has been a friend to complain about "all the site for one or two months, the flow is also so, Baidu, Google is not included, how can this be done?" yes, as a webmaster determined to get started, that is the test of this moment to the webmaster perseverance. Early, you may spend huge sums of money to buy a good domain name, you may spend heavily on independent IP server, you may even ask you to create momentum for countless Gunners win popularity, but often the result is not satisfactory.

what is this why? Why? Why? Especially the enterprise station, the purpose of the site is as soon as possible in order to profit, but not on the site has to flow, it was impossible for users to buy products, what is the profit? Well, let’s talk about the establishment of the state of mind, not a good mentality webmaster, is impossible to build a good.

profit is the webmaster has been the most troublesome problem, a new operation of the site from the preparation of various hardware and software investment, people do not worry about these days after every hour and moment in return. So he created many webmaster, flighty and impetuous bear heart good psychological station. Why do you say that? You look at the forum, a new station on the line for only one or two weeks and you complain about Baidu, Google is not included, only dozens of There are plenty of people who flow. Sometimes I see a similar speech always laugh, but I want to say is that Rome was not built in a day, a good website, not through one or two weeks of building can be achieved. The search engine is not a fool, you think of a new station, there is no "background" to "intelligence", he collected a great deal of what you and give you a traffic? You had little content of new sites, users can get from you what is at most? Some of the Internet is copied thousands of things.


site is not the "great leap forward", many webmaster site has a habit of not only pick up a domain name, then find CMS, a random collection and hurried out, then began a large-scale construction of so-called "chain", is, because of the chain, the engine may be included in a short period of time you stand a lot of pages, but you have not found, after collection, as long as the website update or do not pay attention to a little, the engine will start a large area of pulling your hair? Is said in it! Yes, I personally despise the acquisition, because collecting over the contents such as chewing wax on the engine spiders, an article was reproduced thousands of times, no sense of the engine, maybe he is your good mood today included him, if he is in a bad mood? Your station is not suspended is


is a new station on the line, I give the following suggestions, all hopes of some wise remark of an experienced person, all day, flighty and impetuous complain this revelation of the webmaster.

1, regardless of initial investment is much less, our ultimate goal is to build the station, only built station, can be in an invincible position, the engine will have respect for you, not to move your K, motionless pull hair, motionless drop.