| Zhang Luoyang

when I was a young, I have a literary youth heart bubble under the banyan tree all day, like a bitch about juvenile sorrow, not as a result of young artists, not careful in deviation, moronic young man the way back without backing up.

then I left the banyan tree down Sina blog, so I think of the site, under the banyan tree after hand grand acquisition, was in the 09 year long wrangling, reached a minimum PV of less than 10 thousand, not much traffic my personal blog one day.

that was once a Li Xunhuan, Ning Caishen, Xing Yusen, Yu Baimei, Cai Jun, Murong Xuecun, Anne, baby…… The literary websites that have attracted countless literary youths are now reduced to the unknown.

and banyan under decay, it is the beginning of the rise of time.

in 2010, there was a heady literary website, don’t guess you all know is watercress. Watercress reading, watercress music, DouBan FM, watercress reviews, watercress group, of course, love to eat photos of watercress female youth.

by 2012, watercress monthly independent users (UV) has exceeded 100 million, the average daily PV of 160 million. I do not know, we are directed at literature and art, or to the literary and artistic young women, anyway, watercress was a fire at that time.

and now the site daily PV is less than 30 million, even more serious is that in the era of mobile Internet, watercress has been far behind, can take the shot is DouBan FM, barely a million level, and other products of the installed capacity and activity is sent to the expectations of the bean too horrible to look at that moment and the bean what basically failed.

and the most valuable watercress group regardless of the function or the user experience and already has long been the unfamiliar street on a child! "About gun", it is clear watercress group old timers, if watercress group launched early, open oil and IM, and unfamiliar street what, unfamiliar street is now worth it there are 3 billion $


the decline of a company, there are many factors, but the decline of literary and art companies, often the most important reason is that they have a literary youth leader.

, a company’s corporate culture is often determined by leaders, what leaders have what kind of corporate culture, but also what kind of values and implementation.

One of the biggest problems for young people in literary and artistic circles is "

"". This "work" can be understood as: autocratic, can be understood as stubborn, can be understood as too aware of their thoughts and feelings.

, of course, can be understood as: have their own bottom line, have their own beliefs, have their own product pursuit. All in all, it’s just one word: "me."". >