the past two years, similar news may be less, the previous two years, the rich two generations of dad’s endless news. We get these grass root who can only afford to look yourself without a good father! Especially the center inside the circle of people, most of them are some grassroots webmaster, poor grass root. Of course, I’m one of them, too. My family is from the countryside. So, in this era, if you have a good father, don’t complain, remember, this is a fight resource in


thinking is still stuck in the fixed mode of making money on the station,

Many webmaster do

purpose is not simply to play or learn something, or rely on their own interests to do so, I can only rely on their own, interested, basically won’t stick too long! Why? Why I don’t say too much, because only you try to know


now many webmaster’s thinking or stay in the website to make money, and then by flow, sell advertising such fixed thinking mode. In fact, this is the most difficult and laborious TMD a way! The most TMD bad luck is that their hard work to do the site up, traffic also came up. TMD did not earn enough money, and the result was Baidu lost to K. Fuck hard two years TMD to


I used to be a SEO, and I was obsessed with it at first. The earliest time, also optimized a few websites. One of the site’s key words firmly in the home page for about a year. But now, my TMD finds out that SEO counts as a yarn. You TMD hard to do, spend a lot of manpower and material resources, an algorithm update, you are finished, and you will not tell, that is to say, you hang up, and do not know why hang.


does your website still make money on advertising?

80% grassroots webmaster, do station purpose is to make the flow, and then collect advertising fees. This kind of fee depends on the model of alliance advertisement. For example, Baidu alliance, Sogou alliance. And the mother of ali. So the webmaster desperately to write articles, desperately to send the chain, desperately to exchange friendship links. Or in the SEO approach to make the site grow and grow, and then get traffic, pick the fruit".

can I say that this model of thinking has been TMD too backward? This kind of webmaster usually does everything according to the rules, which is an advantage, but it is also a fatal shortcoming. Because things work too well, the mind will be fixed.

, let’s give you a little example. A college student said, his mother asked him to take his family a long migang. This guy is calculated that a circle has long migang perimeter is calculated. Zhou Changan’s formula should be 2 pi R. R is the radius. He takes the ruler. Maybe it’s not accurate. What about the radius?. Then PI takes 3.14, and then multiplies by 2, and then by him