today finally have the confidence to write an article on the optimization of the article, though, that the veteran was a detour. I mainly write is that I become a half webmaster optimization, fumble experience, perhaps to novice some use.

I went to work in Beijing in 2007, and I took my orders in early 08. Then, I built my own studio website, which was named as the web studio. Since August, it has been revised as it is now. Before setting up your website, you have some ideas about optimization. You probably know the keyword density, the title, the description, and the DIV+CSS. Some of the related articles have also been read. Now have their own websites, naturally should consider the site optimization problem, first I copied a friend’s website title, keywords and description of web pages using div+css, I tried to do the most simple code, because I think that in addition to these titles, this is very important. In addition, I also pay attention to a few questions, keyword bold, the file name with semantic English words, simple web structure and increase keyword density. I understand that the new site included in the ranking progress requires a long period of time, especially our website construction class, competition is fierce, ranking up the speed will be very slow. The fact is true, the site collected fairly fast, began to rank in 50 pages. I pay attention to where to go every day, but it will be basically like that, no progress, or even suddenly disappear. Although I have read a lot of optimization articles, but I really can when to rise, why suddenly disappeared, and suddenly appear, none of these points spectrum. The confusion, ask a friend to ask and see article feel the same, or no spectrum, then I realized, no experience is such, must go through to the process of groping really let yourself know. Because I am not a webmaster, mainly to do external work, so the focus is not on the site, the original site content is not perfect, and even links are not done, so throw it there.

after several months of dealing with the market, I summed up a lot of experience, decided to repackage their website, I want to let customers see my website, we know our strength, and at the same time to optimize the site. At this time, the old site suddenly rose to 10 pages, so I spent some time in the above, in fact, did not do what in particular, finally to the Baidu website ranking page sixth, then indescribably happy, feel your progress, what seems to understand. However, before long, good times don’t last long, the site once again disappeared. That will be Baidu salesman contact us to do promotion, we want to do, but no money to do, so they say a lot of times, then no contact. Heard of Baidu’s unspoken rule, I worry about it, just the website ranking suddenly disappeared, the home is suspected, but I can’t do anything. To add, this happened after the website revision, so far I do not know whether the revision caused, I think it should not. During this period, Google ranking is still relatively stable, constantly rising