when a new production completed, not to the last moment of relaxation, because has not released, many webmaster always put a website with their hard making just released to a domain name or the server is not stable with no contact web site, Liaocheng site optimization experts believe that this is not scientific. Do in this industry for more than ten years, has always had something, oh, so share with you here. New sites need to do a lot of work before publishing, including SEO, domain name, space, etc., these work directly affect the success of the site can operate, so before the new station release should pay attention to the following problems:

1, server selection,

new sites to 24 hours of operation is very important, if the customer or search engine to your station server no response, not open, not only affect the corporate image in the eyes of customers, may lead to cooperation is not successful, the search engine, if not open then the engine spiders will rarely come to your station. Therefore the choice of high speed stable server is very important, Liaocheng network company survey, now the domestic famous is the new network, network and other services, the price is relatively expensive, but for the long term to spend money is worth. Of particular importance is the construction site in Liaocheng have been in use since the founding years of the 21st century network, this point please rest assured.

two, domain name selection

domain name is best to do with the keyword of the website, so it’s easier to choose English station, can be directly to the product English words to do the domain name for Chinese station is best to use the keyword Pinyin domain name will let people easily remember the best and your company. Type of choice mainly depends on the scope of business, and if domestic customers are more, then domestic or international domain names can be, if it is to do foreign trade, it is best to choose COM domain name.

three, TITLE keyword

Keywords TITLE tag

not too long, can not be repeated too many times, keyword set is best not more than four, all content should focus on these keywords, description to remember not too long or too many keywords.

four, site structure and layout

In the process of making the best use of

new DIV+CSS to make, to minimize the use of FLASH and JS, try to use text navigation, new internal links must be set up good, don’t appear dead links, pictures as little as possible, and try to make the code is relatively simple, concise code, all styles are defined in the CSS file. The site static, because the search engine is favorable for the static station, but the production cost is relatively high, so according to their own situation to the…… It would be much easier if you knew the skills. The production process must note that the directory structure is best not more than three layers, not too deep, too deep search engine is difficult to retrieve in the style of the page design as far as possible the use of European style, concise, atmospheric.