Today we talk about the

template design industry, personal webmaster for this industry is white, because every day there are too tangled! Download station in this industry has now been 5 years from 2012 contact template, the first time today released the first article about the


‘s enthusiasm for the Internet has driven enthusiastic young people into a wave of entrepreneurship. Because of the success of the Alibaba, the so-called Ma saying, we make a new generation of people deeply rooted in the Internet platform! Good return to the topic, the template design is often referred to as a web designer, CSS+HTML code is written into the page style, because the domestic CMS industry rise to a large number of web designer

the original template is only personal design, personal use, to separate out very complex, but since the CMS system, a variety of templates emerge in endlessly. CMS is a system construction of 1.5 finished almost finished website, he preset commonly used function of various websites, and their own brand of some unique features, with a simple, easy to use and quickly accepted by users at home! The most famous system, CMS. Phpcms, PHP168, CMS Empire, and so on, this kind of website is very convenient to use the template and related to all walks of life


said the title of this article "template design industry brewing a group of entrepreneurs to follow suit!" because of the widespread use of CMS system to increase the demand on the template, the webmaster to find their own love of the template on the Internet for their web site layout.

good templates often need to spend big price to buy from the hands of designers, but a good template after several sales after the final is the webmaster reproduced and reselling network essence is to follow the trend of so many individuals, grassroots, students, white-collar workers and other

through the CMS system quickly establish a personal website, publish their own collection of templates, online source code, such as plug-in station resources, with the continuous production of this kind of website, understand the people in this industry have also followed up;

wants to make money by selling templates!

now Baidu search website template that is a heap of, so this kind of website how much is true in work? Every day and can guarantee how much a new template, this is what I want to remind the user of the following tips!


1. in a certain website, don’t let the bright and beautiful pictures, text, marketing advertisement deceived, must spend a day or a week time tracking on the website, the website of the activity, new resources, or website commodity review

so you can prevent the loss of recharge after a certain extent!


2., if the site has contact, it is best to communicate with the station management, talk, look at the webmaster online time every day, the quality of reply, can guarantee that after the purchase of VIP, there are problems that can be resolved quickly!