Since the Internet is

most people since the Internet is the first contact with the website, we just access to the Internet, most people will want to see the outside world is wonderful, then going to click on the computer desktop browser, open the browser does not know what you want to go, connecting pictures at a very early time the web page is filled with large and small ads, text link, we will not unfamiliar, then consciously click on a picture or a string of text, feel interested points will look into the points, so we can enter a website. It is also our preliminary understanding of surfing the internet.

the Internet rapid development today, most people know they want access to the Internet to do what go to the Internet, and then have the objective to search you want to get the answer, it makes more and more enterprises in making their own online site, people demand supply reference to order, or let people get confused a clear answer. This is also the main role of the network. With the passage of time, the development of network constantly, various types of sites, have been on the line, and thousands of households are similar, many big brands do not have to how to beautify their website as there is a lot of traffic, but some new enterprise website was ignored by many people, even though they do. In order to let customers have a good browsing environment, the website directory, all kinds of convenient way to show to visitors, but they still have little, this is the initial stage of the network. Many new businesses may be distressed by the situation.

network development today, the situation is basically gone, users more rational to choose, rather than by listening to seek, but through their own eyes to their pursuit of the network, to pursue their own things, not to say anything else. This means that whose website is practical and eye-catching, and in the same product, the same service, the choice of customers will tend to whom?. So, the practicability of the website needs us to consider in detail.

some people ask, what is the website usability, website is not up to be able to see the product or service, can make the customer can clearly find what you want if you, yes, this is just one of the most basic, a lot of people from the customer experience to find the problem, always put the site to this is for a customer experience. But when you change after you really find that customer experience is what do you know what is the future development trend of the website, the professional point of view to consider some problems, as the public to ask some questions. A good website includes many factors, this summer Zhejiang TV popular show The Voice of China, everyone must have heard, see no see is another, through which results from the preliminaries to the final, how many players out, why they are out, some really showdown at that time, the song is wrong, it depends on the success or failure, that is the Lord.