Chinese character source website is the most important cause in the life of. Newspaper reporter Liu Xing photo

reporter Gao Siwei Liu Intern Lu Yijie

"Chinese character uncle" is an American, but he is more famous in china. He created a Chinese characters word source website, where you can find the evolution of almost every Chinese characters, Oracle (micro-blog), Xiaozhuan, inscriptions, traditional and simplified Chinese characters. In 2011, someone put his site on micro-blog caused widespread concern, the site’s traffic soared 4 times, he also won the "Chinese character uncle" title. read more

iResearch consulting according to the latest data of the online advertising monitoring system iAdTracker found that the automotive industry has a high degree of awareness and recognition of the Internet media. 2008 traffic, network services and IT products industry has become the most online advertising industry three; transportation network advertising costs among the top of the various segments of the industry, the estimated cost of up to 1 billion 380 million.

Car Forums in prominent in interactive, cost-effective, effects can be assessed and so on, the traditional media has unparalleled advantages, the domestic automobile forum – car every day do not regularly update the village 4 times, with the latest global car information, and other information for the auto test report and provide Internet visitors car maintenance, car to car users advice and guidance, the powerful search and Baidu know more directly to the station docking, visitors thoughtful answer. read more

      Reuters reported, Gu Yongqiang video website President Chinese said on Friday, as users of video sharing platform provides opportunities for the development of Internet video site is currently the largest, with the industry in the Chinese from centralized to decentralized, hope and then a year will develop into Chinese Youtube.  

      Youku launched in December 2006, positioned as a nationwide video sharing service platform for users. Prior to October, Internet search provider Google acquisition of U.S. video entertainment company YouTube to $1 billion 650 million worth of stock, so this video sharing trendsetter fame. read more

many vehicle service O2O enterprise has no clear profit model, rely mainly on Financing money expansion of the O2O project, not to have their own blood due to excessive bleeding and fell

Li Suwan

[from the second half of last year, investment institutions are no longer flocking to the car in the O2O project, a sudden turn for the worse tide, the car door maintenance service O2O bear the brunt of fallen mostly this kind of enterprise]

[Chinese automobile market has been more than 700 billion yuan, 5 years will be more than 1 trillion yuan, referring to this data is only the narrow sense of the automobile market scale, namely vehicle maintenance, beauty decoration modification, car maintenance and vehicle directly related to daily maintenance services market size. ] read more

recently, China Mobile Beijing company issued "on the short message to Fetion business offline announcement", said the message to Fetion business in June 30th will be offline, mobile SMS to Fetion will terminate the service, which means that unless the exchanges between the two sides at the same time online Fetion client, you cannot use the client send free sms.

filed a Fetion, perhaps some people will be a little strange, Fetion is an instant communication, not simply Fetion instant communication tool, it may be more accurate: Fetion once is a typical representative of the product transfer from PC to mobile phone instant messaging client, is China Mobile launched a business, can achieve real-time message, SMS, voice, GPRS and other means of communication, to ensure that users never offline. read more

20 year old Heilongjiang unemployed Duan Zongyi, by sending a "Gray dove" trojan virus, get shop owner, bank information, the owner has been 3 times to steal account funds 20000 yuan. Recently, the Xuanwu court sentenced Duan Zongyi to 3 years imprisonment for theft and zero for 6 months, and fined $4000.

from March 30th to June last year the 30 day period, Zongyi in Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang province control computer, go to the Taobao website, respectively to the 3 victims in the online business clothing store to buy clothes, send style grounds, "dove ash" trojan virus compressed files sent to the other party, steal bank information stored in the other computer the. After that, he will be the other online banking account of the money transferred to his friend’s bank card, cash accounted for by ATM extraction. Three crime, a total profit of two million yuan. read more

each reporter Li Ting

the preceding period, the medical department of Putian’s once because of Internet advertising, standing in the teeth of the storm became the focus of attention. Now, what the Department of Putian and the "Internet plus" "and enter a new season.

yesterday (June 20th), "daily economic news" reporter from Putian (Chinese) health industry association was informed that the president, executive president of the network Xidong Putian Yaoxie transaction Wu, Putian Department of Health issued by the State Administration of food and drug supervision and management of the Internet and drug transaction service A card. read more

news (reporter Jia Zhongshan) 360 companies in apple App store app store mobile software has been on the shelves, while a brush App store software industry gradually surfaced. Reporters found that in Taobao (micro-blog) on the existence of dozens of companies can be ranked as a brush, a shop in 1 months time, turnover of more than 50 thousand pen. Not long ago, 360 of the company’s products in Apple’s App store suffered all the shelves processing. Currently these mobile applications have been re installed. A product is the cause of the shelf, the Apple Corp finally explained, Qihoo 360’s application of abnormal users and bad apple, were investigated by the convention. Because all of the 360 software in the same account, resulting in all products under the shelf. read more

Xinhua news agency, Shenyang, June 13 – Title: 4 months off the end of the 66 black radio ye so difficult to fight

Xinhua News Agency reporter Fan Chunsheng,

selling counterfeit drugs, deceptive money, electromagnetic radiation threat to health and safety of civil aviation…… In recent years, the incidence of public security cases caused by private illegal radio stations. In this regard, the Shenyang multi sectoral linkage to crack down on black radio action, destroyed more than 4 years, black radio more than more than 300, of which only the first two months of 2016, destroyed the 66. read more

Sina Technology Liu Anni

although the Internet lottery has been discontinued for more than a year long, but practitioners have been unwilling to remain out of the limelight to dig the hill.

Sina has reported "net sales of lottery lottery O2O ban will be a thorough investigation of online orders may not against the award", introduced in the "frozen" state lottery O2O mode, however, in the Ministry of Finance issued a document that will be to punish lottery lottery O2O O2O mode, enterprises shut down, now in a new mode replace the lottery O2O. This is known as the way the lottery is recommended to be able to flow over ten million, then this is the hype or gimmicks? read more