendant l’été. Le film sera également mis à la disposition des écoles et des bibliothèques.last_img read more

first_imgNova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) has approved two business development incentives in the form of payroll rebates for Introhive Services (NS) Inc. and PitchPerfect Software Inc. doing business as Proposify, to expand their operations in Halifax. Introhive’s cloud-based software platform analyzes relationships between an organization’s employees and customers, colleagues, and friends, including social media, email, electronic calendars and contacts. The software then creates a company-wide view of relationships that helps businesses improve sales and marketing. Introhive also has offices in Fredericton, Saint John, Chicago, London, U.K. and Chennai, India. The company has the potential to create up to 66 jobs in business development and events, data analysis and sales under the five-year payroll rebate agreement. Based on the maximum growth forecast of the agreement, NSBI estimates the company could spend $11,460,000 in salaries. It is also estimated that new employees would contribute provincial tax revenues of $1,472,000 through their income and consumption taxes. As a result, the company would earn a rebate up to $691,800 over five years. Introhive Services (NS) Inc. would be eligible for a smaller rebate if it creates fewer than 66 new jobs. Proposify is an online business proposal company that streamlines the process of creating, sending, and closing proposals, quotes, contracts and other sales documents. The company exports its software service to almost 8,000 clients outside Nova Scotia. Proposify has the potential to create up to 58 jobs under the five-year payroll rebate agreement. Based on the maximum growth forecast of the agreement, NSBI estimates the company could spend $16,320,000 in salaries. It is also estimated the new employees would contribute provincial tax revenues of $1,896,000 through their income and consumption taxes. As a result, the company would earn a rebate up to $1,057,400 over five years. Proposify would be eligible for a smaller rebate if it creates fewer than 58 new jobs. Information on NSBI transactions can be found at . -30- Quick facts:center_img payroll rebates are designed in a way that the tax revenue generated for the province by the new jobs in Nova Scotia is always more than the amount of the rebate payroll rebates are only paid after a business has generated actual payroll for the Nova Scotia economy for every dollar a company spends on the new jobs it receives between five and 10 cents back when a company submits an annual rebate claim, it must send NSBI audited information that confirms the number of jobs it created that year payroll rebates are paid through NSBI’s Strategic Investment Funds last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: In a giant stride to strengthen its campaign before the ensuing Lok Sabha elections, the Trinamool Congress on Saturday took to social media and uploaded a short video highlighting the state government’s ‘Sabuj Sathi’ scheme. The video, at the same time, demands an explanation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on why he has failed to provide basic infrastructure to make the girl child go to school though the Centre boasts of a very successful ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaThe video — titled ‘Pradhan Mantri Hisab Dao’ — begins with a young girl from Rewari village in Haryana talking about her difficulty in reaching her school which is more than 14 kilometres away. The girl says that she has been compelled to drop out owing to her difficulty and criticises the Centre for its failure in taking adequate measures in implementing its ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Yojana’. The video then switches to Hooghly district where a rural woman talks about the ‘Sabuj Sathi’ scheme of the TMC government in Bengal and its role in facilitating girls to reach their schools easily. The video ends with an appeal to vote for TMC for development in the state and for building a secular and progressive Centre in Delhi. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayChief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s pet project ‘Sabuj Sathi’, that has benefitted nearly 1 crore students of classes between IX and XII of the state-run, aided schools and madrasas, was selected among the top five most voted projects by the United Nations in February. The project is one-of-its-kind in the country in which bicycles are given free of cost to the students across the state. State Finance minister Amit Mitra had announced the distribution of bicycles among state-run, aided schools and madrasas during his 2015-16 Budget speech. “We will be uploading some more videos highlighting various people-friendly schemes of the Mamata Banerjee government and at the same time raising questions over the failure of the Narendra Modi government,” a senior member of the TMC Cyber Cell said. This is the first time that the Trinamool Congress has uploaded such a video on the Facebook page of the All India Trinamool Congress. During the Panchayat polls, the TMC had also made videos showcasing different development schemes but the questions about the failure of the Prime Minister had not been raised then. The video assumes significance with TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee taking a leading role to unite all parties opposed to the saffron party under one umbrella. The ‘United India’ rally convened by her on January 19 had witnessed several important leaders across the nation who are opposed to the BJP unitedly pitching for the ouster of the Narendra Modi government. It was in September last year when Banerjee, during a digital conclave of her party, had instructed her youth brigade to take to social media to counter the spread of fake news by the BJP to ensure that no wrong information is circulated through social media. All India Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee asserted in building an arsenal of ‘digital warriors’ to garner more support for the ruling party and said that the cell would work hard to ensure that the party wins all the 42 Lok Sabha seats.last_img read more

