#p# subtitle #e#, we have to admit that the complexity of modern network marketing means that every site operator is confused. In particular, this basic question: how can your website spread wildly? That’s why we need to look at it in a traditional marketing perspective. Philip · Kotler put forward a few confusion, marketing manager of the problem, there is a very basic one: advertising costs are getting higher and higher, but the effect is less obvious. This is a traditional brand marketing problems, the same back to our website, out of the money to do the bidding advertising, bought Ali mother, what effect? How much oil and water


‘s first step: let an idiot remember your web site,

second step: to allow users to browse your website, there can be a sense of aftertaste,

third step: in the web page implies that the user to help you word of mouth publicity

‘s first step:

1 website domain name easy to memory, catchy, or name a particularly good novel.

2 website, color matching, content design and so on, should have characteristics, let a person linger.

3 should be able to tell the content directly, the user can quickly know what you are standing for and what you can get at your station.

speaks of the second step:

so that Internet users to your site to play 90 points,


1. site positioning must be accurate and simple, what in the minds of users leave traces.

, your message body must be simple, and you must avoid abstractions, such as free antivirus software http://s.7shadu.com. The image he brings is two images: free and antivirus. Do industry portal, prominent is the industry as well as the image of the portal. That’s all. There is no need to grasp the concept of things, do not put, what columns want to do, it is impossible.

2 concise

A lot of

station, accumulated a lot of content, or a lot of advertising, want to show them to the front of the user, resulting in a netizen to open the site’s eyesight, make the hazy, you do not know what is the station oh.

more than 3 considers user experience

website design, more to the experience of Internet users to consider. How to use the convenience, not to seek profits.

website design, less imitation of other sites, to be unique is the best.

4 forensics

, for example, you want to send a message about the quality of your site. You can choose the authority of the verification, the user’s instructions, experimental results, theoretical analysis.

5. word of mouth core or user, may as the user >