this evening, Wang Wang Ding Dong rang once, let me happy is the home buyers think. Open it, it’s a DD or MM who wants to go into the webmaster’s family.

he said, "I didn’t buy you anything. May I ask you some questions?".

I said, sure. In fact, I have always been willing to tell what I know to the needs or needs of younger brothers and sisters to listen to, as a small experience for their reference and use it. In a word, I will do my best to help them, though I am also very happy.

he first asked me, "how much does it cost to make a website?"

I said, "how much are you going to spend, or what you’re going to do, play, or do something?".

he said, "I want to be a station owner. Of course, I still want to make money.". But I can bear hardships.

I said: "do webmaster, especially small Adsense, especially hard.". I am also a day late, very early on, every day thinking about how to put your site to get some decent. So that more people come to visit.

looks like he’s preparing himself to be a webmaster while he wants to learn some web site skills. So I told him that if the requirements are not very high words must first register a domain name (what we see in the browser address bar similar to.Cn,.Com,.Net, etc. the front with some letters, such as my domain name is ) and then spend more than 100 dollars to buy a space, usually this space is enough for the beginning of the people used, but also very stable. I bought similar space, too.

What is the

website, to tell the truth, let you learn web programming, that is to learn, it is Knowledge has no limit.! And it takes a long time, I can’t learn what tricks, this is my idea, as we do when the former student, also why do some students are learning, learning is very good, and some are bad. Learning to do website, I am afraid, in the end the result is very bad. Therefore, it is easier to direct learning, find a CMS program, learn how to use it, and this also takes some time to study. Plus, you need the basic HTML language.

my site is you do, I use the default template, I want to do a website appearance is very important, but the most important thing is, your content is the key to keep your visitors. So the best thing to worry about is how to write good content.

always think about the visitors I’m standing for, what they really need, and then grab this and enrich your station and enrich it so that your station will be more and more people. For your little station, you do publicity, you do promotion will be able to keep them.

finally, and most importantly, the web site, such as >