webmaster hears "hacker" two words, all have a kind of hatred of eyes, in fact, we have become accustomed to, and simply unable to explain the "hacker" two words of the initial meaning. Although we have adhered to 5 years, not only to see the popularity of hacker technology, but hackers notorious. Are we wrong? See, now, hackers stand one by one transformation, why is it? Every day to get the headlines are all so and so "hacker" invasion, what company stole this one. I really want to say, those people are hackers, trouble coal, do not take "hacker" two words "show", OK?

for 5 years, we have been faced with misunderstandings, has been wronged. But I’ll stick to the original motto of the team, "the hacker is a tough road, but we never gave up,"

, 5 years later, it will be more meaningful to remember this sentence, moved from the bottom of my heart,


hacker world include many clutch, clutch. Although the original team has already disappeared, but now our team will still adhere to the dream of previous generations. Universal hacker technology, propaganda hacker culture, and promote hacker knowledge civilians, will never change.

opened a hacker station 03 years ago, but because of lack of popularity and shortage of funds, it closed soon. 05 years to join the "hacker order" as an administrator, but also because of the problem of the server, closed again. The second half of 05 years, he formed a hacker world. Once closed in 07 years, set up a team early in 08. Subsequently, due to the United States deliberately reported CNN, coupled with speculation in China’s coal, too much pressure, the site was forced to shut down, the team disbanded. 08 years in March re opened, 08 years in May the formation of the company. Engaged in network security, network engineering.

tell me more about hacking history. "Forget how many years ago, I began to contact" hackers". From a large US hacker, hacker attack Chinese Diaoyutai action, the United States CNN action against false reports, I know it.

the Chinese hacker’s sense of mission to the nation and the nation will not change in the traditional sense. When it comes to defending national interests, the way they present themselves to the world is simple and tough. A truly conventional hacker will never reveal his power through destruction. He will, by reminding you, challenge authority and challenge your authority to prove your authority or weakness.



in May 1998, in Southeast Asia, there was an outbreak of Chinese exclusion. Countless Chinese women were raped and countless Chinese shops were looted. The mob also destroyed Chinese photos using the Internet to the world ", which angered the Chinese hackers, they fired the first shot of the Great Patriotic War network. Since then, in a series of cyber conflicts defending national interests, a man named Eagle has become the idol of many hackers. He has posted the Five Starred Red Flag on the White House