my website Jiangsu logistics information network has gone through six years of history, now tens of thousands of registered users, user fees two thousand, the amount of information every day nearly 10000, the annual output value of nearly two million, with ten individual elite team. This is the crystallization of my business. I struggle hard I dedicated my career to embrace my happiness at the same time, to share the process of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. We share the fun.


I was a veteran, four years in the army I created a " in real life; Xu ", I have no XuSanDuo experience, because I have been good, the army for four years has been the vanguard of the company, for four consecutive years as the training model, when over three years of monitor these are the largest capital in my life. Speaking of capital, not afraid to laugh, I was poor, there is no good background from birth, I was born farmers, of course not venture capital, I experienced life’s work, a few years ago in Shenzhen for nearly a year, let me feel the hot water of Shenzhen no, what I created on the land, but he gave me direction, since then I summed up the successful several. One is to have a strong venture capital, also is that you need to have good family background, parents can give you need enough The two is money; you are a special talent, you have to have Shi Yuzhu’s mind, Zhao Benshan and that Fan Bingbing is a skill, or that; three is the need to have rich social experience, the ancients said sanshierli, not Luanjiang, have deep knowledge. This is me before the start of the background.

my business experience, through all the common hard characteristics, before that, I have no money, no money this year, you say what you are not, do what nobody will ask, do a part-time pull just opened a shop, basically small businesses have done, I enter the society is almost two years, recruits, eat bitter, by sin, have to sleep on the streets, no money to do the bus and so on, many young people have had this experience. Cause I really is from the beginning of the 1500 yuan loan to me, and I have relatives that freight business, 1500 yuan venture capital I, is helpless after the father to borrow from the bank, had borrowed 3000 yuan, only 1500 yuan, the 1500 useless, I two years before the whole story into the last fight. Start a business in Yangzhou, began to do freight business, money is mainly used to add basic business equipment, office supplies, such as a few days after the business name card, and make $3500, this is my real wisdom to earn the first money, at the time when he was not. Business friends have had the same feeling. This 3500 yuan energy value of small trucks in 2001, I went to the secondary market Amoy a computer, 1600 yuan, ha ha, I love the computer, to see Sina online every day, wash before never touched my brain, self typing what is the operating system, learning, constantly find computer friends in my life, I began to think that can not be used "