in recent months while doing their own projects, while in a local place with the visibility of some local stations ( engaged in the promotion, so far in the work for almost three months, which is composed of a team of more than 20 people, only divided into the marketing department and the technical department, in addition to a financial department, a very simple structure of the company technical department. I do not know, in my own department in the market these days, think the site’s strength and reputation is good, but the important thing is the team of people, I work in the past three months, have walked four, now one in the company for three years customer service today also handed a letter of resignation, I think this is what reason? What’s the problem? The beginning of my work I found the team. The team does have some problems, first of all, the team communication problem is the biggest problem, not to mention cohesion,

!Successful operation of the

website for any team, there are a lot of factors is very important! This is how to retain talent team team we must consider the problem? Why? Because you work in a team for a period of time a clerk, have the knowledge and insights of the company team, who also accumulated a certain customer resources, this is far from recruiting back! So, to retain talent is a problem that the team leader must be considered. The general network companies or teams are more young people, team members are relatively young, although young people full of vitality, passion, but also the lack of concentration and difficult to secure the status quo. Ling Liangjun will be such a team to manage people’s hearts, solidarity. After reading a few articles, I summed up some ways to retain talent, I hope we can manage the team useful.

first, promising people.

this must be achieved by the leaders of the enterprise. For a potential talent, he does not need a moment of enjoyment, he needs a platform, a platform can make their full play; he wants to do is not just a job, but a career, he just need a chance. So, to this kind of talent, our operators, first of all, should do is to constantly motivate and inspire them to show ambition and ambition, they show a broad business prospects. So they can always see clearly, and the direction of development, goal and hope to achieve the ideal of life, so as to inspire endless potential, constantly reflect their value of life, will have Everfount motivation for the development of enterprises, and make it play a leading role model, can drive a condensation the fighting in his department.

second, emotional retention.

this is determined by the personal commitment of an enterprise leader. The ancients said: "popular in the world", "who feel more help, who lost support" is this. How can we win the hearts and minds of the people? What about heaven? Leaders should have broad mind and good quality