began to make a website, only one purpose, through their own efforts and propaganda, let more people understand my hometown of Hanzhoung, to Hanzhoung to play, to travel to Hanzhoung, for the development of his hometown slightly mianbaozhili. But in the website operation time for almost 3 months, I think it is time to stop and think, in the end of this website because of what exists; the fact that once again, no interest, rely on hobbies to support a web site running alone, it is quite difficult.

as early as the beginning of the site, I have considered such a problem, in the end how to locate the site, how to develop and promote the site, how to make the site for profit?. But thinking is one thing, how to do it, and whether it can be done entirely is another matter. Let alone, the daily maintenance of these sites, that is, promotional aspects of things, but also make you worry. After all, for a new station, the difficulty of promotion can be imagined.

I don’t want to say more about the promotion methods. You are a bird, the method is nothing more than a few so. But what I’m trying to say today is confusion, or your own independent, useful approach to thinking as a webmaster – the most painful time for a new website. As Ma Yun said, perhaps you will succeed tomorrow, but more people will die in the darkness of the dawn. What do you mean when you feel that the future or the site is not running as well as you think it is, it’s important to stick to it.

has a clear direction, stick to it for a while, and let’s see the result. If you use the right method and haven’t got the results you want, then you should adjust your website and your operation ideas reasonably. Make sure you are in a clear state, allowing the necessary confusion, but not too much at a loss.

runs a website as if to take care of one’s own BB. Everything must begin slowly. Persistence does not always win, but failure without persistence is sure. When your website is confused, when you are tired in the personal webmaster’s way, please do not hesitate to adhere to one step more. Maybe success is not far away.

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