How to spend the winter a small and medium sized enterprises to Alibaba in Hangzhou CEO Ma convened Forum on

weekend, Softbank Group Chairman Sun Zhengyi is using English word about his Japanese Chamber of Softbank entrepreneurial legend, Taiwan under the man around me like a chicken pecking nodded, but also from time to time Qiazhao his arm shot his thigh applauded.

As for the

so excited intolerable? I could not help but ask this man. The answer is, "don’t you understand?" Mr. Sun told me so well. To be an enterprise, you must be passionate. What can be done without passion,


. Under the know, this guy is a B2B to do foreign trade business in Guangzhou small boss, this time is spent 3800 yuan to buy a ticket to fly to Hangzhou to listen to the bigwigs of spiritual encouragement. "Sun Zhengyi, Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu."…… It’s worth it to see so many heavyweight human beings."

fainted. What is passion? That’s passion. Passion for the internet.

eyes look at the persistent new generation of network entrepreneurs, the heart is unable to help feeling and admiration. By virtue of the network infinite vision of faith, even if these people are so in the so-called economic winter, is a poor but ambitious, optimistic in the face of difficulties, and persistent passion in Sri lanka.

from scratch, committed to become the world’s largest and best Internet Co Sun Zhengyi, Ma Yun and other bigwigs, the passion may be that they can go through the Internet and the cold winter evergreen road.

in the same forum, Ma again personally about it was 2002 in Japan first met Sun Zhengyi at the scene: "the Internet cold winter, everyone will feel depressed, never go down, more and more difficult. Only Sun Zhengyi, with his golden eyes, believes that the Internet will affect all mankind."

, at that point, Sun Zhengyi spent 6 minutes making the decision to invest $20 million in the money he was still poor. Review the decision at that time, Sun Zhengyi’s explanation is, at that time, I saw Ma’s eyes sparkling, I think this is a YAHOO, Yang Zhiyuan, the Internet has a very passionate madman. "I think there is a play."."

learned that, in the past ten years, Sun Zhengyi’s Softbank group has invested no less than 800 Internet Co, of which about 100 companies have gone bankrupt, about 100 companies live very well. The same piece of Internet soil, enterprise how different? In Sun Zhengyi’s opinion, the biggest difference lies in the passion, if the management is really very passionate, you can find the solution to the problem faced by all of you, to attract the best people to your company, and then continued success. If there is no passion, then I’m sorry, quickly evacuated.

in a speech the Internet’s winter again came, the passion seems to have become the most look forward to the warm cotton lakes bigwigs. As a firm investor in the Internet, Sun Zhengyi’s advice is to book life