May 23rd news, WeChat public number media training camp, today announced that the music as announced in June will be a comprehensive acquisition of cool. Cool phone’s public relations department denied the matter to the sina science and technology reporter, music, as the relevant person in charge said it would not comment on the matter. But there are cool insiders to Sina Technology revealed: Cool sooner or later to sell music.

this is not the first time, as the music will be wholly acquired cool rumors". Previously, there have been news that, as cool second shareholders, LETV will continue to purchase the remaining shares; in addition, there are rumors that HUAWEI glory before President Liu Jiangfeng will join LETV, served as the general manager of the new company after the acquisition of cool. In April this year, Li Bin, President of cool group in Jinggangshan to accept Sina Technology interview, in response to these rumors, the management did not receive the board and the two major shareholders on the capital changes. read more

Baidu PPS

disk has been finalized

domestic video industry second acquisitions have been finalized, the industry pattern will face the big reshuffle of the second. Sources told Sina Technology revealed that Baidu’s acquisition of PPS network television (PPS.TV) has been basically settled, the purchase price will be in the range of $3-4. As the industry had to end the speculation, "genuine TV drama content known for Iqiyi (Iqiyi Baidu holding company), is trying to make up for their acquisition in a live television network and client in the field of short board, for future independent IPO to increase leverage. read more


data in 2016 known as the first year, the network broadcast, broadcast platform has reached more than 200, the size of more than 200 million users, some large network broadcast platform registered users, monthly active users billions of dollars over ten million.

in the face of a huge market, in the past year, Tencent, NetEase, YY, unfamiliar street, millet, Youku and other dozens of Internet giants have reached the field of live. It is clear that the real first year before the arrival of the broadcast industry is also experiencing a period of silent accumulation, ushered in a full-blown outbreak in 2016. read more

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 10th news, 10 years ago in October 9th (U.S. time), Google bought YouTube for $1 billion 650 million, it has become the most important in the history of the most dazzling, a merger, acquisition or start-up companies. After the merger, the world of science and technology has undergone tremendous changes. Broadband speed, the popularity of smart phones, video has become a huge business, publishers can use video advertising, the platform is divided into advertising. Because of this, Facebook will invest heavily in the video. read more

the "Wall Street daily" network edition wrote today, although Amazon for third party businesses to improve the exposure rate and sales volume, but will also cause loss of control of enterprise’s brand, and create real profits are very little.

below is the full text of the article:

friend or foe?

many small businesses have come to realize that Amazon is more than just a partner or an enemy.

Michigan Jordan · Jordan (Lindberg) is one of them, he founded 4 years ago, Stardust Memorials specializes in selling urn. About 10% of the company’s $3 million in annual sales comes from Amazon buyers. He would have to pay 15% commission to complete a deal through amazon. "If you say no to Amazon, you’ll turn off an important source of sales." He said. read more

A5 station network April 13th news headlines today, reported substantial national pornography net net 2014 comprehensive inventory of network pornographic information special action, and published "on the development of information to combat Internet pornography special action announcement, announcement that the national anti pornography working group office, the state Internet information office the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry decided that since mid April 2014 to November, a nationwide unified campaign to combat Internet pornographic information pornography · net net 2014 special action. The focus of this special action regulation for five points, and on Internet sites, search engines, app store and other Internet information service providers and network TV stick, set-top boxes and other equipment, conduct a thorough inventory. The text, pictures, video, advertising and other information containing pornographic content shall be deleted immediately. Two is severely punished according to the law of the dissemination of pornographic information of enterprises and personnel. Three, strictly implement the main responsibility of Internet companies. Four, serious accountability dereliction of duty. Five, welcome the masses complaints and reports. read more

trainee reporter Zhang Yueguang

intern reporter Zhang Shuo Beijing reported

in the limelight bitcoin finally ushered in the attitude of regulators.

November 20th, people’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Yi Gang to talk about bitcoin in a forum first. Yi Gang said that from the perspective of the people’s Bank, the recent recognition of bitcoin legitimacy. But he also believes that bitcoin trading as a buying and selling behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate. In addition, Yi Gang also pointed out that bitcoin is very characteristic, with inspiration, individuals will maintain long-term concern. read more

iron brother go home in the Spring Festival, there is a sense of the Spring Festival from country to city information has been very obvious from the pay New Year’s call SMS transfer to WeChat, iron brother also wrote that WeChat will replace the mail list, the operator only provides Internet access, while WeChat will completely replace the operator’s SMS and telephone service. Now to his brother iron face, to recover the past conclusion.

actually, WeChat is no problem to replace the address book, and even can be said that the future is bright. But WeChat’s recent policy to make iron brother completely cold heart, that is, the WeChat address book on-line problem. read more

        original title: Tencent banned Microsoft wheatgrass God logic: everything can not let WeChat get the benefit of the public, and is bullying

[editor’s note]

IT Time Microsoft wheatgrass launched three days but WeChat has been blocked. Although Tencent gives wheatgrass may involve user privacy, but a discerning eye, you know from the ice body Tencent did not get the expected benefits. In fact, the benefits are second. More importantly, Tencent’s WeChat is to subvert the interests of the communications operators to survive, and how to allow another innovative products to subvert their own. The author of this article tells us that this is in fact the Tencent to prevent their subversion of the excessive defense. read more

Chinese character source website is the most important cause in the life of. Newspaper reporter Liu Xing photo

reporter Gao Siwei Liu Intern Lu Yijie

"Chinese character uncle" is an American, but he is more famous in china. He created a Chinese characters word source website, where you can find the evolution of almost every Chinese characters, Oracle (micro-blog), Xiaozhuan, inscriptions, traditional and simplified Chinese characters. In 2011, someone put his site on micro-blog caused widespread concern, the site’s traffic soared 4 times, he also won the "Chinese character uncle" title. read more