website construction to distinguish between different geographical and cultural audience, especially commercial website, also include propaganda type enterprise website construction project. To do this, may have to pay more, but it will greatly improve your user experience of the website, can also make your potential customers for you to feel a sense of professional services, can greatly enhance the credibility of your Internet, enhance your Internet brand, is beneficial to the development of your network marketing.

website construction should distinguish between different regions and cultural audiences should pay attention to:

first, your country of user groups should have a judgment of their own. If you are a foreign trade company website, you need to make English version, if you are a foreign trade company mainly face the user is the fixed number of countries, such as Japan, South Korea and so on, you have to make the Japanese version, Korean version and so on, the proportion of how to switch the default language, we should look at the main users of your. At this point, Alibaba platform is doing very well. Here’s the picture:


second, if you have several languages website we Liaocheng network company Jean imagination ( suggest that you have enabled the top-level domain name to the construction, here is mainly to consider the site easy to promote, but also for different user groups is a kind of equal treatment, the country of different users is the top-level domain name to. As you can see, your attitude towards the users is equal.

third, different language website to choose the corresponding state of the server to run your website, this is mainly to solve the problem with the access speed, broadband is a country has restricted, don’t say is broadband country, so choose to be multilingual website server service is the best choice. Greatly improve the site access speed, improve the user to access your user experience, feel good, you have the service sales.

website construction to distinguish between different regions and culture of the audience, this is not difficult to understand, some details of the implementation you must stand in all of your users in different areas of the angle resolved, is absolutely correct. This paper consists of Nirvana & Yang Zhenqiu finishing from Liaocheng network company — Jean imagination official website, reproduced indicate the source and author of

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