at the beginning of 09 years, the whole world was insecure in the financial crisis in the smoke. How do you turn yourself into a dark horse at this time?

In fact,

, website is not a day for two days, according to the recently popular online heard a word, I will describe these people engaged in the network, eat worse than pig, sleep later than the dog, dry than cattle, up earlier than the chicken ", describe it, tears. After I do stand, take it out and share it with everyone. First of all, after paying a large amount of server fees, I registered a good domain name: """. Saying this domain is indeed not renewable resources, the more expensive the number is short, when you choose a myriad of the domain name you want, but again that it has been registered, it is with deep hatred and resentment. Naturally, this domain name also cost me a lot of hard-earned money. However, to harvest the natural, we must first understand the investment. After doing the preliminary work, I began to rack my brains about what websites should I do, novels, games, movies or chat rooms?!

, let’s make a movie network. Like newspapers, old movies snare first-hand information, I love movies very much, the audience knows exactly what is required to provide the latest information, a platform that can clearly know what recently a new movie, see promos, compared to similar, in the early days, the audience on the stage in the hand of the program, and detailed records for your program content, if you think of the programs can be boring, or leave early for home theater. It’s a good idea to do a website and do business. First of all, we should find out the market demand.

set up a basic framework, next is the wall decoration, while I own design, and invite professionals to help me design, website must have good to hear or see a bright feeling at the moment, including the source of content, an important factor in the success of enterprise is to grasp quality. I try my best to finish my work, and I don’t want any defects.

completed the first three steps, took a few days, and the next task was how to promote it.

this is the most difficult one for many people. For example, not everyone who writes good authors has to go to see his work. I wrote my own work, and it is full of confidence, advertising, change links, optimize keywords, methods, in fact, many people think that people who do the most relaxed website, sitting can earn money. But running a website and other business operations are the same, you need perseverance, my 0229 had experienced a short period of time, finally hits tens of thousands, people began to advertise on my website, I also began to drum pockets. In fact, the chances of success are equal. Before that, I also experienced numerous failures. Many people give up halfway. The water was burned to 99 degrees. It was boiling at once. Many people are unable to live through the darkest hours of the morning. In fact, sometimes the reason is very simple, the winner is king, after all, in the fierce competition, persevered