By Jonathan WalshRabat – The United Kingdom’s national head of counterterrorism warned that the so-called Islamic State (IS) may be plotting terror attacks of ‘enormous and spectacular’ scale on British soil.The remarks were made by Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, during a briefing in London today. Rowley went on to claim that the number of terror-related offenses had hit record levels this past year. In the wake of the Paris attacks last November, Prime Minister David Cameron had revealed that seven smaller scale terror attacks in the UK were foiled in 2015 alone. Rowley claims, however, that intelligence suggests IS is now looking to commit attacks on a much larger scale. Such attacks, he said, would represent the ‘natural next step’ for the radical organization that aims to attack ‘Western lifestyles’.“In recent months we’ve seen a broadening of that… Going from that narrow focus on police and military as symbols of the state to something much broader,’’ Rowley said.“And you see a terrorist group which has big ambitions for enormous and spectacular attacks, not just the types that we’ve seen foiled to date.”Rowley also used his speech to warn of the increasing diversification of active IS members. The increasing number of women and children joining the IS is a dangerous new trend not  found in previously existing extremist organizations. Statistics show that of all those arrested in the UK on terror-related charges last year, 14 percent were female and 13 percent were 20 years old or younger.“That would not have been the picture that one would have seen a few years ago. That is an indication of that radicalisation, the effect of the propaganda and the way the messages of Daesh (IS) are resonating with some individuals,” Rowley said. read more

NEW YORK — The latest on developments in financial markets (all times local):9:35 a.m.Major U.S. indexes are mixed in early trading as gains for health care stocks are offset by weakness in energy companies.Johnson & Johnson rose 1.5% early Wednesday.The energy sector was broadly lower. Concho Resources gave up 2.1%Benchmark U.S. crude sank 2% early Wednesday to just over $52 a barrel. It was trading at $59 a barrel two weeks ago. Traders think demand for oil may wane at the same time supplies are high.Technology stocks also fell. Network equipment maker Cisco lost 1.1%The S&P 500 index was little changed at 2,888.The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged up 31 points, or 0.1%, to 26,075. The Nasdaq fell 4 points, or 0.1%, to 7,818.The Associated Press read more

Since 2003 the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassadors have captained two teams of international soccer stars in a bid to mobilize the public in attacking poverty and to promote the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which seek to halve world poverty by 2015.“It is extremely motivating to see that the Match Against Poverty is reaching wider and wider audiences. This is the match that we all need to win,” stressed Ronaldo, the top Brazilian goal scorer.Between 2008 and 2015 the Brazilian and French internationals are scheduled to play in eight games, each promoting one of the eight MDGs and the funds raised at the games going to projects supporting the goal spotlighted by the match.“Every year I am looking forward to playing this game for such a just cause,” said Mr. Zidane, the former French national captain.The theme for this year’s match in the northern city of Fés, the first to be played outside Europe, is centred on the goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. Proceeds raised through the game will go to UNDP anti-poverty projects around the world, including a national project in Morocco.“We are now more than halfway towards the target date, 2015, by which the MDGs are to be achieved,” said UNDP Administrator Kemal Dervis.“Despite many significant achievements, we need to continue our campaign to reach them. Initiatives like the Match Against Poverty… are an important contribution,” Mr. Dervis added. 16 October 2008World Cup winners and United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors, Ronaldo and Zinédine Zidane, announced today that the sixth annual football “Match Against Poverty” will take place in Morocco next month. read more

