heart is dead, 4 months of effort! In a chance in October 07 began to contact the site to help others do a part-time job, in the station, maintenance of website, 2 hours a day, a month or hundreds of income for our students, hundreds of petty or can I do for a few months after slowly out to the production site and a series of professional knowledge and gradually know how to do some maintenance station to station knowledge initiation do stand ideas in December to investigate later, in 0.11, began making films in station www.56yb.cn, 2 hours every day to add 1 hours of film promotion never lazy, no matter school holidays, with friends to go out to play, the movie station has never been fishing, always make trouble in the play.

so, 1 months later, Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engines began to include my site, let me see the hope, I think my efforts are worth no waste, and gradually IP up. But the day is not often, because of the lack of professional knowledge, has just started, many modified keywords, and page file which Baidu right down to K station, when no matter how sad, think of themselves are technically not understand, to make it, so I that time in continuous learning to ask someone, do not understand the optimization is very important, to the first page included in the search engine you must have weight, have high quality connection, optimization is very natural.

At that time I

up earlier than chicken, sleep later than the dog, from dawn to dusk, Baidu began to return to me, but IP direct sequence increase stability, finally breaking through to 1500IP I began to put ads, although the daily advertising revenue is not many, but I want to do it slowly will be good. I do not know a month later, I found the space where I said server bandwidth of the server, asked me to turn, but also did not think what turned, impact on the site is not large, so there have been estimated for 1 weeks, the space to find me, say you want to switch cabinet room, asked me to turn. Within 2 weeks, the replacement of 2 IP, Baidu began to update my home page, I put on the key to shield, some directly to me right down, I don’t know why he do this to me, but I also had a Google 10 thousand, some time ago PR I update my station became PR2, now mainly rely on GOOGLE for me to bring traffic, but this morning I open the 2008.5.11 webmaster statistics to feel right that Google my station snapshot to cancel, until now I still can’t figure out why he said that I have a horse, I find the 1 morning get out of my limited ability estimation is the hope that we can help me find after contact me, help me!

I of a free online music theater -56.com online movies tv video theater


also appears that the site may contain malicious software that could harm your computer.

, I’m a rookie student. The grass roots webmaster is really too bad