all honour yesterday has become a distant memory…… Hearing Liu Huan’s song reminds me of my recent changes. I used to be a computer hardware product sales and maintenance, the system is designed to provide equipment and technical support to enterprise customers, some customers at hand fixed, every month there are some stable and substantial income. In June 2008, I met our current team and decided to add this team after several communication sessions.

I’m new to the internet. In the past, I have done enterprise network cabling, built LAN, sold computers, computers, servers and the entire network maintenance (network security and management), never touch the network. The understanding of the network, are about the interests of customers, the main focus is on customer relations. Friends mentioned online "post, irrigation, sofa" and other words, I do not have a point of concept. Before I went to the team, I had only one QQ number, with all my former classmates in it, and only a month or two before I logged in. Shopping is to go to the market, into the supermarket, never experienced online shopping…… And so on, I feel so strange to the Internet that my work and life circle is so small.

, it’s hard to give up the past. Especially used to work and life. The original business owners repeatedly discouraged and detained, most of the friends around the opposition (a few friends are more understanding of the Internet), family, relatives and friends questioned…… These are the need to face and under pressure.

"win in China" encourages me to start a business. In 2006, through friends, I know "win in China", it is a program to encourage entrepreneurship, there are many good projects are related to the internet. The program refers to "inspirational light life, entrepreneurship, change destiny", the experience of participating entrepreneurs, Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu and other entrepreneurs wonderful review…… None of this moved me completely. Then I made up my mind to find and create such a chance.

started me and the current team together. Speaking of entrepreneurship, I think entrepreneurs are happy, but also painful. Happiness is because you want to realize your ideal, the pain is because entrepreneurship makes people bear too much burden and suffering. I think it’s worth the process.

I came to the team for 22 days, and now we together to promote the site to understand what is the website of SEO technology, using SEO tools and SEO tutorial to learn SEO optimization techniques, in each big forum post, the top post, link exchange, the use of communication tools, communication and many webmaster friends, thank you very much for helping my brothers. Is the easiest way to let me know that my choice is not wrong, I would like to join the network business, and webmaster is willing to webmaster above the grassroots webmaster grow together. I learned a lot of knowledge in the webmaster network. Today, I tell everyone about my personal choice, just to encourage those who are still wandering. Choose the same business and we’ll move forward