SNS, English Networking full name Social Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services.

The basic theory of

SNS is a professor of psychology at the Harvard University in 1967, Stanley Milgram (1933 ~ 1984) six degrees of separation theory, simply said: "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any stranger." According to the theory of six degrees of separation, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged, and finally become a large network. This is an early understanding of social networks (Social, Networking). Later, according to this theory, some people set up social network oriented Internet services, and expanded their social networking through "acquaintances".

According to

"SNS special value to the client to describe", China emerging SNS platform, including: the school, home, TW, 5g, or MySpace, has not reached the special value of depicting the requirements, only one of the SNS platform, the SNS community, to understand the specific SNS you can visit the introduction is very detailed.

Some features of

SNS community in blogs and forums, but different, from the perspective of transmission, the SNS community is a collection of the advantages of blogs and forums, I summed up the two characteristics of the SNS community has: recommendation and interaction, blog and forum is one of the characteristics of.

used the word "recommendation" to be inaccurate, but for the time being, it didn’t come to mind that the other words could be accurately summed up. Recommendation is to focus on the results, in order to let more people see the article published, this feature is SNS community and blog intersection, more often recommend their own articles. But also different, blog articles are generally recommended to their own added circle, SNS community is directly recommend the article to their friends.

My definition of the

interaction refers to the writing and reading of the exchange forum is a good way of communication, but its disadvantage is not to know timely reply, the SNS community is equipped with such advantages, when there is a reply to the reply notice, and you can see back in his own home.

SNS community propagation method is very simple, one approach is to continue with the team in addition to friends, friends, but also several steps: "step", "reply" and "sharing", the team one of the others, "step", "reply" and "share" so, the circulation, everyone is a source of the spread of the "reply" or "share" of the friends will become. >