now the world is the world of young people, of course, now has grown up in the younger generation is our 80, 90. This generation of young people is now the most representative of the group, it seems that this is a very young group to play. Ideas so that we can not imagine. Many of the 80 and 90 after working in a few years will think it is not a permanent solution, so we want to open his own business! Tea shop small investment, high profit, is a lot of choice for entrepreneurs, but many entrepreneurs are mostly novice, they all want to know Anqing Kawangka tea shop cost how much? I hope following Xiaobian summary can give friends some help in business. read more

did you want to open a wonton shop? Own shop, can not choose the chain store, so you can avoid detours. Full of treasure wonton to join the project is a good project, subject to a lot of people’s attention. Full of treasure wonton join how much money? Let’s take a look.

wonton is a full treasure to "focus on delicious wonton" for the idea of the Chinese fast food chain brand. Full of treasure "and features a large wonton stuffing, full of delicious nutrition, variety, safe" increasingly favored by the vast number of consumers. Full of treasure wonton join how much money? Join fee 5 thousand, 2 people can operate. read more

recently Hefei University will be officially renamed the University of Hefei, so that more people are concerned about the development of the Hefei University step by step. Hefei municipal government issued a document, the document said, after the Hefei municipal government agreed to set up a leading group to promote the construction of the University of Hefei, which means that the preparatory work of the University of Hefei officially launched.

Hefei University was founded in 1980 in Hefei United university. March 2002, approved by the Ministry of education, the former Hefei United University and the Hefei Institute of education, Hefei normal school merged to form the Hefei University. read more

market, there are a lot of bread cake shop, the market has become saturated, then if you want to choose to join the head of this industry, you must be precise positioning, the following to learn more about the relevant information.

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delicious food, always very attractive to the eyes of consumers. In fact, the choice to open a business only belong to their own brand stores, is a very wise choice. So, how much money do you choose to open a sushi restaurant?

sushi need how many money? Seto cuisine college, million easy to get rich, money is more secure! Seto cuisine, and constantly develop new products, pioneering technology to join, only sushi tuition, always grasp the market dynamic, advanced technology and market updates, more features for our students, always make our products go in the forefront of the market, driving the trend of the industry. read more


house is in a person’s life trend, influenced by the traditional concept of Chinese, if we want to take root in a city, it seems that only buy a set of their own property, he is a member of the city, otherwise they are always wandering family. In recent years, along with the purchase of a number of cities in the country’s policy is to emerge from the tide of divorce, many couples choose to divorce the purpose is to circumvent the restriction of credit policy. October 8th is the first working day after the release of the housing purchase policy in Zhengzhou, the reporter came to the map network Jinshui District Civil Affairs Bureau marriage registration office to see, get together is not uncommon divorce. read more

in our lives we can often see that in some difficult areas, usually the community will take positive measures to help, but the quality of these things is ignored! Sichuan Meishan City Dongpo Industrial and Commercial Bureau Bureau recently seized a number of inferior cotton coat, and this batch of 2840 inferior cotton coat was prepared to the local mountain condolences to the poor people. After investigation, this batch of goods including quilts and cotton coat, the Dongpo District Civil Affairs Bureau to the Meishan city agricultural products wholesale company procurement, and commissioned Meishan Fiber Inspection Institute of shopping information detection. read more

in our life for the people’s economic strength has a clear appraisal, usually by Hurun to reveal the economic strength. In October 13th, the "2016 Hurun Report" issued, the concern is that this time on the list, there are 80 young people from Zhengzhou, Henan ranked in the rich list twelfth. You have 2016 Hurun in? Henan 39 rich list, the following we specifically understand.

Henan 39 people boarded the Hurun list

it is understood that the "2016 Hurun Report" a total of 2056 entrepreneurs on the list, 179 more than last year, the total number of the list doubled over three years ago. The top 10 list threshold increased by 20% over last year, reaching $78 billion. Wang Jianlin and his family to 215 billion yuan wealth to become the richest man in China for the third time. Ma Yun and his family 205 billion keep up to second. Ma Huateng 165 billion rose from 1 to third. read more

more and more abundant material life in today, people began to pursue the spiritual progress, so now people pay more attention to education, for entrepreneurs, investment in education and training may join the industry directly to get rich. The success of education and training institutions to join the "three diligence", investment education and training to join the industry to pay attention to what? China joined the network I give you elaborate on this situation.

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How can you say something about the

snack? Can you eat it? Such a good thing but I can not give up the small. Boring, but we are the best partner of snacks. If you want to get rich through entrepreneurship, then you must not miss the snacks to join such a good project. Because snacks to join the advantage is very good. If you do not know what the advantages of snacks to join, then you must look at the advantages of this snack to join the analysis!

Analysis of the advantages of

snacks joining

1. snacks can join the use of brand influence read more

shop operators, the size is not a problem, even if your store size is small, as long as you know how to operate the relevant skills, will soon be able to change the size of a large store! Today, Xiao Bian intends to share with you the six business operators operating skills, if you are entrepreneurs, it is necessary to take a good look at the garbage!

shop operating skills 1, conform to the store

for the shop, site selection will directly affect your future operating performance. So set up shop, the most basic consideration is based on the industry you want to operate and business strategy to select the appropriate location and business district. At the same time, due to some objective reasons, may also be suitable for a previous industry district, now is not necessarily appropriate, then, the owner must consider as soon as possible to change jobs or change it. read more

"people want to live a meaningful life, it is necessary to do what they like." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. After graduation, Li Wen worked in Shanghai for more than a year, in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing three English war line painting T-shirt, I think it is very interesting, but can not buy to buy, I think this is a business opportunity. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising." read more

chain brand numerous world-class brands, WAL-MART, KFC, as everyone knows, the chain operation is actually to copy, then copy the chain note?

enter after twenty-first Century, on behalf of the chain business development trend of the "top 100 chain", with an average annual growth rate of more than 50%, far beyond the average annual total retail sales of social 9. 4% of the growth rate, the chain hundred in the proportion of retail sales also increased rapidly.

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investment business has a very high cost, it is a fact that the current investment market to realize however, if we can master the relevant plan, is to reduce the cost of the shop. In short, the store rent, inventory costs, channel costs, promotional costs, these four major costs can be achieved through a number of ways to cut costs, so as to help operators in a favorable position in price promotions.

low rent shops hide law. The first is the government dedicated to provide shops for entrepreneurs, not only cheap rent, but also not low traffic. The premise is that the operator to the government under the jurisdiction of the entrepreneurial center to participate in training, after graduation can apply for the corresponding shops. If the operator is engaged in the business of the shop area requirements in general, it is recommended to choose to open a shop in the office. In the first tier cities, for example, the same area of shops, office rents are cheaper than commercial street shop 2/3. In addition, you can choose some of the new industrial park, not only low rent, but there are many preferential policies. read more