within a few days after the payment, the purchase time for one month’s website link was deleted, and again contact the webmaster of the site, but found that the transaction that person turned out to be a network liar. As a result, Guo Jijun, who originally intended to buy links to the site and pay the money, became victim. He expresses, this kind of bilk gimmick price is new, the hope is broad individual stationmaster raises vigilance, careful transaction, and already net friend this cheater implements "human flesh search"".

scammers invade websites and peddle websites to link

September 2nd, in order to promote new sites fast code network, personal Adsense Guo Jijun through a network name called "little rain" intermediary, bought three quality website website link. This is not the first time to buy a web link Guo Guo, after verifying that these sites are no problem, he readily paid a month’s money, totaling 120 yuan. Soon, the other side added all the links to the site.

however, in September 14th, when Guo Jijun checked the website link purchased, it was found that the three Web links had been deleted by the other webmaster, which was still a long way from the original one month. So he found the "little rain", but "little rain" said he did not know. Two people contact each other when the webmaster, but there is no news. At this point, there was a Mr. Zhang contacted the "little rain", and claimed that Huang Zhiliang is a liar, he is the webmaster.

what’s going on? Originally, the name of Huang Zhiliang’s first use of Mr. Zhang liar website server vulnerabilities, the website administrator privileges, then pedding website links, and Guo Jijun and the success of the transaction. But later, Mr. Zhang found the site suffered the illegal invasion, fill the loopholes in the server and modify the administrator settings, so the liar can no longer get administrator privileges in the website, Mr. Zhang to fast allusion net link (kdd.cc) delete after exposed.

netizen "human flesh search" and wanted this liar

After the

The case is entirely cleared. three people filled with righteous indignation, have, save chat and payment information to the public security organs related. Guo Jijun announced that swindler named Huang Zhiliang, Alipay account for [email protected], QQ 13423262, mobile phone number: 13611647980.

at the same time, Guo Jijun in the first time to disclose this matter in the Webmaster Station and outdated BBS, remind the majority of personal Adsense to prevent deception. Although the amount is not high, but due to the bad, many netizens have said things in the understanding of sequence of events to "human flesh search", wanted to cheat regeneration evil, and there are a lot of friends immediately put into action.

so far, Huang Zhiliang’s cell phone is still blocked, but there are several webmaster contacted Guo Jijun. They are also victims, or purchased links to hacked sites, or bought hacked sites