if only from the business, the situation today, do mobile reading, or reading the news, it is not a good business, but this does not prevent Zheng Zhaohui to make a plan to "lead the value trend of reading" reading product.

Zheng Zhaohui, who served as president of YAHOO Research Institute in Beijing, left office after last year’s start, spent a year polishing this called "little information" mobile phone APP, has been on the line for 2 months.


may be in a foreign company to stay a long time, Zheng Zhaohui spoke often with English, his Mandarin is not standard, English words with rich dialect traces, but this does not affect his interest in this logic behind point information.

in Zheng Zhaohui’s view, the current form of reading products can be divided into traditional news client, RSS subscribers, personalized news reader. These products, while meeting their reading requirements, have their own inherent flaws: the traditional big and all news portal, information redundancy, and users need to spend a lot of time looking for information they are interested in. RSS reader, a little common sense knows that the Internet, although has a long history, but never fire up, as for the individual reader is now very fire, which is free to choose the subscription, channel of interest, such as military, science and technology, and also provides hot news, reading books and cloud services (NetEase such as cloud reading). But the experience is not good enough, according to Zheng Zhaohui’s words, even if subscribed to interested channels, push the article, 10, which may only want to read 3,4

so, how do you want to change this situation, or how can you guide the trend of value reading as they advertise?

two step strategy

first, register a bit of information, bind your micro-blog, analyze your micro-blog content by algorithm, then sort out what you might be interested in and push it. In the course of reading, according to your point of opening frequency, reading time and a series of data, to further optimize, until the push of each article is that you are interested.

this set of logic is undoubtedly based on your micro-blog data, if you do not often play micro-blog, the data is not enough? Never mind, it also provides a pattern of identity, such as tourism Master, control technology and so on, the benefits of doing so is to make up for the short board data, thus faster enter the scene of interest.

second, Zheng Zhaohui also invented the so-called interest interest engine, engine, is to get the initiative in the traditional definition of the user (search) and passive acquisition (push) with Zheng Zhaohui, the former two compared to Tai Chi in the "push" and "pull", and in the engine is "drag."

active search can be regarded as a one-time consumption, and naturally it can not precipitate data, and the idea is to use