with intelligent station system mature, let these individual owners and the establishment of the lower threshold, especially for the local forum, more and more people to participate in the competition in the market, but many people are not able to grasp well the operating methods of the forum, more owners also stay in flow station thinking, so do cause local forum several misunderstandings, here we have to introduce some common errors in


one: the forum community is not very good communication


forum if there is no communication, only people in the room that is not behind closed doors, the activation of the local forum popular way, for a long time, most people will think that this forum is to post in, no see, no one comment, have WEB2.0 times, if there is no interaction well, there is no way to leave the user! So to get the forum invigorated, even his register several Ma3 jia3 to bluff

line ah!

two: Forum Community moderator incompetent or can not have a good organizer

know why Xiang Yu in Chu hegemony failure? This is because he has not left, take the take charge as chief of the general, the battle of Xingyang, every time Xiang Yu left, Liu Bang immediately to Xingyang to take down, general visible Dudangyimian is very important, but also for the local community in the general Forum. The forum moderator is often to take charge as chief of, they can be very good to hold the city, and when the section of the user to bring a lot of help for


three: can not effectively use the forum faithful user

The development of

forum requires more effort, if only a few moderators, it is a bit like Xiang Yu in governing the country relying on several princes, will certainly be more confusion, can not form a rope, to fully mobilize the loyal users, so that they become the forum operating efficiency of natural lubricant, can effectively promote your website operation


four: moderator self strict

forum to develop loyal customers and ultimately, at the same time as the general leadership moderator of loyal users, more is not to lack, is the so-called, a raging soldiers, the flaming nest, the moderator, is on the forum every good will, if not strictly on your own requirements is no way good constraint of those users! Of course for the user will not be harsh, so it is easy to be visible in the role of moderator is great, is able to play a connecting role


five: there is no regular offline activity

as a local forum, more important is the line of communication, these interactions are bidirectional, mutual recognition, can achieve good effect, gathering line, line interaction, these are also some and we must have, not regular activities, not only can attract more users. Can drive the Forum >