Addressing senior economic officials from across the world gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today spoke out in favour of “genuine market access opportunities” for developing countries and a rapid termination of trade-distorting subsidies for agriculture in the developed States. Mr. Annan told a key meeting of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that rich countries should take “bold measures” to facilitate a successful conclusion of the currently stalled Doha trade talks. Negotiators have called for new progress by the end of this month on what is known as “the development round” of trade agreements. The Secretary-General’s remarks were heard by finance and development ministers and high-level officials of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, along with representatives of the 54-member Economic and Social Council. The guests, hosted by ECOSOC, came to New York directly from Washington, DC, where they had participated over the past weekend in the Bretton Woods Spring meeting. Consultations between ECOSOC and the main finance and trade institutions covered a range of issues, including national strategies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); debt relief; and the development efforts and finance needs of middle-income developing countries.Today’s meeting is aimed at advancing previous international agreements, including the Outcome Document adopted by national leaders attending the 2005 World Summit. Citing decisions reached at that meeting, ECOSOC President Ali Hachani of Tunisia said that the Council would review progress on the MDGs and related goals annually, and would convene a global Development Cooperation Forum. Mr. Hachani also warned that continued strong worldwide economic growth “should not lead to complacency,” but rather should be seized on as an opportunity to more rapidly advance national and international action on development goals. The chairman of the Bretton Woods’ Development Committee, Colombian finance minister Alberto Carrasquilla, noted that two thirds of the increase in world energy demand over the next 25 years will come from developing countries, where 1.6 billion people currently lack access even to electricity. He told the meeting that required investments of about $300 billion a year to meet these needs should be directed toward more efficient carbon energy. Mr. Carrasquilla also called on the Bretton Woods institutions to address the need to foster greater participation by developing and transition economies. This echoed a call made by Mr. Annan in an address delivered by Under-Secretary-General José Antonio Ocampo to the weekend meeting in Washington. read more

REGINA – Saskatchewan Immigration Minister Jeremy Harrison says the province is disappointed with the federal government’s changes to its temporary foreign worker program.Harrison says Saskatchewan doesn’t have enough domestic workers and there’s — quote — “a crying need” for workers to fill jobs.He notes the province’s unemployment rate in May was 3.7 per cent, the lowest among the provinces.One of the changes puts a cap of 10 per cent on the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers an employer can hire at each worksite.Harrison says there will be an impact on the Saskatchewan economy if businesses can’t find workers and have to shut down or cut back hours.The minister says he is happy to see that the changes call for stronger enforcement and higher penalties, because he believes there were some abuses of the old program. by The Canadian Press Posted Jun 20, 2014 2:56 pm MDT Saskatchewan disappointed with new temporary foreign worker rules AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Neuroscientist Sid Segalowitz is on a mission to determine how early the development of autism can be detected in a child’s brain. “Autism is one of those conditions where, if they can diagnose it early, then intervention can have a huge beneficial effect,” said Segalowitz, a professor in Brock’s Department of Psychology. “But we have got to get it early because the brain is developing quickly and we can influence the brain development pattern more the earlier we start.“We have some sense of how the brain may be developing differently in children who have been diagnosed with autism, but does this manifest itself right after birth?”To answer this question, an international research team based at McGill University has turned to Segalowitz and his Brock research team, who are widely recognized for their ability to record and interpret brain waves gathered by an electroencephalogram (EEG).The cerebral cortex of the human brain is constantly active with electrical impulses that regulate everything from our thoughts to emotions to speech. These brainwave patterns are recorded on the EEG through sensors placed on the scalp. From these patterns are drawn the systematic responses of electrical activity, called the Event-Related Potential (ERP), which happen when someone views a picture, listens to a sound or experiences any other such stimulus. Segalowitz and his colleagues have documented how specific neural patterns are related to a wide range of human behaviour, particularly risk-taking, anxiety and aggression in adolescents.Researchers from McGill, Harvard University, the University of Washington Autism Centre and Birkbeck, University of London asked Segalowitz to clean up and help interpret EEG data gathered from hundreds of children, from newborns to toddlers a few years old. The international team deemed these babies to be at risk of autism mostly because their older siblings were identified as having the disorder.Segalowitz accepted, and says the collaboration could open up new frontiers of awareness. “Most of our knowledge about brainwave patterns as they relate to information and emotional processing come from adults and not from babies, so this is exploratory. The patterns in infants are not so straightforward.”This is partly because there is a lot of “noise” in EEG brainwaves — patterns in the data coming from movements rather than thoughts. He said electrical signals in parts of the brain that control movement are large, and tend to override a baby’s thinking or emotional signals.The work has its challenges. Babies sleep very well, but fuss a lot. It can also be challenging to get a six-month-old to focus on a screen to view pictures. Then it takes time to establish if certain brain patterns are over- or under-responsive “because we don’t know in advance which is the right level.”Segalowitz and his team scrutinize EEG results for discernable patterns, and compare brainwaves of autism-vulnerable babies to those with no family history of autism. But he says many children with autism don’t have the same pattern of “cortical pruning” as other children. Typically, neurons, dendrites, synapse and other brain structures cause the cerebral cortex to “grow madly and very quickly.”  But then the brain “prunes” itself, reducing the structures not well used to make room for new development, resulting in the cortex getting thicker and then thinner. “There’s evidence to suggest that in autistic children, the brains don’t get thinner. So now the question is, ‘what is going on?’ It may be that the fine-tuning is not there, which is part and parcel of this symptom of being very sensitive to sensory input.”However, Segalowitz cautions against taking a ‘cause-and-effect’ view of autism, saying the condition is highly complicated, with many influencing factors.Segalowitz and his colleagues are also applying this EEG expertise in other mental health-related projects, including a long-term study on adolescent brain growth and risk-taking behaviours, and on the brain growth and response patterns of young adults with cerebral palsy. read more

