Cafe upstairs is about to become panda capital’s new office in Beijing. "Our logo is going to be upgraded, and you say, is it too cute now? Not serious enough," Li asked.

on April 23, 2016, in Shanghai, Xuhui District, waiting for the road, Li on his spray with a cartoon panda and two-dimensional code Mercedes Benz business car parked to a school entrance.

this is the national fund qualification examination examination room, the private equity fund practitioners and many big brother participation, let this examination "the history of the strongest lineup."". Li talked of it as a brand communication opportunity. A year later, there are still investors can recall before the examination room that painted "panda capital wishes the majority of candidates test smoothly" silver business car.

, Li, and the panda on the business card were finally standing in the spotlight.

outsiders seem to be very cold investment institutions, panda capital style and play an alternative.

one, Adsense common trick

1, "Ming Xiu war, the use of such Taobao C2C do one thing under cover of another" trading platform with the identity of the buyer to cheat with things, the identity of the seller to sell dirty. I used to sell website source program, that time encountered such a situation, there was a liar to buy my website source code in to contact me, but asked me in the Taobao deal, I think I can brush credit approval, I made a good auction each other take, my program source code to each other, the other said to debug the program is no problem to confirm receipt of payment, the results for a few days to urge their payment, the other has said my program is a problem of refused to pay, then Taobao required seven days refund period when the party launched a refund, the refund is no reason to receive anything, but he also said confidently by want to contact with me I have been back to him, never received anything, he fainted, seven days before the with me on a good deal when shooting under source code has passed Wang Wang gave me a message said photographed source, and then of course I was very angry, but only in accordance with the process and check the liar Taobao, first to Taobao customer service call according to the requirements of all the chat records almost all uploaded up, and through a series of facts, cheat yourself to overthrow in front of it, said program has received not so, may be the last Taobao or Taobao does not support virtual goods transactions and not by want to transfer files as an excuse not to take any measures to cheat, because at that time the family has something to do not have the energy to these things, after a lapse of two months or so others with me I have said the program in selling Taobao, then look at the guy I found is cheat in selling my stuff, then went to Taobao complaints, the end result is no Ji, so I can only curse them on the phone, Taobao is a liar intermediary".


and noisy, let Li on pain, "the market out of the good project, I have not seen."".

media has been touting VC2.0 Venture, Capital, short for risk investment. More and more mature investors left the traditional fund selection solo, local VC on the rise.

is known to be as early as possible

two years later, panda capital was integrated into the noise center. In the B round lead investor Mobell cycle allows a gun and red panda capital. Stand out from a new local VC.

Two years after the start of

A liar is playing tricks

2015, the tuyere is just right. Once the book city walking street, in the sound of firecrackers renamed as "Zhongguancun pioneering Street", become a new landmark. In just one year, China has more than 7000 investment cases, involving nearly $80 billion.

‘s cartoon box, designed the panda for panda capital. Four of them were the fattest, Li Xinyi often said, "he’s the panda, and we’re the three bamboos."

in the shuttle entrepreneurs at the meeting, you will probably see the panda capital’s slogan: "when you treasure.". When asked about other investors, you will encounter such a response, oh, the investment of the v-mobile.

Chen Gelei, founder of

people, these people use a variety of methods for their own selfish interests, especially now the Internet, liar is everywhere, and varied, they not only get money, for our webmaster and cheat cheat cheat website source, domain name, installation or some other virtual goods, today is simple I meet and know about some related to our webmaster network of liars and anti sense.

2, "Bourne" the use of hacking techniques, computer web Trojan downloader or downloaded and executed hackers prepared remote controlled terminal, understand what you are doing what you need to find, then began to talk, to sell the things you need and want a method not through an intermediary. When I buy traffic in the past have encountered such a situation, for a while I was looking for people to buy the flow of people take the initiative and I said I can sell it to flow, he said that I could use your computer to try, let the computer I immediately pop up sh419 sh419, I can say that the results of sh419 immediately. The page from my screen out, he said, is for >

today, the panda birthday just ushered in the capital, and Lee on the tired to repeat the v-mobile story. In a cafe in Beijing on the Northeast Sanhuan, Lee said, "our next Mobell

just two years ago, not yet created panda capital Li Lunzheng, tangled with "live in the sun is not shining in the corner."". The former employer has instilled three principles for Li: no chair, no interviews, no awards.

‘s business, the fund, which began in the mainland and devoted itself to evergreen, is eager to say goodbye to its old traces and turn its head to a more open place.