in today’s network, a variety of "pseudo original tools" and "pseudo original tutorial" and the practice of many SEO become fashionable for a time, proof of SEOER, so the content of the website system construction method is search engine punishment minimal. Therefore, "pseudo original" method has become more webmasters, SEOER recognized efficient content construction methods.


pseudo originality has become a common phenomenon in the SEO industry,

should be said that from the search engine to get faster recognition speaking better and more locations included the amount of search engine information more search engine keyword ranking, "pseudo original" is undoubtedly successful, they got their hope.

but from the site of the core values of perspective, moral and legal risk regardless of the original "false" potential "short board, pseudo original" method is the largest website construction strategy that the ultimate goal of completely clear: because the search engines and potential users may not always allow you to cheat him in the end just as you can not tolerate others never deceive yourself.

if you get a temporary success – get more search engine page included by "pseudo original" method, get more position closer to the top search engine rankings, how do you keep your advantage, always rely on the "pseudo original deception" method of search engine and potential users? Or a with vigour and vitality die


and "pseudo original", "machine chain" and other popular methods for cheating the webmaster, SEO industry greater negative impact is that it leads to the webmaster that "either this or that" simple thinking — since the "pseudo original", "machine chain" method is not good, so long as I the "original" and "manual chain" method, we can obtain the search engine or potential customers.

things are not "black or white" so simple, for example, now to "hand chain" instead of "machine chain" has become the domestic SEO industry consensus, but the domestic network spam is becoming more and more common is an indisputable fact, following the "Baidu search engine optimization refers to the south 2" attention BSP BBS, classified information website popular content is meaningless with keywords "and" chain "behavior, in May this year, Baidu also introduced the" Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders ", Baidu reiterated the principle of anti spam.

even in the August 10th "Baidu Adsense reception day", Baidu Lee specifically cited an SEOER. "Every day I to meet you (Baidu) at the expense of their rest time to hand the chain until three in the morning", emphasize the website operation behavior this method is not initiated by Baidu, a large number of the chain it may be convicted of hyperlink cheating, please take high-quality original content website operation.

, Baidu is more like this