I recently injured at home idle, boring to write a blog, had 300 thousand visits down for a few months, the PR last month to 3. However, because the content of the blog is music and entertainment, so it is not mentioned here.

brief summary after a climax

blog from the opening after the gradual increase in the number of visits, until recently there has been a climax, and now briefly sum up.

climax and drop

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this climax originated from TV, October 10th at noon in the view that access statistics from a key visitors increased significantly, because the blog before about the contents of the article, think a temporary supplement is also good, did not expect the results can be used to describe the immediate, at 3 pm Posts 10 minutes after the visits have soared.


YAHOO statistical chart, the system UV calculation method often adjusted, seems to still be solved.

Look at this chart that I *

female orgasm time curve saw in some extracurricular books in High School Association, is calm after reaching a climax needs a long process, but not as men fall fast curve. Although the curve is similar but we can be sure of the reasons are completely different, but the blog later encountered a similar situation grasp the fall period appropriate to add some content to believe will be of great help to improve visits.

The chart below

is the click Change of the relevant content tag (Tag)


* before, this Tag is definitely an upset, and the power of the TV media is really big

, a visitor from Baidu and Google,

basic content is original, but visits in the blog opened one month before the day is around 60, and later through the use of Baidu know the answer and blog content get a lot of traffic, until a week before the user can access the address directly through the first time over from Baidu know. Beginning in August this year, Baidu knows and paste it more stringent management strategy, this kind of propaganda is now more difficult to operate.


Although a lot of

for Baidu’s advice and " accumulated in previous work and daily use; however, " bias; I still have to admit that, for my blog, in terms of the flow, the effect of Google is better than Baidu.

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