from the website to now the old thinking, why do individual owners, some people may say is to make money, in fact, did the site will know, money is very difficult, every day I spend time on the site more than my work and rest time. From the beginning of this novel station is now almost two months, Baidu has not included me, let me a little desperate, almost didn’t seem to be the original passion. At the beginning of the day be an ambition Hao cloud.

is the envy of people a day thousands of tens of thousands of traffic flow, the personal business website owners. As a result, the heart seems to have an ideal. In this way, although the website every day brought me just ‘bargain’, but I persevered. Recently, Baidu massive killing, very strict the collection of new sites, my site there was hope, I also know to do the original station, do not do the garbage station, but the individual is really difficult ah.

I try to improve the site’s external connection. A day every day, but I never stopped on the website updated and maintained daily each station dozens of novels updated. I struggled for the early realization of my original dream. About Baidu? Baidu no, according to the law of the garbage collection site management to rectify the flood, that is their right. The closure is Tencent, he is not responsible. Besides, some similar novels stand with me, every day tens of thousands of people still flow, they did not find Baidu do for promotion. It is their optimization is not done. Not to point out the original novel, is the same as before, in addition to looking for novels. The site was again abandoned by Baidu!, is definitely. So, now how to make the original content has become a top priority. Hi, angry, really want to forget it. He who diverted the station ranking in the tens of thousands, GG and a few knife one day. But I have to face the reality to believe some success, but failed to give up some new I must do it, now the Baidu may seal station, were assessed for reasons of garbage station all inductive way, not instant success, to start. I believe that I will do a good webmaster.