currently has 5 sites, all are using the dedecms system as the basis for the establishment of this program, the advantage of needless to say, only once in the maintenance of the website when the site was hung black chain, or jump to other domain names and other phenomena I was very upset, but fortunately later resolved here, just use the dedecms system by.

website webmaster analyze the following reasons and horse hung black chain

1 in the site, because the webmaster careless, did not change the dedecms default path, such as dedecms default background path is web site /dede/login.php. This path is easy for some hackers to find login address, so as to decrypt and attack, steal database information. So be sure to change the default path to the background and change the Dede to a different way. So as to ensure the security of the background, and avoid the code through the background, so as to hang a Trojan horse.

2 in the background of the login address, originally there is verification code, many webmaster in order to save, directly need to log on to verify the code to turn off, because the background of the basic parameters of this function. Once logged in, no validation code is required. Then it’s easy for hackers to break their login username and password. So, don’t shut down the security measures for the sake of convenience.

3 administrator’s user name and password have not been modified, this is the biggest mistake, super administrator has all permissions in the background, if you do not change, then the loss will be enormous. So make sure you change the password for admin, and it’s complex.

4 production documents and procedures in the use of FTP log on the server time to pay attention not to use some informal FTP or even unknown virus with FTP, it is easy to cause was illegal theft, through FTP hung black chain. To be on the safe side, the webmaster should change his password after using FTP and try to make it as complicated as possible.

5 webmaster for the web site of a program or achieve a certain effect sometimes due to limited personal ability, went to the Internet to find some code to meet their own results, and in the code and procedures in general will also have a virus or a black chain, not just the original copy, to check there is no virus and the black chain, so as to ensure you are using someone else’s program is not affected by the malicious code or link.

of course, with the gradual improvement of hacker technology, even more careful, maybe someday on their own website there is a black chain, then what should we do now?.

first, must be active and often their own files, backup database, backup of dedecms system has such function in the background, so regular backup, even if the website Trojan, also can quickly replace the source program, so as to strengthen prevention.

second, and if there is no backup, the black chain or >