I remember graph king said, personal webmaster will become the past like the pager! Did not think, just think it is impossible, because it was also to make money, while SP SP, when SP uplink not good can do Taobao, then GG, and Ali Mama, what alliance I will not say more. Are not earn some money, I would not say the cost of living, two years can be said not what to do, a month earn a few hundred dollars of the money is not long, GG received a few hundred dollars, that is not the money, if you think a month hundreds of traffic for a long time, or soon received GG, the scores of the sub beauty knife is money, you don’t have to give me this article look! Because you may be dreaming, my cultural level is not too high, could not write a good article, but I want to put my feelings to you said listen, I hope you will understand!

I am

from 2003 started a personal home page, like many people, do you have a dream that one day can make a cattle station, at the time that Ding Lei’s NetEase, what the network can achieve our dream, then it seems that what is the richest man in legend China grand Chen Tianqiao, so every day dream… The first personal homepage, is a personal web page, all available, free of charge, every day I will update some of the content, because I had a crush on flash, do some works will be uploaded on flash, Tom animation channel, and then go to my personal page, every day will be called friends, a lot of people are top clothing, because my friends do not know who is the flash animation is how to do it


it is at that time, I also know nothing about the network is also a forum for things, because you see a good article comments, we can put love top posts to go ahead! It was 2003, I was not very backward? In fact learn early in the Internet, when applying for QQ in 1999 for the first QQ, is also a really used now, level 43, the Internet is playing half life, now called CS, was not very popular online legend, I also have the legendary three years, most of the time the Internet is leveling, is when playing the game chat QQ I learn typing, because I am not a computer science major, had not read fast, computer class is not a good school, so I can not type in the middle school. Seem to say more far away, anyway, is my network foundation is very low, and later made a forum, is a friend taught me to install, choose PW procedures, I remember the version is only 1. a few. What is not afraid of the beginning to do, because I’m working outside, are in Internet cafes, see XX forum high popularity I made a XX forum, really alone, when the popularity is very good pull, because it was still very popular chat rooms, chat room was limited not so much, you can also send ads, I just pull people in the chat room on the first day.