first_imgThe ‘problem’ is also much more serious on the silver screen Dominic Dromgoole, former head of Shakespeare’s Globe, told the paper that help with lines was “happening more and more in film now”. Complicite said they use the technology as a “fallback”, and added:  “It’s just the way the company works. Everything is always devised in the rehearsal room. We’re always changing things.”  Yet perhaps the correct response is not surprise, but a yawn.As one artistic director at a large theatre company told The Sunday Times: “People have always used whatever available technology as an aide-memoire in theatre.”If Shakespeare suddenly rewrote King Lear, they probably would have gone on with some of it written on their sleeve.” Jack Nicholson in Chinatown, which Evans producedCredit:Everett Collection / Rex Features Jack Nicholson Robert Evans Robert Evans and Ali McGraw, in a still from the film version of The Kid Stays in the PictureCredit:Channel 4 “Know your lines and don’t bump into the furniture”, were the two pieces of advice given to a young Katharine Hepburn by acting veteran Spencer Tracy.Now, however, it seems only the second remains necessary, after it it was discovered actors at London’s Royal Court Theatre have been using an autocue.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in 1945’s ‘Without Love’Credit:AFP/Getty Images Audiences had long suspected that certain players were reading, rather than reciting their lines from memory, but it may come as a shock to learn that the practice is becoming increasingly common.The fact was confirmed after production company Complicite put out a statement admitting it had used the electronic devices to help actors reaching for the right words in at least two of its recent plays.They include The Kid Stays in the Picture, a play based on the life of colourful film producer Robert Evans, which is currently playing at the Royal Court, and The Encounter, which ran at the Barbican last year. He added: “Certain actors don’t want to learn their lines. They have it fed in their ear while they’re performing.“A lot of people say ‘oh, this is immoral,’ and then you think, acting is about pretending. You can’t say there’s some high morality about pretending.”Actors who are said to have used earpieces on stage include the Hollywood veterans Bruce Willis, Al Pacino and Richard Dreyfuss. Hepburnlast_img read more

