because of the relationship between the work, and now less writing experience sharing articles. Today, combined with my new station to talk about personal Adsense site positioning, fine and dedicated benefits.

of the new station just on the line for two days, the positioning of the site only for DEDE users (because DEDE users are very popular in personal webmaster, user groups, wide) is mainly to provide DEDE acquisition rules, Download DEDE template and DEDE tutorial site, didn’t do too much planning, because it is I have in mind that do this kind of website, today released so quickly on the line. On-line for two days, GG included 10 articles, keywords: DEDE collection rules, downloaded to the GG fourth DEDE collection rule, the word in GG second pages.

quote have seen a webmaster’s words "in the comprehensive advantages in mediocrity, loss in excess, a lot of people I have several web sites, and each site content is large, then busy tired don’t say what is the result of laozhe.

what we lack is concentration. GG focused on the search, so he succeeded. Tencent (the beginning) focus on IM, so he is successful, Microsoft special operating system so he is successful, and our webmaster circle celebrity: he mouchangqing promotion is "the one thing you can do, so he is very successful. Examples abound: AD5 focuses on transactions, 20JU focuses on information, and laggards focus on Web building and code. They all have their own precise positioning.

Cao Cao believes that personal Adsense site positioning (if you really want to make the site as a career, in the future want more development) should be familiar with their own, hobbies, and proficient in the field. Not much to pursue something hot, because the hottest thing to have the money, technology and the background are done, you can go than him? But we have one of those big door even look at the corner, not to worry about the visitor group, Chinese users such as this don’t worry! No less access, because not all people love to watch entertainment news, not all are only Sina Sohu. Don’t worry about your non – stand being looked down upon, like the original HAO123 by foreigners, described as: "a fool put a lot of links to take up the ugly stuff and too vulgar to be endured, but Robin Li Dujuhuiyan said he is" it’s so easy that you cannot go".

In fact,

said today are audible words, while listening, I think the poor can just hit the bricks, is careful not to smashed glass door. Finally, say a topic irrelevant: site SEO to moderate, traffic will let you fall below glasses. This article is derived from: Cao Cao blog original text link:>