as the saying goes, "name is not regular, words are not smooth, words are not good, things are not good", which fully illustrates the importance of fame. For websites to be sustainable, good site names play an irreplaceable role. How to give your website to get a good name, is the site to the sustained and healthy development of the universal navigation nets SEO expert based on careful study of a large number of successful websites that have common features, including three aspects:


easy to remember catchy name

2, the name indicates the central idea of the website

3, name should be healthy and rich in meaning,

for the above three aspects of the characteristics, Wang Yujun think if can stand in the following five aspects to the site name, will achieve better results.

1, by means of idioms, allusions or poetry articles,

to the site for a big name, the purpose is to let the website plays a boosting role in the development process. Universal navigation nets SEO experts said: "idioms, poems and essays in China is not what an immense number of books, can be used as reference for the site name, only those popular is the basis of" we rely on, through the effective transformation of the popular idiom poetry articles, is the name of the website cleverly attached to the use of words, also including the website of their own culture, so the name of the web site will play an irreplaceable role in boosting the development of the website, the website is relatively easy to become bigger and stronger. As everyone knows, Baidu search engine is based on the controversial "he found the degreeses to subtly spread their culture website.

2, with the help of folklore or classic stories,

folklore or classic stories will have a far-reaching impact in a group, founder of service is a group, so with the help of these legends and stories can make the website in this group have immeasurable effect. Read carefully, "universal navigation network from a legend", you will find how the universal navigation network along with this mysterious legend in time and space widely spread. Coupled with the "universal navigation nets, synonymous with" auspicious culture "of universal navigation nets by users of different interpretations of" other related cultural fusion, thus the legend with universal navigation nets this site together, is a legend with the soul of the website together with the legend of continuous development and extension. Legends and stories are rich in content, involving aspects of life, so the name is relatively easier, is also very easy to take Dongfeng open the situation, it is also based on this reason, has become a priority among priorities of the site name. Here’s a true story from a contractor to a real estate developer: a successful businessman who has gone through his own adventures. The main idea is as follows:

from Mason to contractors to real estate developers before I >