would like to tell you a question topic today, these days with a group of friends about Taobao now has become more and more difficult to do, whether to choose other station, I had this idea, the key is also just, taking into account the many problems, never mind the implementation of. As a point of history I have not a webmaster immediately to open the station, have the experience of myself now planning to start the station must make a plan, what is the theme of the site? Site space choice of domain name? How to choose? Choose what kind of program do? Website early get some traffic where? How many days plan formed in how much traffic? What time to plan on the front page of Baidu keyword? These are my problem. Maybe everyone will think I think too much, but in fact, otherwise, I believe that to do a big station, starting is very critical.

QQ station is always what I want to do today, in the Baidu search "QQ space code" found Baidu the first page of the QQ station almost entirely by doctor QQ screen, because now download the QQ automatically with Dr. QQ, I believe many people will together with Dr. QQ installation together, I also believe that these QQ station webmaster bring disastrous is enormous, imagine now the computer has installed QQ, for some deep fear virus users will definitely not choose "continue to browse it off. QQ station may have a big improvement in the near future, I’m looking forward to it here,


searches for the first 4 large QQ stations in the QQ space code


opens the station with iE after logging on to QQ, displaying the following


also displays the following


Why is the

shield? Shielding reason is very clear, these QQ station traffic are very great, I estimate in 10Wip above, some may be more, so how to use the huge volume? Answer: pop, plug-in. The destruction of rogue software, the computer of plug-in into each computer, actually I am not willing to enter into the station, after you will find that there are many yellow violence, playing one after another, I believe that some customers are just so so, the site is basically a look at me very few people believe second times, so the owners with a high flow of Baidu keyword on site update on pop is also in order to gain more profits, the effect is very considerable.

QQ users as much as possible to ensure that the QQ traffic is easy to get, as long as the site to select a keyword, the basic will have more than 1000 ip. To experience such a disaster after the old QQ station will start a new domain name, the same here also creates an opportunity for us, my new QQ site may also be launched in the near future, found from the Baidu search index, QQ>