yesterday, a mother and child community reporter asked me how to promote mother to child web site, said their company this site has done for several years, invested millions of funds, but ALEXA ranking has never been in the 10W name. Popularity has been lukewarm. I checked their website ALEXA rankings yesterday, and still hovered around 15W.

see this site experience, let me think of a good friend to do maternal and child community, these 2 sites are basically the same type of web site. I am a good friend of the industry is relatively well-known to promote the operation of the master, not long ago, he also made a mother and child community, I also occasionally pay attention to. I went to see him again yesterday and found that his website was doing very well. He this website also than my go9go first do 1 months, a total of 7 months time, now ALEXA comprehensive ranking 5W, daily posting quantity is more than 5000. From my friend, I know that IP is now around 10W per day in the community. Of course, a small part is the garbage flow from the search engine. But 7 months to a mother and child web site to achieve such results, has been very amazing.

these two websites promotion, I also probably understand, my friend uses the promotion method, another website actually also has the usefulness. Just because my friend for many years to promote the operation of experience, in some promotional means on the details of the more extreme, more in place, so the final result is not the same. For example, two sites have built some mother and child QQ group, community members to win, but did a few years of that mother and child community, and now only a few maternal QQ group, and there are few people talking. But my friend’s maternal community, 7 months time, has built dozens of maternal and infant group, and the number of each group are basically the full state. More importantly, my friend did not spend a penny on this website to do promotion, and the only overhead is the cost of several people in the company. Other websites have spent millions of dollars over the past few years. The same website, different people do, the gap between the effect of such a big, perhaps this is a professional and non professional gap. Because of the privacy of other websites, I don’t even know which site I’m talking about today.


go9go link platform is also a living example. Drama I know, several industry links platform, have money to some well-known Adsense class website advertising, but the effect is not good. Go9go is now set up for 6 months. Did not spend 1 cent to do promotion, but when the website is established 2 months, already had advertisement income. And this time, similar sites are still spending money to advertise other websites. Now, go9go has become the industry’s largest recognized link platform, every day thousands of people in go9go update link information, ALEXA ranked about 7000.

sees the mother infant community as a case, and it makes me feel good. Professional operation and promotion staff to help the development of the site is very large, indicating the importance of talent. If a website is in the early days, there is a good one