28 push public training phase 1 task from February 21st officially began, as of today has been more than 3 weeks, the first phase of training has officially ended. About the task of the first training, I haven’t mentioned more than half of the blog or micro-blog, but the friends who are concerned about the 28 push forum are sure to know what this task is.

one: 28 push 1 public service training task summary

phase 1:1 micro-blog mission content and requirements decrypt

to do the first public training period before the mission, I have been thinking, what kind of tasks can let 280 people go to complete each other, go to the competition, after much deliberation is now the most popular micro-blog the most appropriate. Just and the original 28 push the internal members of the first task only do Tencent, micro-blog is different, this time is 1,3,5,7,9 group do Tencent, micro-blog, 2,4,6,8,10 group do Sina, micro-blog. That is, 140 people do Tencent, micro-blog, 140 people do Sina, micro-blog. There are 2 basic requirements for students, 1 is fans (listeners) in 2 weeks to do more than 2500, in addition to third weeks to start the quality of micro-blog, see each person’s latest hair 10 small, average forwarding amount can do much. The reason why micro-blog will choose to do the task has 3 purposes.

1: let students quickly understand micro-blog’s new media, because micro-blog is already one of the biggest users of the website.

2: let students accumulate a popularity of their own micro-blog, micro-blog marketing for the future to lay a good foundation.

3: test the implementation of the students, through the micro-blog mission, eliminate the first batch of people who do not really want to learn network promotion.

2: unconventional promotion training model

28 push public service training, the biggest characteristic is that there is no so-called teacher and team leader to each student to talk about theoretical knowledge. Not at the beginning to tell students how to improve the number of micro-blog fans, how to do micro-blog quality. 28 push, just to the public training students a learning exchange environment, let each group of 28 students to take the initiative to think of ways to complete. In the process of personal practice, 28 people will have their own little experience, and then share each other, 28 people experience fusion together, more than the so-called micro-blog expert experience, cattle B more. Because these are the experiences that they have come up with in person, and they are totally different from those accepted by pure theory.

in order to enable more students to be aggressive, 28 push efforts to create a competitive atmosphere of learning environment. Will be 10 groups of public welfare final ranking, but also for 280 individual students ranked. Some strong heart heavy students will want to do in the group NO1, some students want to do more 280 people inside the NO1, or want their team to become the NO1, to help the team do poor students. I feel feisty attitude, if playing online games is a bad thing. But if used in learning network promotion, that can greatly stimulate the latent student