has recently been busy doing their websites today, finally on the line, although the website was not too happy, but you really carefully, pay, but also deeply felt hard to do a website, how hard it is.

and many webmaster friends encountered the same problem, the most difficult is site positioning problem. For a long time, I was thinking about the location of the website. I felt that I could think of someone else who had done it, and I was mature. As others say, it is the most painful when one has the confidence and ability to do things without knowing what to do. At that time I was in charge of the company project just finished, not too busy to go to work. Often have colleagues and friends asked the computer, programming, software use, there are computer poisoning problem, time I usually help, but are try to solve this machine method in their own practice, and with the written illustrated word document, and then send them some, of course something must refer to the network, for a period of time to write down, light to solve the problem of word document has a few, many of my friends asked me to open blog, let me write this article, I suddenly thought, why not do such a site, specializing in computer knowledge and computer skills.? website positioning clear, do a computer using skills, computer knowledge website, own a network called Qiqiao, begging for ingenuity, the name of the source of self Chinese traditional folk festivals, the 77 Festival, (this should not be a tort?)

site positioning is clear, the next thing, then tired, for me is also happy. First of all, apply for a domain name (http://s.qeqoo.com), personally feel that this domain name is not bad, and when it was found that it has not been registered, I immediately shot it. A few mature CMS, may be developed by others because of it, after all, not for their own tailor-made, always feel that the operation is not too difficult, how to do, write your own, after all he is engaged in programming (too brag?), write your own CMS also can easily modify and add functionality, first find a few popular CMS on a lot, then they design the database structure of the website, and write access to the underlying database storage layer, writing process and so on, although many of these content, but for me it is not too difficult, less than a month to fix almost, let me the most headaches to be part of the web page display, art design, page layout, CSS, generating static pages, compatible with different browsers and versions of these contents and so on, I spent too much time and energy, I Often on nets to learn, during which I was first exposed to the SEO, contact the site optimization and other related knowledge, really feel more and more difficult, more and more deep, too many things to learn too much. To build a good website development, accounted for only 20%, other work take 80% or more work.

website online, every day to work hard, spend too much time to go.