Hello everyone, today I bring you how to deal with the site is down right? This topic to discuss with you about, the author has been engaged in the Jiangxi industrial estate network operation, in the operation process of nature also encountered so I headache. As the topic of today’s topic is, website drop right.

I have been in the website operation industry for five years. During this period, I can say that I have experienced all kinds of blows and tortures of Baidu. Every adjustment to Baidu is miserable. The author has been calm, we all know that following the recent "green" algorithm, "pomegranate fruit algorithm" and a series of policy changes after many websites there are large and small, I believe that most owners are not entangled K station, but is down right. The author is the same, the website was down right really upset. Next, I would like to share how the author should deal with the Jiangxi industrial network under the Jiangxi industrial real estate network and the Jiangxi office building.

first of all, I introduce the website situation, this article takes the Jiangxi factory building network as a case. I believe we have used Baidu tools, and now, it is also very practical, very simple tool, here a little mention, the following will illustrate the use. So what about the network of buildings in Jiangxi?. Website is Jiangxi industrial real estate network two domain name, heyday website weight 2, PR3. For a two years less than two domain name is pretty good. Mainly included stability, key words have been high. Release information is basically seconds. The unfortunate thing happened in the middle of March. Although the website snapshot normal, Baidu index is normal, the content of the website is not any problems, Links also examined what no problem, but the site was in the sandbox It is without rhyme or reason. were observed and Baidu to search any information. The day Chafanbusi, wanted to restore the site ranking. Here are some of the work I have done.

one, check friends chain

yes, the author is the first time to check the friend chain, and check all sites with the server, to ensure that the author’s Web site has not been implicated. The result is benign, but it also removes two suspected friend chains. So far, friends chain basically normal.

two, website content and website chain check,

check the website content and website in the chain must be careful carefully, because the solidity of thinking, it is difficult to find yourself doing something wrong. So be sure to check it carefully.

three, shielding the garbage outside the chain

Baidu foreign chain almost demanding to make everyone miserable, this would be used when it comes to appeal Baidu webmaster tools, there is a reverse chain chain query, we must check out of the chain chain quality evaluation. Not be shielded, patient, not because of momentary reluctant to let their hard management website took no return.

four, check the website code