first_imgJunior mining and exploration companies the world over are in melt down. Yet the fundamentals for massive mineral product demand are still apparent. Many commentators believe there will be a quick turnround in the financial markets for the mining companies. Ironically all this is delaying a lot of exploration when the project piepline had not recovered from the last downturn in the industry. However, in the mean time, companies like ValGold Resources are suffering. Typical of the sector, it has elected to substantially change its strategic direction in response to on-going market conditions. “With the recent share price melt down which ValGold has experienced along with most other junior resource issuers, ValGold now intends to focus its exploration and development efforts onto only those projects with demonstrated mineral resources and a strong potential for advancing to production. Early stage or ‘greenfields’ projects appear for the time being to be not financeable and seem to have little or no bearing on market valuations. This is evidenced by the near global devaluation of junior resource issuers and the dramatic loss in value of the TSX Venture Exchange Composite Index which has plunged approximately 20% since September 30.“In addition, ValGold will endeavour to advance its current advanced projects using joint ventures or earn-in transactions. Its Ontario projects such as Tower Mountain near Thunder Bay and Garrison Township on the Golden Highway of the Timmins mining camp have recently garnered attention from both junior and intermediate gold companies. Under its new strategy, ValGold has commenced its search for new acquisitions of projects having existing resources that would add value to our property portfolio. This search includes assets both within Canada and other jurisdictions that are mining-friendly and politically sound. ValGold’s management has already identified potential mining projects that match our requirements and management intends to pursue the most promising of these.”As its first act under this change in strategy Valgold has terminated its option agreement with Newmont Overseas Exploration to earn an interest from Newmont in certain mineral property exploration permits and licenses in northwest Guyana. Under the terms of the agreement, ValGold could have earned a 100% of Newmont’s interest in those properties by incurring expenditures of $5.0 million over four years. ValGold’s option to purchase a 100% interest in and to the Fish Creek property in Guyana has also been terminated. Both of the Newmont and Fish Creek projects are considered early stage and would require significant additional work to determine whether drill targets existed. The expected budgets for the required work are considered be beyond the capacity of the Company to fund in the current market for junior resource stocks.last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Following 22 years at the helm of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) Aleka Papariga could be stepping down, Kathimerini understands.According to the daily newspaper’s sources, Papariga is contemplating not running for the post of general secretary at the party’s 19th congress which is scheduled to begin at KKE’s headquarters in Perissos, northern Athens, on Thursday.Papariga had hinted at the possibility of stepping down in recent interviews with local media. Speaking to Kathimerini in March, the Communist Party general secretary had noted that it was up to the communist party’s congress to determine its next leadership, while in the beginning fo the year, she had told Mega television station that KKE had developed a new generation of highly capable party officials.At the congress, Papariga is expected to present the central commiittee’s suggestions regarding the party’s duties, program and action until the next congress.last_img read more

first_img July 20, 2018 , Suspect shot in Del Mar after pursuit ends in crash Updated: 10:13 AM Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Posted: July 20, 2018 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A suspected drunk driver was shot by sheriff’s deputies after leading them on a pursuit across North County freeways Friday night, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said Saturday.The driver, whose name was not released, was shot in the upper torso and taken to a local hospital, where he remained in stable condition, according to Lt. Anthony Dupree of the San Diego Police Department, which is investigating the incident.A deputy had tried to pull the man over in Vista near the intersection of Poinsettia Avenue and Linda Vista Drive just before 8:45 p.m. Friday when he took off, Dupree said.The driver headed north on surface streets and entered westbound state Route 78 at Sycamore Avenue, then continued onto southbound Interstate 5, at times reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph.During the pursuit, the driver called 911 and told the dispatcher he had a loaded handgun, a female passenger was in the car with him, and he wanted to commit “suicide by cop,” Dupree said.The driver exited I-5 at Leucadia Boulevard and let his passenger out of the car before continuing to flee from officers back onto the freeway. He exited again at Carmel Valley Road and drove west, then veered south onto the Torrey Preserve marsh, driving for about 200 yards before coming to a stop. The area is within San Diego city limits.The driver got out of the car and began advancing toward deputies, who gave him “verbal commands,” Dupree said.“The suspect kept his right hand behind his back and at one point quickly pointed something at the deputies while taking a shooting stance,” leading deputies to fire at the man, Dupree said.The suspect was struck in the upper torso and was taken into custody. Deputies gave the man first aid until paramedics were able to take him to a hospital, Dupree said.The deputies involved in the shooting are a 5-year veteran and a 2- year veteran of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Dupree said. last_img read more

