website re optimize the keyword, the website can be updated to February 5th, today suddenly found the home page disappeared, remove the site directly in the Baidu search page snapshot back to January 8th. Think again and again. The expert pointing out that:

Baidu snapshot back the biggest reason is you trigger Baidu to SEO punish the bottom line, that is to say, the search engine that you over optimized site, so the punishment, so it back to you before the snapshot time optimization. So your optimization will have no effect. Because in search, you still stand before the content of the optimization.

now that the reason is found, it can be remedied:

1, that is, restore your original page content. But this is not meaningful, hard to find keywords is optimized, finally had to delete redo, this is a very depressing thing, and even restored, and that is equal to the original track, there is no progress, it is not advisable to do so.

2, reduce the degree of optimization for you, you may be doing too obvious, such as bold and red what the search is very cold this class to retrieve a new bold and red, and these words and your keywords, general judgment to cheat, not what is what.


analysis of your new words and old is not related or too much difference, if the difference is too large, there is no suspense, certainly backwards, and then entered a period of up to a few days of the observation period, the consequence is the Baidu K all your pages, only a snapshot of a month ago the home page.

4, if you are to remedy the above steps, and then sit and wait, it takes too long, too uneconomical, it needs to continue to guide Baidu spiders, but this time do not in the chain connection name used in your new keywords, otherwise the search will again judge, increase the risk the probability, so the best optimization, website security transition more than half a month, then the external website keywords weight connection.

5, if you have not been optimized, but Baidu snapshot back, then you stand copy is too strong, or meaningless, that this situation is relatively simple, what are not, some original content, updated website, on the restoration of a few days. If you do not recover, it means that the content of your site has not much meaning, it is recommended to give up.

in fact, for the already stable website to do optimization, is very, very dangerous, accidentally, it is easy to be immediately down right, no matter how later, at least wasted a few days time.

we can compare Baidu to a wild dog, and if you’re familiar with it and throw things at him and eat it, it comes naturally every day, if one day you throw a different one