recently, a week’s time, continuous write four soft article, and many owners have no love to write, but with more and more to write, write soft found a great benefit for the promotion of the website, also slowly added to the ranks of the software writers. The following can help novice, experts do not have to look at the.

: what is soft, we can give it a general definition: it is actually a more clever advertising method or skills, do website or product advertising in the propaganda when doing hidden, until you find this ad, you have not cold at the fallen into a carefully designed the "soft text ads" trap. Can your website promotion out, and give the viewer recognition or for the corresponding inspiration, this is the ultimate goal of the webmaster write soft! Now more and more webmaster love to write text, if is new, Google can let Baidu fast included, old station can bring faster updates, if the author is a write the soft master, also can give your site to bring a lot of traffic. Just like my station:, although Baidu just included a page, but one day to dozens of IP, they are soft credit, believe that Baidu will soon be included more.

now write the soft text experience summary, there are deficiencies, please advise:

(1) title to attract

a good article is first of all have a good title, best can reach to write new in order to be different, the most able to attract people’s eyes, what to lure users to click so we achieved. Here is an example: for example, I wrote the article " website; please analyze the segmentation technology of Baidu’s " and " do white hat or black hat is really a problem " these two articles, a click on the volume of admin reached 339, and a 20 difference, how to large, perhaps the site of the SEOER are concerned about Baidu, analysis About Baidu, many people want to see, to see if their useful information, and then a master for some black hat friends or do not must have what new.

(2) content to enrich

now do not have such a word called " ", the content of the website; no good, no one will read, as long as to Baidu or Google, but also a waste of everyone’s time, finally by the netizen called the title of the party, can write some useful things to others, again good however, in each big website reproduced also will be more and more, so we also aim to achieve.

(3) website address, don’t forget,

do soft Wen promotion is not in order to give your site more with some links, see many SEOER at the bottom of the article write so and so original, reprint please keep the link, and then the web site may collect web site >