first_imgThe southeast flank and summit of Mt. Carlisle volcano. (Courtesy Kirsten Nicolaysen, Whitman College)The Islands of the Four Mountains are at the center of the Aleutians — geographically, and in folklore passed down from prehistoric times. But we don’t know much about the people who lived there.Download AudioAn upcoming expedition to the site may change that. KUCB’s Annie Ropeik caught up with the researchers in Unalaska as they prepared for their trip — and for what it could reveal about the earliest Unangan people.Download AudioThe current story goes like this: the Unangan people came across the land bridge from Siberia and started making a loop. They moved down through the Alaska Interior and along the coast. Nine-thousand years ago, they got to the Eastern Aleutians and started working their way up the chain.“Nine-thousand years ago, this was just a blasted landscape,” Jeff Dickrell, a historian based in Unalaska, said. “There was no grass, there was no dirt – it was just volcanic ash.”That’s exactly what they would have seen on the Islands of the Four Mountains, in the center of the chain. The islands are mostly just – volcanoes.But for whatever reason, some Unangans decided to put down roots there and build house pits. Past researchers have found those ruins, but they don’t know much else about the settlers. It’s a mystery that University of Kansas archaeologist Dixie West will try to unravel this summer.Islands of the Four Mountains in the central Aleutian Islands, Alaska. (Image courtesy Dave Schneider & AVO/USGS)“We’re going to be going out to look at different settlements – prehistoric villages,” West said. “We want to know how prehistoric humans adapted to the changes in the climate, and also, what were their strategies for living in an area which had the potential for massive volcanic explosions?”West and her research team will look for genetic evidence in peat bogs on the islands to tell them who lived there and when. They’ll also search for artifacts like stone tools, and carbon date them.Their expert on that is Virginia Hatfield, also of the University of Kansas. She says she hopes the house pits they find on the four volcanoes – Cleveland, Herbert, Tana, and Carlisle – will be in good enough shape to study.“Since no excavation has occurred, we really don’t know,” West said. “We’re real interested in the one on Carlisle, since it has multiple layers of ash deposits and prehistoric occupation. And that’ll give us an idea of how people lived through time.”They know at least one group of prehistoric Unangan lived on the islands – and they think more might have moved in as recently as a thousand years ago. Even if it hasn’t always been inhabited, it’s clearly an important place to the Unangans. In oral histories, the islands are described like the Garden of Eden – a place where life began.Jeff Dickrell, the local historian, says all the reasons that the IFM are uninhabited today, were what attracted prehistoric Unangans. Each islands is made up almost entirely of its volcano, with no bays or salmon streams. And between them, changing tides create a rapids.(Google Maps screenshot)“That’s why I think the origination story comes from there, because that’s where the energy is,” Dickrell said. “That’s where all the sea mammals are going to be, where all the fish are going to be.”“They don’t like the quiet backs of bays, they like the energy places, the points, passes, and that is the place.”But some Unangan in the Eastern Aleutians take the story one step further. They say their people literally came from the Islands of the Four Mountains – which would mean they moved against the east-to-west tide of migration that we understand today.This summer, the research team will be looking for evidence on the islands that might match up with the oral histories. It would be a big find.But Dickrell says this expedition is going to change our understanding no matter what happens.“In the entire history of archaeology, there’s probably been 20 digs in the Aleutians – almost none, relatively,” Dickrell said. “So the amount of information is so little, that every new site changes the story.”Whether it’s adding onto the one we already have, or rewriting it altogether.last_img read more

first_imgBengaluru: The Congress on Sunday intensified efforts to persuade another rebel MLA Ramalinga Reddy to return to the party fold, in a desperate bid to save the Congress-JD(S) coalition government in Karnataka teetering in the wake of the resignation of its legislators. Sources in the Congress told PTI that the party’s state working president Eshwar Khandre and H K Patil have headed to Ramalinga Reddy’s residence. Reddy, BTM Layout Assembly MLA, is said to be maintaining silence and has not been responding to the party’s attempts to appease him. He is also among the MLAs who have resigned. Also Read – Polls may come anytime: Siddaramaiah says Yediyurappa government won’t last long Advertise With Us On Saturday, a team of BJP leaders led by Yelahanka MLA S R Vishwanath and Padmanabha Reddy had called on him at his residence. “Ramalinga Reddy has neither gone to Mumbai, nor he has given any statement that can be considered as an anti-party activity. It is incumbent upon us to persuade him. We are sure he won’t leave the party,” said party spokesperson Subhash Agarwal. Also Read – Kumaraswamy never treated me as friend but like enemy: Siddaramaiah Advertise With Us The coalition government is on a sticky wicket with 16 MLAs–13 of the Congress and three of the JD(S) — resigning from the Assembly. Besides, two independent legislators, who were made ministers recently to provide stability, have quit the cabinet. The independents — H Nagesh and R Shankar — have also withdrawn support to the coalition government and are now supporting the BJP. The ruling coalition’s strength in the House is 116 (Congress 78, JD(S) 37 and BSP one), besides the speaker. With the support of the two independents, the opposition BJP has 107 MLAs in the 224-member House. If the resignations of the 16 MLAs are accepted, the ruling coalition’s tally will be reduced to 100. The speaker has a vote too.last_img read more