Abstract: everyone’s circle of friends has so many "good friends" to appear, but they don’t know how these "good friends" are, how to interact and understand. When your enthusiasm is gone, what about the circle of friends? Who is your relationship with zombies,



micro channel from birth has been updated to version 6.1, the mobile terminal life of countless people because of his change, is not only the way of communication, and even affect the social and cultural level. More and more people are beginning to think about the impact of changes based on social tools. Changning titanium media author has been concerned about the relationship between social products, media and culture, such as her series of articles such as "depth of reflection: the alienation of social media in the alienated society", "the change of the medium, is the" circle "shape change?", "social media on individual" split personality "die!".

"The following article was conceived six months ago, and six months later, there was a more subtle change in social relations on WeChat, and the number of reflective people was increasing," says

". Changning try to look through the phenomenon of nature, to see if she is based on humanistic thinking WeChat relationship:

when we are getting tired to deal with WeChat and I have nothing to do but "forced to see" information, always flash in my mind is: one can not see the appearance of the station in the middle of the stage alone, around the dark, lonely light with only focusing on light, it sometimes drunk, sometimes lost, sometimes anxious, sometimes look, sometimes calm, dark around occasionally think of applause, but he did not know who is the audience, he re humming his rhythm dance again……


uses WeChat, perhaps many people are aware of this state of mind and state. Today, WeChat based social relationships have indeed changed dramatically. Initially, WeChat circle is a small circle, composed of relatives and friends, this relationship is a strong relationship, and most of them are relationships in real life, the stability of this relationship is very high, even without the use of WeChat, this strong relationship can still be maintained by other means. As WeChat has increasingly become a social occupation, work category, marketing tools, one circle indeed from the original strong relationship circle, expanded to a wider range of circle, even more cross circle, this circle is based on the relationship between the weak, not relying on the emotion to maintain, in order to satisfy the work and occupation social needs, marketing purpose.

then, the social circle based on WeChat’s platform eventually formed two relationships: one is a real strong social circle, and the other is a weak relationship based on some interests.

WeChat for more demand for communication, social circle of occupation, marketing and other aspects of the relationship between the proportion of occupied, weak circle will be greater, the above described this picture will make people feel more real. In fact, the real reason why people feel tired, lost, anxious and so on is not what many articles call "increasing and overflowing circle of friends"